Easily Moderate Comments In BlogSpot Blogs by eMail Moderation

If you have enabled comment moderation, then the comments to be moderated will be displayed in your Blogger Home/Dashboard, from where it is difficult to identify where exactly the comments are made, and it sometimes become very frustrating.

So instead of moderating by this method, you can use eMail moderation system, which is a lot convenient, as by this method, whenever a new comment is made on any post, you will receive a mail, with complete comment, commenter's profile link and MOST IMPORTANTLY the article/post's link where the comment has been made, so it becomes very easy to moderate by this method.

To enable eMail comment moderation, follow these steps:
Log in to your Blogger account
Go to settings and then click on "Comments" tab.
Then in front of "Comment moderation" select the radio button "Never"

Now scroll down to bottom of the page, and enter your mail address in the appropriate place, as shown in the picture below, that's it !

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