October 30, 2008

Next Gen Computing - World And Web United

Technology never stops, but sometimes does become monotonous. So here is the latest in Computer Technology - Connecting the Real world with the Virtual world at Lightning speed.
Imagine a computer of the size of a palmtop, but no keyboard and mouse, completely touch screen, and literally nothing else. It can scan, save, store and analyze anything like a Digital camera connected to a computer via blue-tooth to a high speed computer, with an image editing software installed.
Scan any newspaper or a document, select any word, that's it - Dictionary and Thesaurus for that word will be displayed.

Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Take the picture of any building, select any part of the image, and get information about it through GPRS (Internet), instantly.

Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Truly this is a window between the real and the virtual world !

Via Yanko Design Designed by Mac Funamizu
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Meta Tags - Importance and How To Use

For any website, a good percentage of traffic comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN Search etc. But when search spiders from these search engines come to your website for archiving and indexing, they may or may not pick those important keywords, words, phrases, information from your website, which you actually wanted to be indexed.
So you must guide those search engine spiders, what to be indexed and what should not, which can be done by Meta Tags.
Meta tags are placed in the <Head> region of any blog/web site. These tags mainly contain the Title of the website, general information, all keywords, pages to be indexed / left, author's name, e-mail, language of website, copyright information etc. These meta tags are optional, you may add all of them or some of them or even none. But for Search Engine Optimization, and better indexing, and to get more traffic from search engines, you must add meta tags to your website.

Steps to follow:
Log in to Blogger, go to Design -> Edit HTML
And find this code in the template:

And immediately BELOW/AFTER it, paste these lines:
<link href="mailto:YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS_HERE" rev="made"/>
<meta content="ALL_KEYWORDS_HERE_SEPARATED_BY_COMMAS" name="keywords"/>
<meta content="YOUR_NAME_HERE" name="author"/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content="GENERAL_DESCRIPTION_HERE" name="description"/>
<meta content="SEE_BELOW" name="ROBOTS"/>
Change those lines in blue color above.

In the last meta tag, where "SEE_BELOW" is written, select one of these as per your requirement/choice.
- INDEX,FOLLOW  Index this page and follow all links.
- INDEX,NOFOLLOW  Index this page but do not follow or index links on this page.
- NOINDEX,FOLLOW  Do not index this page but follow all links.
- NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW  Do not index this page. Do not follow or index links on this page.

For any particular page, if you want to add any keywords or if you want to add "nofollow" / "noindex" tags to that page, you can add these code lines:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "URL_OF_THE_SPECIFIC_PAGE_WITH_http"'>
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW"/>
<meta content="ALL_KEYWORDS_HERE_YOU_CAN_ADD_MORE_LATER_TOO" name="keywords">
For any further queries, you  can write your doubts in the comments section.

**UPDATE: The Description Meta Tag, if not modified, causes a serious error in Blogger/BlogSpot blogs, please read this post : Duplicate Meta Tags and Titles Issue - Solved to avoid the error.
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Blogger Help - Add Read More link to your posts

Although this tutorial is the easiest way to truncate posts on Blogger blog, but being a javascript based hack, this method is not SEO friendly. If you want to use a SEO friendly post-truncating method on your blog, then kindly read this post.

Most of the bloggers, want to show more than one post in their blog's home page, but displaying all the content on the home page of each and every post makes the home page very lengthy, and visitors may miss out any article while scrolling down the entire length of the page.
So here's a method for bloggers to display only a part of  the posts, and not the entire posts. If a visitor wants to read the complete article then he/she will click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of the post, which will be redirected to the particular post.

Steps to follow:
1. Log into the Blogger.com account
2. Go to "Layout" section
3. Back up your current template, by downloading it.
4.  Now click on "Expand Widget Templates"
5. Now find this code - ]]></b:skin>
6.  Just AFTER that code add these lines

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
span.fullpost {display:inline;}
span.fullpost {display:none;}
7. Now again find this code : <data:post.body/>
8. And just after this, add these code lines:

<!--READ-MORE-STARTS--><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'>Read More!</a>

If you want to shift the "Read More!" text to the extreme-right side, use this code:

<!--READ-MORE-STARTS--><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><div style="text-align: right;">Read More !</div></a>
9. Now save the template.

IMPORTANT :Now these adjustments will NOT show your previous posts with "Read More" tag, but you can display them with Read More tags, by editing them with instructions as below:
From now on, whenever making a new post, the part of the post you want to HIDE on your main homepage, write those lines in between these code lines:

<span class="fullpost">WRITE THE PART OF THE POST YOU WANT TO HIDE HERE</span>

See the screen shot below for details:

NOTE 1: After writing new posts, always proof-read your edit HTML section, to avoid mistakes, one such mistake is discussed below:

Make sure, that "Edit HTML", while writing posts looks exactly like this:

<div style="text-align: left;">Post in brief, may include pictures too
<span class="fullpost">Hidden part</span>

In the above example notice that I have closed span, before div, that placement is very necessary, if you put like this </div> </span>, i.e. closing div first and span later this will NOT work, because span has been started inside div, so it must be closed within div tag.

In case you have multiple paragraphs, while posting a post, and you are giving same text alignment to all the paras, then by default, after every para, the div element will be closed, and again it will start for the next para, so THIS SHOULD NOT be like this, you have to start <div> in the beginning of the post, end it at the last, and make sure <span class="fullpost">Hidden part</span>, is between your div tags.
If you want your previous posts also to hide part of their text, then you must edit them and add span tags to them.

*UPDATE: Now there's a new hack to make all this process automatic: READ HERE about AUTOMATIC READ MORE trick for Blogger.

NOTE 2: If the above method does not work in your blog, here try this second method:
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Mysterious Mathematics

Do you have an answer for this or is this a mathematics illusion ?

In the above two figures, as you can see both the triangles are occupying the same number of squares / total area, but when internal colored shapes (groups of squares in blue, green, purple and brown) are rearranged, then an extra square appears, can you explain how?
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Microsoft Launches Windows Azure - OS Over Internet

Windows Azure
Welcome to Fifth Generation Of Computing
The project, called Windows Azure, was unveiled by Microsoft head techie Ray Ozzie during a conference for more than 6,000 Microsoft software developers at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If successful, Azure could transform Windows from a wasting asset to be defended at all costs into an offensive weapon that gives Microsoft advantages even Google can't match.
"What we announced today was much broader than anything anyone has tried before," says Senior Vice-President Robert Muglia. Microsoft on Monday announced a version of Windows that runs over the Internet from inside Microsoft's own data centers. It's less a replacement for the operating system that runs on one's own PC than it is an alternative for developers, intended to let them write programs that live inside Microsoft's data centers as opposed to on the servers of a given business.
"It's a transformation of our software and a transformation of our strategy," said Ray Ozzie, a computing industry pioneer who now serves as Microsoft's chief software architect.
There weren't many details on how Microsoft will charge for Azure, saying it will be free during the preview period. Final pricing, Ozzie said, "will be competitive with the marketplace."
[via CNET]
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October 29, 2008

Halloween Costume For Your Computer

Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October, one day before All Saints Day.
While you are selecting your own costume for this year's Halloween's trick-or-treat, do not leave behind your personal computer :)

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

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Blogger Help - How To Add Popular Posts Widget In Blogger

As every blogger wants to show thier popular blog posts (most commented) to their visitors, so here is a very easy method to add a widget containing 10 most commented posts (in order),  anywhere in your blog.

To add popular posts widget in new variations like showing widget without the word "comments" in the brackets, or showing only titles without comment numbers, see this new post:

CLICK HERE - Popular Posts (Most Commented) Widget For Blogger [Error Solved] - New And Working

Follow these steps :
1. Log in to Blogger
2. Go to "Layout" section
3. Click on "Add A Gadget" link
4. Select it as "HTML/JavaScript"
5. Now copy and paste these code lines :
<script type="text/javascript">
function pipeCallback(obj) {
document.write('<ol style="text-transform: capitalize;">');
var i;
for (i = 0; i < obj.count ; i++)
var href = "'" + obj.value.items[i].link + "'";
var item = "<li>" + "<a href=" + href + ">" + obj.value.items[i].title + "</a> </li>";
<script src="http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_render=json&_callback=pipeCallback&_id=1cf38ae68efbe859c4ba1ee239cec099&url=http%3A%2F%2FYOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE_WITHOUT_http://&num=10" type="text/javascript"></script><a href="http://bloggerstop.net/2008/10/blogger-help-how-to-add-popular-posts.html" target="_blank"><span style="font-size: xx-small;">Popular Posts Widget</span></a>
Replace everything in the blue color with your blog's domain/url address, before pasting. Now drag the widget to anywhere you like in your blog's layout. Save your work, and show all your popular posts to your visitors.
You can adjust the number of posts to be shown, by changing num=X code.

NOTE: While adding your domain name/blog's url, remember NOT to add http://www.
So only write YOUR_WEBSITE.BLOGSPOT.COM or YOUR_WEBSITE.COM (custom domains)

You can see my popular posts widget in the sidebar.
Credits: Blogger Buster
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Easy Financing Even In Difficult Times - EZUnsecured

Almost everyone of us wants to be an entrepreneur, even if one cannot become the owner of a Multinational Company, but still he wants to set-up at least a small company. One of the main hindrance in reaching these goals is of course the initial financial requirements, specially at times like present economy melt-down across the world, where many huge financial giants like Lehman brothers and AIG were shaken and broken down, many financial institutes had to rethink on their economy management, and all these directly affects those who newly wants to set-up their business and enter this corporate world.

After doing some search on Internet and asking my friends, I came to know about a trusted company EZUnsecured, where getting unsecured financing for your business is a lot easier. The success fee being charged by them is quite reasonable at 10% of the financing amount they obtain for you, but what is more important is that 'you can trust EZUnsecured.com - They know what they are doing - These people are very experienced and they take their work very seriously".

They specialize in Business Loans & Lines of Credit featuring:
  • NO Collateral
  • NO Tax Returns
  • NO Business Plans
  • NO UCC Fillings
  • NO Headaches
  • 5%+ APR
  • NO DOC to $200,000 (Start-Ups OK!)
  • EZ DOC to $10 Million
The document requirements for you in this company decreases with the higher and better Credit History you have.
The EZUnsecured Team has EXPERTS in unsecured business financing with an average of 10 years experience.
In their own words:
Our Underwriters devote 100% of their time exclusively to working with our clients in obtaining the MOST financing possible in the SHORTEST time possible – This is our niche, it’s all we do, and we are the BEST at it.
So what are you waiting for ?, start your journey to become a world class entrepreneur, apply for the Business Loans right now !
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October 28, 2008

Walking On Clouds

Kalavaara Halli - Hills Above Clouds

Kalavaarahalli Clouds on Hills

70 kilometer from Bangalore, India, this place is called Kalavaara Halli and the mountain is called Kalavaarahalli Betta (also called as Skanda Giri), located near a small town Chikkaballapura.

Enjoy the beauty of mother nature...

Kalavaarahalli Clouds on Hills

Kalavaarahalli Clouds on Hills

Kalavaarahalli Clouds on Hills

Kalavaarahalli Clouds on Hills

Kalavaarahalli Clouds on Hills

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Free Images To Use

In my last post, I have written about selecting the best Image host for your website or any online work. But one more problem faced by webmasters and people in their online work is knowingly or unknowingly they use images which are actually the property of some other website/person, who may not like his property being used by others, and in worst case you may face the consequences of copyright infringement.
The most common way of finding images on Internet by people is to use Image search tools offered by famous and popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft etc.
But the problem in using images from these websites is that those images are not checked for copyrights by these search engines, just a message is shown along with the search results "Image may be scaled down and subject to copyright." (Like in Google image results)

Fortunately there are several websites that stock royalty free and images and photographies. Below you will find links to some useful ones.
*Update : The list above contains many websites which are although very popular, but when recently cheking their "Terms Of Use", I noticed that the points are quite confusing, for example in Stock.Xchng, the rules says
You may use the images in digital format on websites, multimedia presentations, broadcast film and video, cell phones.
Finally it says, Always ask permission from the photographer if you want to use the Image,in website templates that You intend to sell or distribute.
So finally I have compiled this list of websites, which have "Public Domain Photos", which can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, and the images are completely "copyrights free".
(Contains list of MANY MANY more websites with public domain images, in a well categorized manner)

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Blogger Help - How to add related posts below every post

To add Related posts/Similar posts widget below every post on your blog, follow these simple steps:

First of all download this file:

Zipped File

Although you do not have to use this file as I have already linked the file in STEP #5. So, store this file as a back up on your PC.

1. Go to Blogger.com
2. Now go to "Design", then to "Edit HTML" section
3. Back up your present template, by "Downloading it"
4. Now click on "Expand widget templates"
5. Find this code:

And just BEFORE/ABOVE this code, paste this
#related-posts {
float : left;
width : 540px;
margin-left : 5px;
font : 11px Verdana;
#related-posts .widget {
list-style-type : none;
margin : 5px 0 5px 0;
padding : 0;
#related-posts .widget h2, #related-posts h2 {
color : #940f04;
font-size : 20px;
font-weight : normal;
margin : 5px 7px 0;
padding : 0 0 5px;
#related-posts a {
color : #054474;
font-size : 11px;
text-decoration : none;
#related-posts a:hover {
color : #054474;
text-decoration : none;
#related-posts ul {
border : medium none;
margin : 10px;
padding : 0;
#related-posts ul li {
display : block;
background : url(&quot;http://www.gigaimage.com/images/brrl1rtaziisu0yj6kj6.gif&quot;) no-repeat 0 0;
margin : 0;
padding-top : 0;
padding-right : 0;
padding-bottom : 1px;
padding-left : 16px;
margin-bottom : 5px;
line-height : 2em;
border-bottom:1px dotted #cccccc;

<script src='http://files.main.bloggerstop.net/uploads/3/0/2/5/3025338/relatedposts_forblogger.js' type='text/javascript'/><!--RelatedPostsStops-->

6. Now search for this code line:

And after that line, paste this code:
<!--RELATED-POSTS-STARTS--><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='related-posts'>
<font face='Arial' size='3'><b>Related Posts: </b></font><font color='#FFFFFF'><b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'><data:label.name/><b:if cond='data:label.isLast != &quot;true&quot;'>,</b:if><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/default/-/&quot; + data:label.name + &quot;?alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=related_results_labels&amp;max-results=5&quot;' type='text/javascript'/></b:if></b:loop> </font>
<script type='text/javascript'> removeRelatedDuplicates(); printRelatedLabels();

To change the number of similar/related posts to be displayed, change the code max-results=xx
Finally save your template, and you will see related posts after all your posts(Remember to add labels after your posts, during publishing them)

Credits : Blogger accessories
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India Gate At Night

This year on my birthday (5th October), I along with 4 of my friends had dinner at a restaurant, and then planned to visit India Gate. This was the first time that I had visited India Gate at night, in the 15 years that I have spent in Delhi, India. 
Well, in the evening it shines bright, in the golden light, which is finally turned off at sharp 10:00 PM (IST), but although the golden lights of the bulbs are switched off but still the sparkling white light from the moon  is always on it.
We ate ice creams, while sitting on the lawns near India Gate, and finally left for our houses at around 10:30 PM. The view was amazing, which I want you people to see through this blog:

India Gate at Night, Delhi, India

While you are enjoying the pictures, read the basic information about India Gate too:
Situated in the heart of New Delhi, India Gate commemorates the members of the erstwhile British Indian Army who lost their lives fighting for the Indian Empire in World War I and the Afghan Wars. Following India's independence, India Gate became the site of Indian Army's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, known as the Amar Jawan Jyoti.
The foundation stone was laid by His Royal Highness,the Duke of Connaught in 1921 and was designed by Edwin Lutyens.

India Gate at Night, Delhi, India

India Gate at Night, Delhi, India

Burning in a shrine under the arch of India Gate since 1971 is the Amar Jawan Jyoti (the flame of the immortal warrior), which marks the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
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October 27, 2008

To Create A Scheduled Post In Blogger

While blogging, sometimes bloggers do feel that although they have started a blog entry, but this is not the correct time to publish it (like if insufficient data is available at that time or if the post becomes more meaningful only if posted at a specific date or time), so at that time there's a feature given by Blogger that can be utilized.

First of all write your blog post as usual.
Then before you publish the post, click on the "Post Options" link above the "PUBLISH POST " link.

Now change the "Post date and time" default values, by some Future Date & Time, and that's it, now the post will be published only on that date and time.

You can read more blogger tricks and tips HERE
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October 23, 2008

Image Hosting Websites Guide

Image hosting services are usually searched by webmasters, but now anyone who is a member of an online forum or social-networking website, do need an image host at some point of time.
And of course when using an image hosting website, the most important features we look for, are:
- Unlimited images hosting
- Proper image files management (in virtual online folders)
- Direct linking (hot linking)
- Most importantly, Unlimited allowed bandwidth

First of all here's the most common and famous image hosts available on Internet:
- imageshack.us
- photobucket.com
- Picasa.com
- Tinypic.com
- picturetrail.com

Now considering those requirements, and comparing the above listed websites, the final selection is :

1. Tinypic.com
In the website selected and listed above, not only you get all above mentioned features , but also even without registration you can use their service, moreover you can watermark the images being uploaded and also you can resize the images while uploading.
The only disadvantage associated with Tinypic.com, is that they rename the files into some random numbers, which I initially thought, will make those pictures less search engines friendly, but then I realized that if the content in the posts is good, then the images can easily be detected by search engines, so if you are also looking for the same features as written above then you can easily go for this website and use them for your websites or in forums or social networking websites.
Moreover you can and must use alt tags with your images, so as to make the images more search engines friendly.

- The reasons for NOT selecting photobucket.com is because it does not provide unlimited bandwidth, rather after crossing the month's limit, for rest of the days in the month, it displays a cheap message of "Get premium account" instead of the original images.
- Although imageshack.us provides an almost unlimited bandwidth (300 MB/hour), but the problem is that they have not given the facility to arrange the images in folders, which makes it all a complete mess.
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Dead Sea - A Lively Tourist Place

"Float In Water" Like A "Feather In Air"

Deep in the Jordan Valley and 55 km southeast of Amman, is the Dead Sea, one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole world. It is the lowest body of water on earth, the lowest point on earth, and the world's richest source of natural salts, hiding wonderful treasures that accumulated throughout thousands of years.

As its name evokes, the Dead Sea is devoid of life due to an extremely high content of salts and minerals which gives its waters the renowned curative powers, therapeutic qualities, and its buoyancy, recognized since the days of Herod the Great, more than 2000 years ago.

The reason for it being a famous spot for so many tourists from around the world, is the fact although it's name is Dead Sea, but actually no person can die here just because he/she cannot swim, rather even if you fall into the water by mistake, you have to give your minimum effort to keep yourself floating on the water !

To reach this unique spot, the visitor enjoys a short 30 minutes drive from Amman, surrounded by a landscape and arid hills, which could be from another planet. En route a stone marker indicates "Sea Level", but the Dead Sea itself is not reached before descending another 400 meters below this sign.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake between Israel and the West Bank to the west, and Jordan to the east. The Dead Sea is 330 m (1,083 ft) deep, the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. It is also the world's second saltiest body of water, after Lake Asal in Djibouti, with 30 percent salinity. It is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. Experts say that it is nine times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea (31.5% salt versus 3.5% for the Mediterranean). The Dead Sea is 67 kilometers (42 mi) long and 18 kilometers (11 mi) wide at its widest point. It lies in the Jordan Rift Valley, and its main tributary is the Jordan River.

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October 22, 2008

World's 10 Biggest Banks

While many banks are now facing the financial crisis, and some have even declared bankruptcy, so let's see what all banks are left with their billions of dollars of worth, may they not enter into this list of melting down financial institutes.
According to Bankersalmanac.com, Citibank NA is the world's 16th largest bank. So find out which are the top 10:
UBS AG , Zurich, Switzerland
UBS AG is the world's biggest manager of other people's money. The bank's asset stood at $1,963.227 billion as in January 2008.
Present in major financial centres worldwide, UBS has offices in 50 countries. The bank had 81,557 employees on June 30, 2007. It originated in 1747, with its maiden branch coming up in the Swiss region of Valposchiavo. The new UBS evolved out of a merger of the Union Bank of Switzerland and the Swiss Bank Corporation in June 1998.
Barclays PLC is a major bank operating in Europe, the United States, West Asia, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa. It operates through its subsidiary Barclays Bank PLC.
The bank has registered assets worth $1,951.041 billion. It is also the sponsor of the English Premier League. Forbes Global 2000 ranked Barclays PLC as the 18th largest company in the world in 2007.

BNP Paribas
It is one of the main banks in Europe. It was created on 23 May 2000 through the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas. It employs 162,700 people, of which 80,000 work in Europe, and maintains a presence in 87 countries, with a Gross Operating Income of €2,665 mn.
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc,
It includes The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc founded in 1727 by a Royal Charter of King George I, National Westminster Bank Plc in England and Wales and Ulster Bank Limited in Ireland.
After previous denials following press coverage, on the 22 April 2008 RBS announced a rights issue which aimed to raise £12billion in new capital to offset a writedown of £5.9billion resulting from the bad investments and to shore up its reserves following the purchase of ABN-Amro. This is the largest rights issue in British corporate history.
Despite this fundraising and amid the worsening of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, on the 13 October 2008, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced a UK Government bailout of the financial system.
Credit Agricole SA
It is the largest retail banking group in France, second largest in Europe and the eighth largest in the world by Tier 1 capital according to The Banker magazine. On January 31, the bank's assets stood at $1,663.101 billion.
Deutsche Bank AG
It is an international Universal bank with a broad private clients franchise, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The bank employs more than 78,000 people in 76 countries, and has a large presence in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the emerging markets. As on January 31, the bank's asset stood at $1,485.008 billion.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd
is a Japanese bank that was established on January 1, 2006, with the merger of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd. and UFJ Bank Limited. The bank serves as the core retail and commercial banking unit of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan's largest financial services company measured by assets. As on January 31, the bank's assets stood at $1,362.598 billion.
Between 1991 and 2007, ABN AMRO was one of the largest banks in Europe and had operations in about 63 countries around the world. In 2007 the bank was acquired by the consortium,[4] which is splitting up the bank between the three acquiring banks. This process will take till the end of 2009. As on January 31, the bank's assets stood at $1,301.508 billion.

Societe Generale
It is one of the main European financial services companies and also maintains extensive activities in others parts of the world. It is headquartered in France with the main head office in Tours Société Générale in the business district of La Défense west of Paris. It employs 120,000 people, of which 75,000 in Europe, and maintains a presence in 80 countries. As on January 31, 2008, its assets stood at $1,261.657 billion.
Bank of America
It is the largest bank by asset and second largest commercial bank by deposits and market capitalization in United States. As on January 31, 2008, its assets stood at $1,261.657 billion.
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October 20, 2008

Longest Webpage On Internet

Write your OWN NAME on internet's
Longest Web Page
Length is 8,000,000 ( 80 lakhs or 8 million pixels )
It will take more than 2 hours to scroll down using keyboard Down Arrow key !!!

(Best Optimized For FireFox)

You can check and feel its length using "Page Down" button
[ Still it will take more than 15 minutes ]
[ Or of course you can simply drag down the scroll bar to bottom :) ]

Write your name at the Bottom !
NOTE: Anonymous/SPAM comments will be deleted.

After every 1,000,000 (1 Million) pixels milestones have been placed where you can go directly by clicking on the links below :

Milestone 1
Milestone 2
Milestone 3
Milestone 4
Milestone 5
Milestone 6
Milestone 7
Milestone 8

(So Press  " F11 "  and Start Your Journey ! 

(Do you know Neil Armstrong has his footprints on MOON ?) 
(And his footprints are still there and will remain forever...)

(And so will your name remain here for ever...)

Well here's how they feel when they reach their


Go on Write your name below in the comments section

You'll contribute to its length by writing your name

Want to scroll again ? Page[TOP]

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October 19, 2008

Dogs And Their Owners

Children grow older, so do their pets :)

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