Yahoo Messenger 9 Launched

Yahoo Messenger 9 Launched
Yahoo! Messenger 9

Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 has officially launched for Windows XP and Vista. Now it's the time to pack up the beta versions and install the latest YM version 9 on your PC.

To list out some new added features:
- New skins: Eleven new skins (Graffiti, Fantasia Green, Icy Blue, Ruby Red, Mystic Black, Silver, Purple, Wood, Flame, Twinkle Pink, Sky Blue), use any of them and your messenger will be redefined !

- Inline video & picture viewer: When a friend sends you a video link from a site like YouTube or a link to an online photo, they will show up right in your IM conversation. For videos, a full player appears; just click the play button to watch it right it in your IM window.

Although you can download Suite Install Bootstrapper Setup from yahoo, but it will take a lot of time to install through this file as it installs YM online, and moreover you will not even able to store the complete setup file as a back up.

So I would suggest you to download the complete setup file from, which will make the complete process a lot easier !

Along with Yahoo Messenger, something for the webmasters has also been released, they call it Pingbox™: Once embedded into your blog, website or social network page, visitors can IM you anonymously (or they can identify themselves) without needing to download or even sign into Yahoo! Messenger. The good news is you’re anonymous too; visitors to your page never see your Yahoo! ID. Pingbox is great for giving your site/page/profile visitors a quick way to chat with you.

So what are you waiting for ?

African Safari

When you are in Cage and Lions are watching you
then it is definitely
African Safari

But of course those lions are better than these from South Africa...

But things can go worse, if you don't have these SUVs/Jeeps, as in Kaziranga National Park, India, a tiger can be seen attacking a visitor on a elephant:

Google Turns 10

27th September - Its Google's B-Day !

Today Google has turned 10, so I was trying to find out how Google used to appear when it was first ever launched, way back in 1998. And luckily I not only found the first web page created as but also the prototype of the Google search engine, which was uploaded on the Internet as a subdomain of

Here is the FIRST EVER Google          - [M]
As a subdomain of       - [M]
Beta version of               - [M]

In the third link ( above, you can see an email subscription option, although of course you cannot subcribe to it now, but on clicking on the archive link below it, you will be shown 6 threads whose authors  are of course  Larry Page and Sergey Brin, DO click on those threads and see the THEN updates on Google !
And read this Google About page too...

Floods in Yamuna - New Delhi (India)

Floods in Yamuna river in New Delhi, India in September, 2008
After a long gap of many year

Above Photos show the scenario in the Yamuna
river near Akshardam Temple on 25th September 2008

Is it due to Global Warming or Is it an Act of GOD ?

Google Chrome - Now UNchrome it

How to unchrome Google-Chrome !

The new browser launched by Google, called as Google Chrome, although not very attractive but being open-source and associated with Google, has already downloaded and reviewed by thousands of users worldwide. Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.
BUT, one flaw already detected by many users in this new browser is that, Google is giving a unique ID to each installation (user), to track and get information of the system, software performance etc. And the problem is that, disabling this feature by a normal user is not quite easy. So to make it easy, just download this software [Click Here], by, which can solve this issue by just a single click !

Elevator To Space

An Elevator To Space

Scientists in Japan are working towards turning the seemingly fictional idea of the world's first space elevator, into a reality.
In an article in The Times, for chemists, physicists, material scientists, astronauts and dreamers across the globe, the space elevator represents the most tantalising of concepts: cables stronger and lighter than any fibre yet woven, tethered to the ground and disappearing beyond the atmosphere to a satellite docking station in geosynchronous orbit above Earth.
A space elevator could carry people, huge solar-powered generators or even casks of radioactive waste. The point is that breaking free of Earth's gravity will no longer require so much energy — perhaps 100 times less than launching the space shuttle.
This new idea is not meant to mess with the existing laws of science, but it presents a series of very, very complex engineering problems.
Japan is completely confident on the plan, and has planned to invest an amount of around £5 billion for the project. 
The main obstacle would be the cable, as it has to maintain its tension throughout the length. The cable must be exceptionally light, staggeringly strong and able to withstand all projectiles thrown at it inside and outside the atmosphere. The answer, according to the groups working on designs, will lie in carbon nanotubes - microscopic particles that can be formed into fibres and whose mass production is now a focus of Japan's big textile companies.
Although I seriously doubt this idea, but would love to see it finishing successfully !

Add Favicon To Blogger/BlogSpot Blog Easily

Create A Favicon For Your Website
Fastest, Easiest and The Best Method Available On Internet
(You may even directly use an animated *.gif image as a favicon)

This is the easiest way to create a Favicon (the small icon  of a website visible at the along the url in the address bar) for your website !

There are many favicon generator websites, where you have to first upload a picture, edit/crop it and finally you get a *.ico that you can not even easily open to see, before you use it. Moreover if you want an animated *.gif image, then it makes the process even more difficult.

So finally here's the most simple code, edit & add it in the "head" region of your blog/website.... thats it!
You will see a new favicon the next time you open your website.

Log in to Blogger -> Layout -> Edit HTML
Find this in your template

And immediately ABOVE?BEFORE it, paste this code:
<link href="http://YOUR_IMAGE_ADDRESS_HERE.gif" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/"></link>

Replace the link in RED, with the DIRECT LINK to your favicon-image.

To get the direct link, upload the desired image here first - Tinypic

Blogger Help - Free Blogger Templates

Download Free Templates / Themes For Your Blog hosted by
The default templates given by blogger are quite out of date, so download and add a new flavor to your Blog !
There are many websites providing Free templates for blogger on Internet, but here you will find only the best and most professional templates.

NOTE : Please back up your previous template before uploading a new template !

1. Windows Vista Blogger Template
Via : Themelib

2. Notepad Template

Via :  InfoCreek

3. Jeans
Via : Infocreek

4. This is one of the best templates for your blog...
Via : Zixpk

5. Simple and perfect
    Blue Marine Blogger Template
Via : Jackbook

6. Box Tube Blogger Template
   Simple And Elegant
   Basically a 2-column blog with a linked list at the top.
   At the bottom up to 3 columns of widgets can be added, which are mostly used as Recent comments, posts, popular posts . Screen shots can be seen below.

7. Google may get impressed by your Blog's template:
Google Chrome Template
Via : ZonaChrome

Here are some more free templates to download:

Green Light Red Pepper

Wordpress Pro Fun Template Notepad Chaos

ToughPress Obama Template

Brown Chocolate Halo Game Template

Crystal X Snow Man - Xmas

Yet to Come Yet to come

Error : (GIF Image, 1x1 pixels) - Solved

How to correct improper display of some websites :
From the last few days I was not able to open many websites (specially web-traffic analysis websites) including on any of my browsers. The pages were completely blank and displaying "(GIF Image, 1x1 pixels)". In case of Statcounter the home page was although displayed but everything was a complete mess, you can see the screen-shot:

So I tried to open the same websites on my laptop, which displayed all the websites properly. 

Finally when I searched for the main differences between the systems, I noticed that I recently upgraded my desktop's antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security to version 8 (2009 ).

Now it was very easy to solve this problem. I immediatley opened the application (KIS ver.8), and disabled 'Web Traffic' option under 'Anti-Malware' protection, and phew......finally I could easily access all those important websites :)

*Update: To avoid this problem in Kaspersky Internet Security (or Anti Virus) 2010 (ver. 9), disable "Anti-Banner" under "My Protection"

How To Embed/Add - Images/Pictures In Blogger Posts

It is quite easy to post or embed images in blogger posts.
Although Blogger allows you to do this easily by the click of one button, but if you want to do it yourself, then first get the direct link/hotlink of the image, by uploading it to So you will get a link similar to this one:

Now use this code (containing the above link), to show images in your posts:
<img src=""/>

If you want to change the dimensions of the image, then you can do that in this way:
<img src="" width="555" height="555"/>
This will display the image as a square of length and breadth of 555 pixels.

And if you want to link an image to it's own location or to any other web site or web page, then use this code:
<a href=""> <img src="" width="555" height="555"/> </a>

To change the position of the images, read this post
And to change the size of images, read this post.