November 30, 2013

[SOLVED] Storage Space Running Out on Galaxy S2

First of all, Hands Down, Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best phone I have ever used and it still ranks among the top smartphones available in the market. Even Samsung kept it alive for 3 years by feeding it Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) to Jelly Bean (4.1).
Although at one point of time the phone was working smoothly with over 450 applications installed in it, but suddenly somewhere in October, 2013 with just around 100/150 applications, my phone started showing the device storage issue message frequently whenever the available space went below 200MB.
Let me first tell you that this problem is not an issue of rooting the device or does rooting will fix it. You don't even have to Factory Reset your device to get back the storage.
The solution is much simpler than that:
1. Press *#9900* on your device keypad to enter SysDump.
2. Select the second option displayed on the screen: Delete dumpstate/logcat

That's it. I recovered almost around 1 GB by doing this.
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November 10, 2013

7 Free Tools For Monitoring Your Online Reputation

When you consider how much business and socializing is conducted online, it's no wonder that maintaining a good online reputation is a key element in being a success these days. It doesn't make a difference if it's for personal or business reasons; if you have a bad name online, your effectiveness will suffer for it. Having and maintaining a good reputation is important.

Consider these seven tools for your reputation-monitoring toolbox

The problem many people and businesses face is having the wherewithal to keep tabs on their online reputation. Here are seven free tools for monitoring your reputation and hopefully keeping it pristine.

Google Alerts
Let's start with the easiest method. After all, Google is the search engine used the most, right? Go to and set up a search query using your business name. You can put in filters so that you only get results from specific media types, and the results can be sent to a feed reader or your e-mail. Your results will update whenever your brand comes up.

This is Twitter's version of Google Alerts. You get hourly updates every time your name comes up on Twitter. TweetBeep searches for Tweets that reference you. There's also a premium version that costs $20 a month.

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October 24, 2013

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

If you haven't yet added LinkedIn to your social media arsenal, it's high time you should. With over 135 million users--many of whom are professionals at the top of their game--this is the ideal place for linking with valuable connections and getting yourself noticed in your field.

Here are a few tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile for networking with the pros, showing off your talents, and capturing new clients.

Your Image

Unless you actually possess a blank face with no eyes, mouth, or nose, the default LinkedIn image will not reflect who you are. Plus, in the online world, people are leery of interacting with someone who refuses to post their image.

Choose a professional quality photo that shows you smiling and dressed for business. It is especially wise to use one photograph consistently across social media accounts in order to ensure that you and your brand are recognizable.

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June 23, 2013

9 Best Ways To Build Links To Your Blog

A lot of bloggers are constantly on the look out for getting as many back links to their blog as possible. The reason for this being its generation of loads of free traffic. The more back links one has to their blog the better is ones ranking with major search engines. While there are many things that contribute to one’s blog figuring on the top of the search engines, link building is a sure shot method to do so. Following is a list of best ways to build backlinks to your blog:
  1. Submit your articles to good article directories such as Ezinearticles and Goarticles.
  2. Visit other blogs that fall in the same category as yours and make meaningful comments which helps in building relationship with fellow bloggers that goes a long way in getting more traffic to ones blog. (But remember NOT to spam other blogs)
  3. Another easy way is to make use of Web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo, Hubpages etc. to reach out to a larger audience. Those properties have lots of pages indexed by search engines already and your content is easily discoverable.
  4. Do guest posting on other blogs in your niche. This is an excellent way to build backlinks and authority at the same time.
  5. Keep the comments section of your blog active and respond to both positive and negative comments equally and in a timely manner.
  6. Make use of the various social forums and answer communities like Yahoo answers that people are on the look out for some information.
  7. Enrol your blog in blog carnivals that target the audience based on the theme of ones blog and this is a sure shot way to get loads of quality visitors.
  8. Make use of videos and upload them to video directories such as Youtube and other resources. Youtube has a very large audience base and authority, so you will get good quality backlinks. Include the link to your blog somewhere in the description of the video.
  9. Last but not the least try to have quality content that is original and unique it surely will capture the visitors attention.This is natural way of building links. People will start to link to your site because of your quality content.

A lot of bloggers usually do not have the patience to go through the processes that have been mentioned above to get the back links and resort to faster short lived foul means to get back links. Well the fact is that most of the search engines are smarter (getting smarter day by day) than any of us and their crawlers will easily catch bad links.
This will leave your back links valueless and you would have wasted your hard earned money and effort that will bear no results in the future. Given below are a few things that one should strictly stay away from in the process of getting back links:
  1. Do not ever try to get back links from any of the links farms available these days.
  2. Google considers links from the websites of link exchange communities as crap and assigns no value to it while ranking a blog.
  3. One of the worst things to do to kill your blog yourself is to buy backlinks.
  4. Do not make use of cheap article submission services that submit your article to Junk Article Directories.
  5. Last thing to remember is if you have multiple blogs do not try to link them to each other as it is viewed as two way by Google.
No one method to build links is the best. You have to find what suits best for you. But diversifying your link building efforts pay much. That is why you should try all of the above methods.
Jane writes about Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement on her blog Find All Answers. She also writes about Bistro MD and Diet to go deals and wants to share coupon promotion for BistroMD diet and Diettogo coupon code discount
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May 13, 2013

10 Tips to Give Your Blog a Boost

When it comes to blogs most of them fall into the blah category. They are not good or bad, just boring. If you do not want your blog to be blah to readers then you have to make your blog stand out. But how do you do that? Well, here are ten tips to give your blog a boost without having to invest a lot of time or money:
1. Find your focus – The first thing you should always have in mind is your blog’s focus. What is your main niche topic? You want your topic to be specific so that you can get in the readers you want without alienating anyone with off topic posts. This means no mix and match sites. What you do not want to do is have a site about cats and flowers or technology and babies. If you can merge the topics then all the better, like plants for cat lovers or technology to keep babies safe, but if you jump from topic to topic you are going to lose readers who are not interested in both, which will be a lot.
2. Know who your readers are – After you find out what your topic is you can focus in on who your readers are. Finding out who you are targeting with your blog is easy. There are many programs online that can help you to do that. Once you figure out who they are you can more effectively target them with your writing and blog layout. For example teens would probably like a layout that has lots of images and music and bright colors. However retired people would probably like a blog that was laid out in a familiar way like a newspaper.
3. Make a good first impression – Think about your blog’s layout. What does it say about your blog right off the bat? Does your blog look boring or exciting? Entertaining or same old same old? Make your blog have a great first impression on your readers by investing your time in redecorating. Make your blog have a great layout and look that will draw readers in.
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April 28, 2013

30 Best & Well-Liked Money Management Websites

Many of us are not good with handling in our finance. No matter how hard we try to follow the budget, but by the end of the month we hardly have any clue so as to where all the money has gone. This badly affects our long term financial goals. One easy way to deal with this persistent problem is to make use of money management websites which keeps a close track on each and every transaction made by us and helps us to deal with our finance in a much better way.
The online apps help in drawing the monthly budget on your behalf, when you have provided it with some basic information. Thereafter, it keeps a close on eye on all the transactions made by you through cards and checks and though sometimes you would genuinely feel that the apps is being too bossy, but you will happy to see the excess funds in your account at the end of the month. These apps will be specially useful for those who dream of establishing their own company in the long run. The best part is these apps can be accessed from your mobile phone or tablets as well. So you can access your account on the go and keep yourself constantly updated.
You are going to find many money management apps on the web but we have collected the thirty best and most user friendly among them in this write up. Take the aid of these efficient tools to make your life better and more prosperous.
1. Bill guard

2. Kapitall
3. Lending tree

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January 8, 2013

Ideas For The Burnt Out Blogger

We all get burnt out. Blogging day in and day out will do that to you. Sometimes I just sit in front of my computer, staring at the white screen and wondering what in the world I will be able to blog on today. However when every day becomes a struggle like that, you know, you are really burnt out. How do you get over it? Well, here are some tips that I hope will help you:
1. Take a break – I know it goes against the grain for many bloggers, but sometimes the idea is a simple on. You just need a break. A vacation. A few days off from blogging. Putting your blog on hiatus is a drastic step, but it is also sometimes a necessary one. No one wants to read a blog updated by a cranky burnt out blogger. Instead let the land lie fallow for a while and take a complete brain break. If you can do not even set your fingers to typing an email during this time. Just let your brain rest and recuperate and hopefully you will be able to come back to your blog ready to get back at it once again.
2. Use guest posts – When you are really burnt out but still want to keep your blog alive a guest post exchange is a good idea. You hopefully have friends out in the blogosphere that will be willing to write a post for your site in exchange for a link to their site. This benefits you both. You get the content you need and they get to expand their audience. You can specify exactly what you want them to write so that there will be no issues or you can let them have free reign. It is all up to you, but guest posting is a great way to get content without having to write it yourself.
3. Use images –Another great way to blog without having to think a whole lot is to use images. You can make an image the whole center of a blog post or series of blog posts. All you have to do is add a caption or two and you are done. How easy is that? Not only is this easy, but readers love images. People are usually very visual and a great image is, as they say, worth a thousand words.
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October 30, 2012

How to Make Your Content Perform Again and Again

This is one of the best posts by Lindaw Foreshaw, that will take your attention to your own posts giving them a makeover and bring back all the traffic that those posts truly deserve.

If you’ve been in the blogging world for more than a nanosecond, you’ll no doubt have heard that content is some sort of royalty. You may even have come across Seth Godin’s message that content marketing is the only kind of marketing left. Does that mean you should be furiously tapping away at your keyboard writing new content until repetitive strain injury brings you to a complete standstill? Not necessarily. There are several things you can be doing to maximize the performance of your existing content.

1. Past Posts
A good headline/catchy title is a must when you want to get visitors clicking on your latest content, but what happens when that latest content becomes yesterday’s news - when those catchy titles aren’t visible on your home page anymore? Any blogger worth their salt will be able to tell which of their legacy posts are still driving heaps of traffic, so why not dig out that info from whatever analytical program you’re using and build on the popularity of your most visited past posts? Optimizing the titles of your past posts for SEO (as opposed to user clicks) can result in huge spikes of traffic to your site. While you’re checking your stats you might notice a few blog posts that have been particularly popular with your visitors. Could it be time for a bit of a makeover where the nuts and bolts of the text is concerned?

2. Speed it up
Taken a look at your bounce rate lately? The good old days when a site had to load within the golden two seconds are well and truly behind us. These days if your site takes more than a blink of an eye to load up and be ready to go your visitors will be someone else’s visitors fairly sharpish. It means that you should be placing great importance on getting your site to load extremely quickly. This can be as simple as optimizing images, but there are plenty of other things to consider. The best practices for web page optimization provided by the Yahoo Developer Network is a great place to start if you want to speed up the pace at which your site loads.
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