November 10, 2008

Click Save And Print - Anywhere Anytime

Imagine you are on a trip to any island or a mountain, you have a digital camera but it's memory just got filled up, you cannot delete any videos/pictures, you could not find any computer to transfer your pics nor any photo studio to get the print outs, and still the journey is on and you want to take some more pictures !
How about carrying a small printer with you. Don't worry it would not add an extra pound to your luggage, as it is completely integrated with the digital camera itself and moreover you don't even have to worry about it's ink requirements as the new Digi-Cam reviewed below has an integrated printer with zero ink printing facility.
digital camera with printer

TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 is a 5 mega pixels Digital Camera with 16 MB memory, xiao™ is a first of its kind integrated digital camera and printer that allows consumers to capture, view, and immediately print their digital images without ink, anywhere. The xiao™ produces borderless, full-color, 2x3" (5x7,6 cm) prints in less than 60 seconds. It also features an IrDA receiver so that you can print images sent to the xiao™ wirelessly from other IrDA devices.
digital camera with printer

digital camera with printer

TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 Digital Camera
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Microsoft - Working Hard...

While Google and Yahoo are providing facilities like restaurants, gyms, free gourmet cafes, snack rooms, free Wi Fi enabled coaches, beds to sleep and many more things to enjoy life along with doing work, Microsoft  has some other plans.

microsoft bus china

Microsoft in China is providing free transport to it's employees, which is not exactly free, but actually comes at a cost. Employees will be given computers in front of all seats, so that they can do work even while traveling. Employees now do not have to worry, if they are stuck in a traffic jam, as they will be asked to start their work in the bus itself :)

microsoft bus china

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Blogosphere - Enhance Macau

This week in my blogosphere, it's Hariman from Indonesia, who has been blogging on Global Enhance Macau Network, for almost a year. The overall template is simple yet has an elegant look, as liked by most of the visitors. It's Quick to load and easy to read, the color combinations and the font size are user-friendly too.You will find many useful posts from his blog, from various categories like business, web, Internet, games, travel, computers and many more topics. The pictorial representation from his recent post on Google PageRank - "Google PageRank Update Magic" can easily grab the attention of any blogger/webmaster as it is explained in a very simpler manner, and gives a clear idea on how to make an effective link building for your website. With more than 1 blog entries, it shows that the blogger does have a good spirit of blogging. The blog's content is all original and a rating of 7 on 10 be given to it.
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November 8, 2008

ColorZilla - ColorPicker Eyedropper Page Zoomer

Recently I posted an article on How to measure the pixels on screen, while you are online in a web browser. Now here's another helpful tool, for webmasters.
Many times, while adding any widget, button or simply placing ads on your websites, you would have faced the problem of not knowing the exact HTML color code of the background, or other widgets already placed over there. And just by looking at the color it is not possible to tell, exactly which shade of gray, blue, red or green is present on screen.

So if you are using Firefox, then here is an add-on for your web browser [ColorZilla.Mozilla], which makes the whole work a lot simpler. Just click on tool - ColoZilla, present on your browser's taskbar, and hover the cursor on any part of the browser or web page to get the HTML value of every single pixel separately.
It mainly has the following features:
* Eyedropper - get the color of any pixel in the browser window
* Color Picker similar to ones found in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro
* Palette Viewer and editor
* Webpage Color Analyzer
In its Menu's screen shot you can see many more features too:

For more details of this tool: Visit this page ColorZilla
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November 7, 2008

MeasureIt - Measure pixels length on screen

Ever wanted to measure pixels length, while you are online, working in a web browser ? May be while creating a new logo for your website or while placing a new advertisement on your website, you want to easily calculate which is the most suitable logo/widget length.
Now it all can be done with just one click. For this you need to have Firefox web browser, as the tool "MeasureIt", is an add-on available only for Firefox.
measureit pixels on screen

You can download MeasureIt from Here [MeasureIt.Mozilla]

Instructions for Use
  1. Click the MeasureIt button MeasureIt icon in the status bar or toolbar to turn it on/off
  2. Click and drag out a ruler box
  3. Click and hold to move the ruler box
  4. CTRL + Arrow Keys to nudge ruler by 1 pixel
  5. CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow Keys to nudge ruler by 5 pixels
  6. Click the "X" to close that ruler or click outside of it to begin drawing another ruler
  7. ESC key to turn off MeasureIt
Credits For this tool : KevinFreitas
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Control Mouse Cursor Through Keyboard

In case your mouse is screwed up, you don't have to worry, as you can still control the mouse cursor using your keyboard. The speed of cursor movement is of course comparatively slow, but something is always better than nothing.
Here are the simple steps to turn your keyboard's Num-Pad in to a mouse.

1. Go to Start Menu, then to Control Panel.
2. Now open Accessibility Options.
Ok I know, it doesn't look like this, but Microsoft need to change it's icons :)
Anyways it looks like this:

3. And select the tab "Mouse".
4. Now check the "Use MouseKeys" option.

5. Then click on "Settings", and under pointer speed, drag both "Top Speed" and "Acceleration" to "High".
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How To Link Different Parts Of Same Web Page [Anchors]

If you want to link within the same the web page, like this:

Target 1 [Click to go to Target 2]

To link within the same web page, use this code:

Use this code to create the clickable link:
<a href="#ANCHOR-TEXT">Linking Text</a>

Use this code in the target area.
<a name="ANCHOR-TEXT"/>

Now whenever a visitor clicks on the hyper linked "Linking text", in the above code
then the visitor will reach the Anchor text code.

Target 2 [Click it to go back to Target 1]

These are called HTML anchors !
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Submit To All Social Bookmarking Websites At Once

Being a webmaster/blogger, after writing every interesting article you would like it to be added in as many of  the popular social bookmarking websites as possible. But presently with more than 100 of these websites, the whole work of writing the same description and adding the same article-link again again everywhere, becomes too boring and almost impossible.
social bookmarking

But now you have a website/tool - to make the process quite easier. You may be having the buttons like "AddThis" or "AddToAny", but this website is very different from them because through this website, you have to type the url and the description only once and then simply start adding it to the large number of social bookmarking websites, available alongside.

Sites included in the list are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

social bookmaring made easier. Easily add to stumble digg reddit furl etc.
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Money Talks - If It's A Liberian Coin

You must have heard "Money Talks". But have you ever seen it practically ?
Liberian Government has recently launched it's $5 silver coins, engraved with a picture of the former US president, John F Kennedy, which is now quite famous among coin collectors around the world.
liberia 5 dollar speaking or talking coin

This is the first "talking coin".
when one presses a tiny button on it, Kennedy's famous "I am a Berliner'' speech, delivered in 1963 plays for a minute.
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November 6, 2008

World's Longest Keyboard

Jean Shin reports world's Longest Key Board - TEXTTile, smooth and flexible as a piece of cloth or fabric. In collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia 22,528 recycled computer keycaps and 192 custom keycaps, fabric, were used to create this customized active keyboard.
world's longest keyboard

Viewers can also type their own messages on the active keys amid the first three rows of emails. These new messages are then projected onto the opposite end of the fabric, thereby continuing the virtual dialogue.
Although not very useful, but creativity always get appreciated ! When modern art paintings are liked by people, I think it's a lot better than those :)
world's longest keyboard

world's longest keyboard

world's longest keyboard

world's longest keyboard

Photo Credits:
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SEO Plugins / Add-ons For Firefox

Webmaster are usually advised to use all kinds of popular web browsers, as the visitors may be using any of those browsers, and the website has to be optimized for all the browsers. But, mostly webmasters prefer Mozilla Firefox, due to the fact that it is an open source software, and so the available number of add-ons or plug-ins for this browser are tremendous and are well categorized by Mozilla to be searched easily.
Here, you will find a list of Add-ons which are a must for web masters, for optimising their websites for not only for visitors but also for search engines.
  • Meta Tags
  • This sidebar displays page meta-information (meta tags, links, etc.) Has automated search engine submission menu. It warns about duplicate keyword phrases. It has an extensible menu for automatic submission to search engines and SEO services.
  • SEO for firefox
    In Google and Yahoo search results, this add-on adds useful information for the website, like website's PR, age, Alexa rank, links (Yahoo! linkdomain), information, Technorati authority, dmoz, yahoo dir, bloglines, WhoIs etc.
    Also if you are using Firefox version 3+, then it has an additional feature "SEO Xray", which shows external, internal links and other information for individual websites.
  • YSlow 
  • YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on Yahoo's rules for high performance web sites.

  • Web Developer 
  • Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools. (It does have a number of tools useful for web masters)
  • iMacros for Firefox 
  • If you love the Firefox web browser, but are tired of repetitive tasks like visiting the same sites every days, filling out forms, and remembering passwords, data extraction, web scraping/mining & enterprise data mash-ups, then iMacros for Firefox is the solution you’ve been dreaming of. It says "whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it".
  • RankChecker 
  • Firefox Rank Checker extension allows you to easily check your website rankings in Google (US and international), Yahoo, and Microsoft Live search.
  • yExplore 
  • yExplore adds quick access to Yahoo Site Explorer. Just right click, select yExplore and the URL will be passed to Yahoo Site Explorer in a new tab, ( you have the option to select either the individual web page or for the complete domain).
  • KGen 
  • KGen (Keyword Generator) is an extension that allows you to see what keywords are strong on visited web pages.
Other helpful Add-ons and tools
  • LinkChecker 
  • Check the validity of links on any webpage. red - broken links yellow - forwarded, forbidden links green - good links gray - skipped links
  • Smiley Xtra
  •  Insert smilies from an online database into your forum posts and blogs via a handy sidebar
  • JustBlogIt 
  • Well name says it all. Just Blog It,with an easy right click.
  • Page Update Checker 
  • In websites, which update frequently, and you are waiting for a specific information which will be displayed in a few minutes, Page Update Checker (aka PUC - pronounced "Puke") is a FireFox extension that automatically checks to see if web pages have changed.
  • Blogger Bar 
  • Brings the power of Blogger into a single toolbar.
  • Tag Editor 
  • Tag editor for blogs. Tag editor generates tag links for your blog.
  • Deepest Sender 
  • Deepest Sender is a client that will allow you to post to blogs from directly within Firefox. It is primarily a LiveJournal client, although it supports Blogger (GData) and WordPress (metaWeblog) too.
  • Create short URLs
  •  Create a short URL from any website. Just right click on the page and click wapURL and you will be presented with a short URL. This is great if you need to send text messages or emails.
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November 3, 2008

GoogleIndia Is Blogging

Namaste, India!
These are the first two words in the latest regional blog from Google - The official Google India Blog, launched on 15th October, 2008. As usual Google has kept the same Official Google layout for this blog too. The Alexa ranking just for the past 15 days, or you can say for the first 15 days of this blog has reached to less than 2,00,000, which does show a tremendous traffic to this blog, which up till now has posted just 3 posts.
Actually I am a bit surprised, that why Google has been so late in launching a blog for India. According to the Alexa traffic details, after US, maximum online traffic to is contributed by India, and moreover after only (Indian cc-TLD of Google), is present in the top 20 websites, according to the web traffic ranking. When Google already has made regional blogs for many other countries like China, Japan, Australia, Africa, Poland etc. I think it is quite unfair to start it so late in India.
Google India Blog

Anyways, according to the Alexa ranking system Google India Blog, has already started receiving more visitors than many other Google's regional blogs, which is very easily expected to increase even more in the future.
In the three recent posts by GoogleIndiaBlog (, it has given greetings to Indian people, then spoken about its first Google Developer Day in India, and then finally posted about India's most famous festival - Diwali, and also has given tips on how to use to search, what most of the Indians want, viz Cricket, Movies and Finance/Stocks/Economy.
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November 2, 2008

Know Your Mistake

If a barber makes a mistake,

If a engineer makes a mistake,

If parents makes a mistake,

If a politician makes a mistake,
It is a NEW LAW;

If a scientist makes a mistake,

If a tailor makes a mistake,

If a teacher makes a mistake ,

If boss makes a mistake,
It is a NEW IDEA;

If an employee makes a mistake,

So what was your mistake ??
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Nine Things God Would Not Ask You

- God won't ask what kind of car you drove,
   He'll ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation.

- God won't ask the square footage of your house,
   He'll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

- God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet,
   He'll ask how many you helped to clothe.

- God won't ask what your highest salary was,
   He'll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

- God won't ask what your job title was,
   He'll ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability.

- God won't ask how many friends you had,
   He'll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

- God won't ask in what neighborhood you lived,
   He'll ask how you treated your neighbors.

- God won't ask about the color of your skin,
   He'll ask about the content of your character.

- God won't ask why it took you so long to seek Salvation,
   He'll lovingly take you to your mansion in heaven, and not to the gates of hell.
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Blue Roses - Took 20 Years To Bloom

The queen of flowers-Rose is only famous for its colors like red, yellow and white.But would you give a blue/purple rose to your valentine (which signifies love at first), next year?
Well, yes from next year onwards you will have an extra option in choosing the color of roses.
After 20 years of research, they have finally created Blue roses, masterminded by Australian-based Florigene Ltd. subsidiary of Suntory Ltd., a Japanese company. The firm has invested three billion yen in the creation of blue roses, blue carnations and other blue flowers since 1990. The flowers, which were displayed at the International Flower Expo Tokyo, will go on sale commercially next Autumn. The flowers are genetically engineered, and implanted with a gene that simulates the synthesis of a blue pigment Delphinidin.
Photo Credit :
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November 1, 2008

Why Me ?

Legendary Wimbledon player Arthur Ashe got infection in his blood, during a heart surgery in 1983. Letters poured in from all over the world, as he was dying of AIDS. One letter asked, "Why has GOD chosen you for such a bad disease?"

To this, Arthur Ashe replied:
"In This world, over 50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals,
When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD 'Why me?' And today in pain I should not be asking GOD 'Why me?..."
Happy moments:- Praise God.
Difficult moments:- Seek God.
Quiet moments:- Worship God.
Painful moments:- Trust God.
Every moment:- Thank God.

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Blogger Help - How To Submit Your Blogs Sitemap To Google

Generally speaking, sitemap is simply a website-map, showing all the pages and sub-pages of a website or a blog, which guides both visitors and search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. to roam around your blog. And when search engines roam around your blog, it is called indexing of your website. And as "indexing" is one of the most important aspects of SEO, so submission of sitemaps to Google/Yahoo/Bing is very very important.
[check out this post on how to submit your sitemap to Yahoo and Bing]
For visitors, sitemap (when displayed in HTML format - you can create and download your Blog*Spot sitemap in HTML format from here, then upload this html file to MyDataNest and finally link it from your blog), shows how the pages and their subpages are interconnected, making it easier for them to navigate around big websites.
And being a webmaster/blogger you must have a sitemap, as it's a search engine optimization tool too, that helps you to get more traffic from the search engines.
Now if you are using blogger as your blogging platform, then there is no direct method to simply upload an xml or HTML sitemap file to your blog. So you can follow these steps to add a site map to your blogspot blog:

Go to Google Webmaster Tools website. [Here
Login and then at the top (Add Site), type your blog's url :

Now you have to verify that you own that blog, so click on Verify your site, and select the "Add a Meta Tag" option.
Then copy the meta tag into your blog's "Edit HTML" section of  "Layout" tab, and save the template.

Then click on "Verify" at the bottom (in Google Webmaster account). So a message will be displayed:
You've successfully verified
Now click on Sitemaps link present at left side. Then click on "Add a Sitemap"
In "Choose Type", select "Add General Web Sitemap"

Then in the "My Sitemap url is" blank, type this:
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100 (If you have up to 100 posts)
And if you have more than 100 articles or posts, then you have to add more sitemaps, after you have already added the previous one, like these:
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=101&max-results=100 (If you have up to 200 posts)
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=201&max-results=100 (If you have up to 300 posts)
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=301&max-results=100  (If you have up to 400 posts).

That's it, Now you can revisit your account after some days, and see a number of statistics provided by some of which are even better than Google analytics, as you can see the Google pagerank information for your blog's different pages, given by Google itself.
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October 30, 2008

Next Gen Computing - World And Web United

Technology never stops, but sometimes does become monotonous. So here is the latest in Computer Technology - Connecting the Real world with the Virtual world at Lightning speed.
Imagine a computer of the size of a palmtop, but no keyboard and mouse, completely touch screen, and literally nothing else. It can scan, save, store and analyze anything like a Digital camera connected to a computer via blue-tooth to a high speed computer, with an image editing software installed.
Scan any newspaper or a document, select any word, that's it - Dictionary and Thesaurus for that word will be displayed.

Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Take the picture of any building, select any part of the image, and get information about it through GPRS (Internet), instantly.

Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Truly this is a window between the real and the virtual world !

Via Yanko Design Designed by Mac Funamizu
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Meta Tags - Importance and How To Use

For any website, a good percentage of traffic comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN Search etc. But when search spiders from these search engines come to your website for archiving and indexing, they may or may not pick those important keywords, words, phrases, information from your website, which you actually wanted to be indexed.
So you must guide those search engine spiders, what to be indexed and what should not, which can be done by Meta Tags.
Meta tags are placed in the <Head> region of any blog/web site. These tags mainly contain the Title of the website, general information, all keywords, pages to be indexed / left, author's name, e-mail, language of website, copyright information etc. These meta tags are optional, you may add all of them or some of them or even none. But for Search Engine Optimization, and better indexing, and to get more traffic from search engines, you must add meta tags to your website.

Steps to follow:
Log in to Blogger, go to Design -> Edit HTML
And find this code in the template:

And immediately BELOW/AFTER it, paste these lines:
<link href="mailto:YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS_HERE" rev="made"/>
<meta content="ALL_KEYWORDS_HERE_SEPARATED_BY_COMMAS" name="keywords"/>
<meta content="YOUR_NAME_HERE" name="author"/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content="GENERAL_DESCRIPTION_HERE" name="description"/>
<meta content="SEE_BELOW" name="ROBOTS"/>
Change those lines in blue color above.

In the last meta tag, where "SEE_BELOW" is written, select one of these as per your requirement/choice.
- INDEX,FOLLOW  Index this page and follow all links.
- INDEX,NOFOLLOW  Index this page but do not follow or index links on this page.
- NOINDEX,FOLLOW  Do not index this page but follow all links.
- NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW  Do not index this page. Do not follow or index links on this page.

For any particular page, if you want to add any keywords or if you want to add "nofollow" / "noindex" tags to that page, you can add these code lines:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "URL_OF_THE_SPECIFIC_PAGE_WITH_http"'>
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW"/>
<meta content="ALL_KEYWORDS_HERE_YOU_CAN_ADD_MORE_LATER_TOO" name="keywords">
For any further queries, you  can write your doubts in the comments section.

**UPDATE: The Description Meta Tag, if not modified, causes a serious error in Blogger/BlogSpot blogs, please read this post : Duplicate Meta Tags and Titles Issue - Solved to avoid the error.
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Blogger Help - Add Read More link to your posts

Although this tutorial is the easiest way to truncate posts on Blogger blog, but being a javascript based hack, this method is not SEO friendly. If you want to use a SEO friendly post-truncating method on your blog, then kindly read this post.

Most of the bloggers, want to show more than one post in their blog's home page, but displaying all the content on the home page of each and every post makes the home page very lengthy, and visitors may miss out any article while scrolling down the entire length of the page.
So here's a method for bloggers to display only a part of  the posts, and not the entire posts. If a visitor wants to read the complete article then he/she will click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of the post, which will be redirected to the particular post.

Steps to follow:
1. Log into the account
2. Go to "Layout" section
3. Back up your current template, by downloading it.
4.  Now click on "Expand Widget Templates"
5. Now find this code - ]]></b:skin>
6.  Just AFTER that code add these lines

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
span.fullpost {display:inline;}
span.fullpost {display:none;}
7. Now again find this code : <data:post.body/>
8. And just after this, add these code lines:

<!--READ-MORE-STARTS--><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'>Read More!</a>

If you want to shift the "Read More!" text to the extreme-right side, use this code:

<!--READ-MORE-STARTS--><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><div style="text-align: right;">Read More !</div></a>
9. Now save the template.

IMPORTANT :Now these adjustments will NOT show your previous posts with "Read More" tag, but you can display them with Read More tags, by editing them with instructions as below:
From now on, whenever making a new post, the part of the post you want to HIDE on your main homepage, write those lines in between these code lines:

<span class="fullpost">WRITE THE PART OF THE POST YOU WANT TO HIDE HERE</span>

See the screen shot below for details:

NOTE 1: After writing new posts, always proof-read your edit HTML section, to avoid mistakes, one such mistake is discussed below:

Make sure, that "Edit HTML", while writing posts looks exactly like this:

<div style="text-align: left;">Post in brief, may include pictures too
<span class="fullpost">Hidden part</span>

In the above example notice that I have closed span, before div, that placement is very necessary, if you put like this </div> </span>, i.e. closing div first and span later this will NOT work, because span has been started inside div, so it must be closed within div tag.

In case you have multiple paragraphs, while posting a post, and you are giving same text alignment to all the paras, then by default, after every para, the div element will be closed, and again it will start for the next para, so THIS SHOULD NOT be like this, you have to start <div> in the beginning of the post, end it at the last, and make sure <span class="fullpost">Hidden part</span>, is between your div tags.
If you want your previous posts also to hide part of their text, then you must edit them and add span tags to them.

*UPDATE: Now there's a new hack to make all this process automatic: READ HERE about AUTOMATIC READ MORE trick for Blogger.

NOTE 2: If the above method does not work in your blog, here try this second method:
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Mysterious Mathematics

Do you have an answer for this or is this a mathematics illusion ?

In the above two figures, as you can see both the triangles are occupying the same number of squares / total area, but when internal colored shapes (groups of squares in blue, green, purple and brown) are rearranged, then an extra square appears, can you explain how?
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Microsoft Launches Windows Azure - OS Over Internet

Windows Azure
Welcome to Fifth Generation Of Computing
The project, called Windows Azure, was unveiled by Microsoft head techie Ray Ozzie during a conference for more than 6,000 Microsoft software developers at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If successful, Azure could transform Windows from a wasting asset to be defended at all costs into an offensive weapon that gives Microsoft advantages even Google can't match.
"What we announced today was much broader than anything anyone has tried before," says Senior Vice-President Robert Muglia. Microsoft on Monday announced a version of Windows that runs over the Internet from inside Microsoft's own data centers. It's less a replacement for the operating system that runs on one's own PC than it is an alternative for developers, intended to let them write programs that live inside Microsoft's data centers as opposed to on the servers of a given business.
"It's a transformation of our software and a transformation of our strategy," said Ray Ozzie, a computing industry pioneer who now serves as Microsoft's chief software architect.
There weren't many details on how Microsoft will charge for Azure, saying it will be free during the preview period. Final pricing, Ozzie said, "will be competitive with the marketplace."
[via CNET]
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October 29, 2008

Halloween Costume For Your Computer

Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October, one day before All Saints Day.
While you are selecting your own costume for this year's Halloween's trick-or-treat, do not leave behind your personal computer :)

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

Halloween Costumes For Computer

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