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While Google and Yahoo are providing facilities like restaurants, gyms, free gourmet cafes, snack rooms, free Wi Fi enabled coaches, beds to sleep and many more things to enjoy life along with doing work, Microsoft  has some other plans.

microsoft bus china

Microsoft in China is providing free transport to it's employees, which is not exactly free, but actually comes at a cost. Employees will be given computers in front of all seats, so that they can do work even while traveling. Employees now do not have to worry, if they are stuck in a traffic jam, as they will be asked to start their work in the bus itself :)

microsoft bus china

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Arun Rafi
November 09, 2008 6:19 AM delete

they ask why theres no work life banlance and the answer is here..blackberyys,internet ,smart phones and even smarter phones..and now portable workstation..the economic incentives may be high but the quality of life and the balance seriously gets affected..
wish there was more info abt th whole article..


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