October 13, 2008

Blogger Custom Domain, Unlimited Hosting And Bandwidth For Free

Nowadays almost every internet user has a blog of his/her own. But usually people prefer free blogs from the two most blogging platforms - Blogger or Wordpress.
Blogs from Blogger are generally preferred more because they are directly related to Google (actually Blogger is owned by Google) and so are given more priority during a Google search. Moreover the facilities given by Blogger are much more as compared to WordPress.

But the problem with these blogs is the name/url of the blog, being very long (***.blogspot.com) it is usually difficult to remember or pass on the address to your friends. So this tutorial will guide you to get a professional domain name (for just $6.99 per year) for your existing Blogger blog.

BloggerStop.net is also a custom domain registered at 1and1.com. So I would recommend you to purchase a domain from 1and1, which is a very trusted website and listed on Bloggers' suggested registrars too [List Here]

Once you purchase a domain from 1and1, in about 2 days it will be registered.
When your domain registration is completed, go to Administration section -> "Manage Domains" and create a new sub-domain (like www.YOUR_DOMAIN.com or blog.YOUR_DOMAIN.com).
Then select this sub-domain (click on the tick-box against this sub-domain), then click on the drop-down menu item DNS -> Edit DNS Settings.

Now in this new page, click on the Radio button "CNAME", then in front of Alias, paste this:

Once this has been done, go to Blogger.com and for the appropriate blog click on the link Settings, then go to the section Publishing.
In this page, click on the link Custom Domain.

And finally click on the link Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings

Now enter the url of the sub-domain whose DNS settings has been edited by you at 1and1. Enter the Captcha code (Word Verification), and click on Save Settings, and then mark the tick-box too: "Redirect www.***.com to ***.com"

You can read more blogger tricks and tips HERE


CarloBlogg said...

wow, this is very informative! i have a question though, if ever I decide to go with the free web hosting, how will i control my website? I have a blogger site by the way. So for example, if i wish to edit my blog, should i go to blogger website or directly to my customized co.cc website?
thanks for enlightening your blogger readers!

Divya Sai said...

By the above mentioned method, what you finally have is:
a Domain from co.cc or 1and1.com
Hosting from Blogger.com

So for posting all blog articles, adding widget and changing template, you have to go to Blogger.com

That means you can simply forget co.cc and 1and1, once the domain from any of these website's is redirected to Blogger.com

Darksaturn7 said...

I just took the plunge and made my own custom domain with 1and1. Will I have to update all my linkbacks from others (ad all my link banners) or will people clicking thou get the auto foward? Also I see I have no page rank anymore. When will that re-update? Thx in advance!


Divya Sai said...

Hello Darksaturn7

Do not worry for anything!
If you have recently transferred the blog domain, then wait for two days, it takes some time, when you transfer domain from 1and1 to blogger.
After that you'll get to see the new name of your blog, and your pagerank will be back too !

Feel free to comment here for any of your queries !
Congrats for the new domain
Happy blogging !


Divya Sai said...

Once your account becomes active, you will see the "Administrator" active.....then you can easily redirect your new domain to blogger, here follow these steps once you see the "Administrator" tab active:

1. Log in to your account at https://admin.1and1.com
2. If it's not already selected, click the Administration tab.
3. Click Domains. The Domain Overview page appears.
4. From the New drop-down menu, select Create Subdomain. (If you've already created a subdomain for your blog's address, skip to step six.)
5. Enter only the subdomain you want to use, and click OK. For example, if you chose www.mydomain.com for your blog's address, you should enter www here.
6. Select the checkbox next to the subdomain that you will be using. (Example: www.mydomain.com)
7. From the DNS menu, select Edit DNS Settings.
8. Click the radio button next to CNAME.
9. Enter ghs.google.com next to Alias.
10. Click OK.

For clarifications, of course you can refer to the post above or you can ask anywhere in this blog !

Darksaturn7 said...

Seems a few of the paid post sites I'm trying to work for don't see it that way ;/ and treat my new name as a new page entirely. Page rank (thou it was pidly) has not returned. Oh well, will haveta work it back up I guess lol!

Divya Sai said...

Hi darksaturn,
so it's gud that you can see your blog with a new domain now, anyways, regarding the PR issue, you may have to wait from anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months, as per these websites says:
1. http://blogsolute.com/2008/06/does-permanent-301-redirection-affect-google-pagerank.html
2. http://www.submitexpress.com/bbs/about14868.html
3. http://www.ragepank.com/articles/97/seo-issues-with-moving-a-domain/

But one thing you have to make sure is, to maintain good quality content during this period, and try to get some good backlinks.
paid posts may affect adversely, so if possible try to avoid them for another 1/2 months !

DanielL said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pooh said...

I am using co.cc domain name, i have 2 question

1) whenever i tried to check my page rank, it shows 0/10. Why it is so?
2) if i apply for adsense then should i provide ***.co.cc domain or have to change to blogspot. Which one is good

Divya Sai said...

If your blog(with domain .co.cc) is not yet three months old, then it will show "0", and even if the blog is more than 3 months old, then also it depends on the number of backlinks your blog have !
Just search on Google about pagerank, and you'll understand better how it works....

And regarding the adsense issue, If you are simply using domain forwarding then you cannot submit this domain, but if you are using DNS management then you must submit this .co.cc domain, anyways what's your blog's address dude ?

Soufiane said...

and if we buy the domain name directly from google, it costs 10$ so 7 euros. it's the same as 1and1 also u have access to google app.

is it trustful Divya ??? as it's google-google i think it will be better no ???

Soufiane said...

Well Divya, i think i will do what u suggest us. i will take a domain at 1and1. i have created my blog some days ago so i have nothing to lose but for feedburner, Google analytics, Google webmaster and all the rest do i have to change all the links or its done automatically.

blogger gives u a domain with eNOM, is it better, i see they give you access to Google app, but is it only the Google app standard which is free for every body ???

I'll wait ur answer then decide ! thank u

Soufiane said...

thanks for the answer but, well i have just registred in 1and1. =)) http://www.leblogger.comthere was an option when i regester, if u want to be allowed to renew the domain it's about 3 euros more. so i didn't take it. 8-}
for eNOM and NAME.com i thing they are only in the USA and only english.
for google apps, yes the standard version is free for every body, but the Premiere version costs 40$ efen if u register ur domain directly from blogger.

Now i will wait until they register the domain name then i hope i can do all the setting to get every thing work fine :))

Soufiane said...

oh yes, normally i regitred from ur affiliation link ...

Divya Sai said...

hmm okay, so what are your plans for the new blog soufiane ?

Soufiane said...

somethnig like ur blog ;D ;D ;D in french

Divya Sai said...

okay...gud luck Sofiane !
& thanks for using the affiliate link :)

Soufiane said...

hi Divya, i got an error 404 Server Not Found.

i think I've done every thing right! www.leblogger.com is redirected to leblogger.com and in blogger i entered www.leblogger.com as they say they don't accept fake domains.

how much time take DNS setting gona take to be ok? and in google webmaster, what should i do ? i thought it was more easier but not is quit boriiiiiing

Divya Sai said...

It usually takes around 2-4 days, first finish your DNS work, then proceed with G-W.
It mainly requires you to place a meta tag on your blog, then you'll verify that the blog belongs to you, then you can simply add the site-map.

Soufiane said...

I have tried something right now, I'll see tomorrow if it works

Soufiane said...

ok thanks u for Google Webmaster.

after the changes i made, in blogger i added www.leblogger.com and they say congratulation, blog has been verified !!!!

but i still have the : Server Not Found
Error 404

maybe i have to change something.
the first time i changed the domain (leblogger.com) DNS and i add the subdomain (www.leblogger.com) to blogger. but now i changes the domain and the subdomain DNS and i add the subdomain to blogger.
i also redirect my subdomain to my domain, and my domain to my domain.

so i don't know if i should change the domain DNS sitting or first wait and see !!!!

Soufiane said...

hello Divya,
fromyesterday every thing is working fine.
but i was oblige to direct my domain to my subdomain (www...)
how can i fix this, because doesn't accept fake domains!!!

Divya Sai said...

In your 1and1.com account:

Go to the DNS settings of your domain (leblogger.com)
and redirect it to
your sub-domain (www.leblogger.com)

While at blogger, use the custom domain name as 'www.leblogger.com'

no need to tick the 'redirect www to non-www domain' in blogger settings.

1 more hack is required in your google webmasters a/c that i will tell once you complete this.

Friend4u said...

Nice informative post !!!



Guest said...

good post.........
i have one dout about how to set custome domine to my blog( http://funevil.blogspot.com/ )

i read some posts about this but i can't get ..
i set only name server name for my domine to use freehosting service at that time i use wordpress in c panel....

Now i am planing to redirect my blog to that domine ............
help me...........strving for this so many days...

Divya Sai said...

From which Registrar have you booked your domain? (For ex. I have got mine from 1and1.com)

Ms Hetal Patil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Hetal Patil said...

Sai Ram Divya,

I wish to go for custom domain of google (which i saw in blogger settings tab). Will you suggestion me to go for it or some other domain ?

Sai @ BloggerStop.Net said...

Yes you may register your domain from Google, or 1and1, or name.com

Pepua said...

I have a problem with my blog when it gets redirected to my domain. The slideshow stop working and show all pictures at the same time, some widgets stop working and other move from their side!
Any idea why is it happening?
My blog is http://pepua.blogspot.com/

Sai @ BloggerStop.Net said...

Changing a domain, should not affect the widgets....are those widgets based on your blog's feed?
BTW, nice template selection buddy !

kevin said...

Hi there, I would like to change my my blogspot url to custom domain using the advice you have here. I have registered my new domain with 1and1. Before I change my blog to new custom domain, I would like to know 2 things please:
1. if people try use the old blogger url, are they automatically directed to the new url? or must I do something further to achive this?
2. what happens to all my friendfeed and rss subcribers - how do I ensure they still subscribed?

Divya Sai said...

Hi Kevin

your first query is not an issue at all, as all the traffic to your .blogspot will be redirected to your new domain.

for ex, see the present url in my blog:

due to redirection, this url means the same as previous one:

(where world2web.blogspot.com used to be my .blogspot url)

2. The second issue is not too easy to deal with.
You have to personally tell all your present subscribers about the change
So BEFORE you change the address, publish a post announcing the change of url. So all your present subscribers will update their feed links as soon as your blog is updated with a new link. In the same post ask them to leave a comment so that you can personally reply them through mail, whenever the change takes place.

Rajesh Kumar.Chekuri said...

Hi.. Sai...This is Rajesh From hyd...
This is my blog ... www.funevil.blogspot.com ,yesterday i registerd funevil.com in www.internetbs.net, but when i do steps u mentioned, when i try to see my blog it shows blogger warning " Blog redirect to funevil.com asks yes or no" ,if i click yes i ll not redirect to blog (staying in blog worning page)...

i read some where it takes 2 days ,but it's difficult,
is there any way to set fastly...

Sai @ Blogger Help said...

Hi Rajesh, congrats for the domain.
Yeah it'll take 2 days (minimum), but I think the warning about redirection depends on the registrar of the domain, because in my case no warning was displayed and a dns error/redirection page used to be displayed.
don't worry let it go down for 2 days, u'll enjoy its benefits ever after :)

Rajesh Kumar.Chekuri said...

Thanks for ur great support...

RV2x08 said...

Hi Sai. It's me RV2x08 from game master zone. i've been register with co.cc with several months. i've checked the bok "redirect gm-zone.co.cc to www....". but now when i type gm-zone.co.cc at my address bar. It will show a message such as "you tried to visit http://gm-zone.co.cc,which is not loading". wat's the problem here?

My blog link: www.gm-zone.co.cc

Divya Sai said...

Hi just checked your blog (gm-zone.co.cc) and found it perfectly loading using that domain name. Hope you have troubleshooted it yourself.

RV2x08 said...

nope. it's still like that.wat i mean is when i typed my site address with 'www' it will be ok. but if i insert with only gm-zone.co.cc(without www) it will show the message 'which is not loading pls try with www.gm-zone.co.cc'. ~x(

Domain Hosting said...

Great post!!thanks for the support..For the first query as all the traffic to your .blogspot will be redirected to your new domain..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John said...

Awesome post. I was looking for this for quite sometime and finally found the solution. Thank you! it was really very usefull to me.

Divya Sai said...

Welcome John!
Waiting to see your blog with a new domain name :)

Forks. & Figs. said...

I need serious help! I cannot upload anything on my blog! The posts are showing in my feed, but they do not go live- I have emptied my cache, and switched browsers. I purchased my domain name through blogger and pay the $10.00 a year. I thought they would automatically charge my card annually, but apparently not so I updated my payment info. I will pay whatever I need to but need my blog up and running! Please help me! Thanks!

Divya Sai said...

Well, I have registered BloggerStop.Net at 1and1.com, every year it auto-renews the domain with the payment details I have given (you can select it as either card/paypal)
You can transfer your domain from your present registrar to 1and1 for FREE, details here:

BTW I can see all your posts on your blog, and I think things are fine on your blog.
Feel free to ask your queries here in this blog, if you want I can send you the screenshot of your blog as seen on my desktop.


Krish said...

Hi dsai,i made my own custom domain with 1&1.After the transaction of the amount how do i know the domain is registered.is there any reply from them or anyother way.
Thnx in advance

Krish said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bala said...

how to transfer the blogger to sub domain.pls hlp me

Alistair @ BetYourLife said...

This works very well for new blogs. However, there may be issues with exiting blogs.

I've had a blog for two years, with a complimentary website held elsewhere so that I could host a chat room and other facilities that blogger couldn't handle.

With recent changes to blogger, such as static pages, this was no longer necessary so I scrapped the website and had the domain configured to point to the blog. Very straight forward, except that now, none of the comments prior to the change are showing up. 1200 or so comments have gone AWOL.

They are still present, in that the show up in comment feeds, but not in the blog or my dashboard. They show up if I import to a test blog. This appears to be a known issue, but without a fix and so far, I've had no response from Google help forum.

Divya Sai said...

Well I accessed some of your old posts (Jun 2008), and found all the comments exactly as written below the posts.

Alistair @ BetYourLife said...

That's only because I switched off the custom domain facility and reverted back to using betyourlife.blogspot.com after I posted the initial comment here.

The custom domain, i.e. www.betyourlife.co.uk has been reconfigured to forward to the blog without using the CNAME mechanism.

I did this for two reasons: Firstly, after nearly four days, there was no sign of my comments reappearing and my readers were getting rather upset. Secondly, the change complete screwed up the blog search facility since all the posts (over two years worth) now belonged to a different domain and they hadn't been indexed.

Even if Google get this sorted, I don't know if I'll revert again, though I would certainly advise anyone setting up a new blog to use a custom domain sooner, rather than later.


Anonymous said...

hi sai.Hi should i redirect my main domain example.com to www.example.com Can you explain the steps in detail.Also what abt the feed and webmaster tools.Will they get automatically redirected or do we need to change any settings

Sai - BloggerStop.net said...

Yes you can do that...but simple redirection may not work (look professional), you either need to change the cname records or better redirect your naked domain (example.com) to Blogger by changing the "A" name records, so that your same blog can be accessed at both the addresses and simultaneously you can access your mail too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply.But you didnt said anything regarding webmaster tools.I have three questions to ask you.
1.The site map which i have submitted previously is giving error.Can u help me in that.Please explain the webmaster tools settings.
2.Can u explain in bit detail how to change the A name records or how to redirect your naked domain to blogspot blog.Right now i'm using a subdomain(www.domain.com) of my main domain to re-direct to blogspot.And i have changed the dns settings of naked domain to ghs.google.com.So both domains are redirecting to blogspot.But just want to know about A name Records changing.
3.I think 1and1 provides 1 mail-id right.If so then how to use it and what is the size of it.

I'm waiting for your reply.

And one more thing is whenever i find a site having great content i tend to visit their sponsors.I feel that it is my way of showing appreciation to webmaster and your blog deserves it.:-*

Jen said...

Thanks so much for this info - it is fabulous!

I registered for my demain at 1 & 1 and it shows as 'ready'. I went through all the steps detailed in this post to redirect blogger to my domain, but keep getting a 1&1 page... does it take time for this to transfer over? I am creating a new blog so there isn't a lot of content at the moment.

Thanks in advance - I'm a newbie! :)

Divya Sai said...

Yup it may take upto 2 days in the beginning...

Jen said...

It's up and running now - thanks so much for your help. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Greeting friends ,
Well i followed all steps as mentioned above to make my blog a website . It work quite well as i redirect my blog url to www.****.co.cc , but only at home page .When i go to another page like about me then url changes to http://www.blogger.com/profile/121533304**** , which do'nt look good for a professional website .

Please help me , to solve this problem . Tell me how to hide such kind of big(containing blog information)URL . How can i maintain URL only related to my www.****.co.cc/ address .

So that it could really look like a professional website .

plz ,Also tell me how to change my blog's look & feel like a professional website ?

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Well Instead of the about-me page given by Blogger, make one yourself...a simple about me "static page".

Anonymous said...

A great thank 2 u my frnd ,it help me a lot .
There is a another query : how to hide/avoid symbol 'B'(white B on orange base) in URL which indicates it's a blog site ?

Waiting ur reply .

Divya Sai said...

Yeah you can change that, that's called a favicon, here's the tutorial to do that:
Add Favicon To Blogger/BlogSpot Blog Easily

PS: Don't be anonymous buddy ;)

Goldy said...

Thanks Buddy ,
Ur help again solved my problem ..

Riyas said...

Waw... Comment section cleared most of my doubts. I want to keep my current blogspot id and co.cc id , both redirecting to same site. Hw can i do that ? Can u say what to fill in each column in co.cc site to get domain and what to change in blogger step by step. I knw its boring to u . But i dont want to make a mistake. Thats y :)

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

Well, I don't remeber my log in details at co.cc, send me a screenshot of all the fields at co.cc DNS management page and I will tell you what to fill in each of those fields.

Riyas said...

It have 3 option in 1st page. Name server , zonal record, url redirection. Which is best option. It have manything inside. Can u send details through mail to riyu.kh@gmail.com

Riyas said...

I learned it. No need to mail. U can delete earlier comments

Divya Sai said...

ok...anyways I have briefly mailed it to your mail ID, it may help you in the future.

Riyas said...

Is there any benefit in using name server than zonal records?

Riyas said...

:) And how to find my primary and secondary name server ? Do i need to change anything in zonal record?

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Replied to via mail. Name servers won't work here..send me a screenshot of the page, once you select zonal records.

Riyas said...

I done as they explained in their blogger tutorial ( http://co.cc/blogger/blogger.php ) . It got activated instantly. But naked domains not working. What to do next.

Divya Sai said...

In that tutorial (http://co.cc/blogger/blogger.php ) in step 4, you use www.yourname.co.cc
so, your naked domain is still free right?

so, manage your dns settings of the naked-domain now
i.e. for yourdomain.co.cc
go to A-name records, and enter these values:
(add any or all of those).

Then go to blogger.com
and in settings -> publishing mark the box:
"Redirect yourdomain.co.cc to www.yourdomain.co.cc"

Riyas said...

Yaaahoooo..... Done it ... I saw it in blogger help also. It was easy. Bt got tensd 4 nothing. My character wil never change. :-p . Thanx 4 help. Is it true that co.cc don't have any SEO value and google will not index it ?

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Glad you made it Riyas...
Well, actually if the content and the no. of backlinks is really good, then you can get good reputation from Google (that's according to the SEO-theory).
But yeah, in SEO some TLD's are more preferred than others, like .edu/lgov etc.
I have harldy ever seen a free domain with high Google-PR (except .blogspot.com blogs, which are hosted by Blogger/Google itself), in fact even I used to have a free website with ".page.tl" which could hardly ever managed to get a few clicks from Google.
So, once you get accustomed with theses things, I would advise you to go for a paid domain.

Riyas said...

I think its enough 4 me nw. All these excitement will not be ther after couple of month. I cant concentrate on a single thing for long time.

Sai - BloggerStop said...

Haha nvr mind, Happy Friendship Day buddy :)

Riyas said...

Happy friendship day :-) . And thank u very much for clearing doubts. If u hav any help needed in biotechnology ( thats my field) feel free to contact me through my mail

Divya Sai said...

Hey thanks for that info Riyas. Me too pursuing M.Tech in Biotech, I'll contact you through your mail

chandigarhinfotech said...


Sai - Blogger Help said...

;) :)

Dejaviewer said...

Again very useful info from Divya. I'm very glad that found the needed tip I was looking for again here :)
Thank you for your work and sharing, mate!
Best regards!

Rajesh Kumar.Chekuri said...

Hi sai This is Rajesh 2 days back i registered www.techtasks.net .
but i struck at creating a sub domain www.techtasks.net , it give's error like Invalid Sub domain ( http://d.imagehost.org/0993/Error.jpg ).
but i can able to create blogger.techtasks.net. and working great also.

help me...
Thanks in advance
Rajesh Chekuri

Sai - BloggerStop.Net said...


The WWW site is opening and 1and1 ads are being displayed on it...that means that sub-domain has already been registered. Just redirect it to your main domain, read this tutorial for the correct procedure:

Jack Di said...


I have been wanting to do this but I am hesitating.
But I find Blogger as newbie friendly.

Here is my blog: JackDi.
Let say i will be taking custom paid domain as www.jackdi.com.

My questions:
1) Can I still use Blogger to update my blog with a paid domain?
2) And will those who go to my blogger blog be directed to my paid domain?
3) What happens to my page-views and pagerank if there is any?

Sorry for the lots of question.
Im a complete noob and scared at the same time.


-Jack Di-

Almas Ali said...

hello Divya,
I own a wallpaper blog with 3 lac alexa ranking. Those who are hosted on enom and godaddy can also use a naked domain? Currently google is sending traffic to www domain. My visitor will be redirected to the same post he was searching for? What about my subscribers? and google page rank!
Looking forward to your positive response

Divya Sai said...

Hello Almas,
If you are using WWW subdomain for your blog currently, then I would suggest you to continue with it rather than switching to naked-domain.
By not blocking your naked-domain you keep the options open to have email accounts on it and start more sub-domains on it.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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