Mouse Turns 40 - On December 9 / 2008

Right now, in 2008, we may have optical cordless mice, complex gaming mice, floating air mice and even space explorer and navigator 3D mice too. You may not even imagine your computer work, without a mouse. I can bet that most of the people do not even know that it is possible to control the mouse cursor with keyboard number keys.
Although, a mouse may go un-noticed, in front of your 19" TFT screen, but believe me that you cannot work for a single day, without a mouse.
The name was never meant to stick. When Doug Engelbart and his team at the Stanford Research Institute in California designed a computer controller encased in a carved-out wooden block, with wheels mounted on the underbelly, one researcher nicknamed it a 'mouse'. 'We thought that when it had escaped out to the world it would have a more dignified name,' Engelbart recalled later. 'But it didn't.'

Engelbart's invention became the mouse that soared, an essential piece of computer hardware. Its 40th birthday will be celebrated next week when Engelbart returns to Stanford (now known as SRI International). The mouse was first shown to the world when he gave a presentation of a working network computer system in San Francisco on 9 December, 1968, which is still revered as 'the dawn of interactive computing'.


Create Round/Smooth Edged Images Online

Placing images in articles is very necessary. As readers get bored, with too much of text in articles, so a few descriptive images in between the posts, brings some flavor to the posts.
At the same time quality, placing and styling of the images is important too. As I have already posted different articles regarding images in posts, like where you can find copyright free images, how to resize, change format or improve the quality of images, animated GIF image creator, free image hosting websites etc. So here's one more in that list.
Rounded Corners for Images By using this tool/website, you can upload and convert a simple unmodified image in to a round/smooth edged picture. The work done by the tool is quite simple, as it just cuts the edges (dimensions are as per your requirements). Although you can do this with any image editing software, but that will be very time taking and quite boring too :)

So simply visit this website whenever required and complete your work within minutes. Embed the images in to your blog/website, as these modified round edged images look very professional compared to normal images.

How to BackUp Your Firefox Bookmarks and Folders

Being a Firefox user (if not, then switch to it now...),  you must have created a number of folders and a number of bookmarks in each of the folders, in the toolbar. Accessing your favorite and frequently visiting websites is made a lot easier by these folders. But imagine if you format your computer or just the system files...Everything will be lost. That would be a nightmare for you, to recollect all those websites back. If you think you can get the names of those websites from your mail's inbox, then forget it, as it is simply not possible.

So, here's a simple method to back up all your bookmark folders and websites, which will be done, while you are reading this blog post.

Go to Bookmarks in the menu bar, then click on Organize Bookmarks..., Now click on Import and Backup drop-down menu. Now there are two methods to follow, and I recommend you to do both.

1. Click on save the file(JSON) in a safe place, OTHER than the drive where you have system files. So that means you should not place this back up file in either Desktop or My Documents.
Save it safely in any other drive (D: or E:), or better save it on a disk and also somewhere safe online like your email.

When you want these files to be uploaded to any new Firefox:
Click on Bookmarks
then click on "Organize Bookmarks..."
now click on Import and Backup, then click on Restore, and finally click on "Select File", and upload the ".JSON" file.

2. Second method creates a file, which is quite easy to access from anywhere and share it with your friends too, and moreover works even without Firefox, this is because the output file is simple a HTML file, with all your bookmarked website as hyperlinks.

Back Up Your Blog Posts And Comments

Back Up Your Blog Posts And Comments
Blogger offers free blogging to anyone with a gmail account, moreover it offers more than one free blog for a person. We know it for sure, that our blogs are safe with Google (or call it Blogger).
But chances are there, that suddenly you may lose the content of the blog, which includes all the posts and the comments, like this case from Blogger-Help group :
brandyjolly (Nov 29, 6:45 pm)

I need help!
I was using blogger to present my masters project for my final semester and found out that before it could get graded, the blog was removed. but my computer doesnt have a back-up because it broke a few weeks ago so now I'm left with seemingly nothing. Is there any way to recover my lost blog. There was no message other than it had been removed.
Please help!!!!!!



Now as in the above case, once the blog gets deleted, it is very difficult to recover the content (although you may try Google cache method, explained in the end of this post, incase your blog has been indexed by Google)

So, to avoid all those head aching tweaks, simply you should take frequent backups of your blog's content, comments and widgets whenever possible.
This method is just like backing up your blogspot template, the only difference is that, you have to log into Blogger Beta, and after completing the process, you will get an xml file containing all the blog posts with comments, which can be then uploaded to any other blog with any other template. Save that file on your computer, and somewhere online too.

Follow these steps:
First you have to log in to Draft.Blogger.Com and not into
Then go to Settings section
Now click "Export Blog", then click on "Download Blog". Downloading time depends on the number of posts and comments.

That's it. Now you can upload this file by a similar process to any new or old blog, while uploading you have to click on "Import Blog" in the settings section of the new blog, instead of "Export Blog", and upload that previously downloaded file. And finally you'll have all your blog content shifted to a new blog.

*Update: Another method to back up your content is to subscribe to your own blog through email/FeedBlitz. By this way, all new posts written by you will be delivered to your email inbox.

In case you are here, for a complete recovery of your blog's content, then it is only possible if your blog has already been indexed by Google. Go to and type this
Then immediately save those pages.

Or you have to request Blogger for your blog's content !

Blogosphere - Tech Tips Tricks

In my blogosphere, this time the blog - tech tips & tricks is from a programmer cum blogger. Although he may call himself a frustrated programmer in a joyful mood, but the work done by him looks more like that of a professional blogger. A neat layout, with proper alignment, in placing the widgets and content, and correct brightness in the colors chosen, overall the blog does look neat and elegant.
The background image of a ply wood gives a good look to the blog, and it actually blends with the color of my computer table :)
The blog is mainly focused on technology, gadgets and tricks and tips related to them, with some articles on personal or off topic too.

Create Animated Images (GIF) For Free

Animated pictures attract a lot of attention, due to continuous movements in them. So how about making an animated image yourself ?

Check out this example of a simple animated flying bird; take 3 different images of a bird in 3 different positions like this:

Now simply add them all to make a single animated flying bird image. Like this :-

Interesting and looks easy right ?
Well it is as easy as "selecting the images and hitting a button"

In a Google search result you may find many software, to do this task, but most of them are either paid, or they will leave a watermark of there logo on the images.
So Here's small (just 20 kb) and easy to use freeware, to enhance your creativity :

Download Link - UnFreez - Animated Image creator

But one limitation of this product is that, you can only add ".gif" images which will be joined together.
Now the problem is if you have .png or .bmp or .jpg images, and you try to change their formats to .gif then they will definitely lose quality, and the result will be very bad.

So as a solution, you can use another Freeware, mentioned already by me in a previous post "High Quality Image Resizer", which can easily convert images of any format to .gif file format without losing any information, rather improving the quality, and giving you the option to resize the images too.

So before you start showing your work, look at this example too:

Ok, I am just kidding :)

Hide Sitemeter Tracker Button

In my previous post, I discussed about the most accurate visitors tracking websites. And as I said, some of the features provided by Sitemeter and Statcounter are only available to paid members, one of such feature is an invisible counter. Although from StatCounter, you can easily get the code for an invisible counter without paying a penny, but in SiteMeter, the code is only available for the paid members. So here is a simple method/trick to hide that meter button completely from your website, without upgrading your account.

Log in to your sitemeter account and click on "Manager" link. Now click on "Meter Style" green link in the left sidebar. Then click on the sixth radio button (For a display of numerical count of visitors).

Now when you click the "Select" button, you will be asked for selecting the background and font(digit) colors. So simply select both of them as "transparent". Select "Shrink width" and remove tick from the "Commas" option. Save it. That's all, go to your website, and the button will no longer be visible :)

How to embed Flash and Javascript Files In HTML posts

How to embed Flash and Javascript Files In HTML posts
If people say "Pictures speak a thousand words", then it would not be wrong to say that "Flash and JavaScript speak a million words".

To make a successful and attractive blog, instead of plain and simple HTML of 1980's you should occasionally add flash(.swf) files and of course must include javascript files to your posts and sidebars.
The process is very simple, almost as simple as adding an image in HTML, the only difference is there are a little more lines of code to remember/copy :)

For embeding Flash Files:
First of all embed the flash content (file), to your account or anywhere which gives a direct hotlink to the file, and of course also offers a good amount of bandwidth. That is why I prefer fro this because Google never sets restriction on bandwidth, although web space available per account is limited to 100MB.

Paste these code lines, where ever you want to embed the flash file.
<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
codebase=",0,29,0" width="700"
<param name="movie" value="Name_Of_File.swf">
<param name="quality" value="high">
<embed src="http://DIRECT_LINK_OF_YOUR_FLASH_FILE.swf" quality="high"
pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="700"
Note: Replace everything in the blue color, with appropriate links and values.
In case your visitors do not have flash installed/enabled in their browser, they will be promted for installing it from

Note: In the code above there is both an <embed> tag and an <object> tag. This is because the <object> tag is recognized by Internet Explorer, and Netscape recognizes the <embed> tag and ignores the <object> tag.

How To Embed JavaScript into HTML posts

JavaScript code is typically embedded into an HTML document using the SCRIPT tag.
<script language="JavaScript">
document.write("Hello World!");
The LANGUAGE attribute is optional, but recommended.
<script language="JavaScript1.2">
Another attribute of the SCRIPT tag, SRC, can be used to include an external file containing JavaScript code rather than code embedded into the HTML:
<script language="JavaScript" src="DIRECT_LINK_OF_JAVASCRIPT_FILE.js">

You can further see this post, on "How to embed flash Clock and calendar in your blog".

How to add Separate Meta Tags for Individual Posts

How to add Separate Meta Tags for Individual Posts
Previously I have written on "Why and How to use Meta tags for Search Engine Optimization in Blogger". Now through that method, you can although add meta tags for your entire blog, but not separately for each and every blog post. As you know, Google and other search engines now rank each page (article) separately, so it is very much needed to gain PageRanks for every post you write.

So follow this easy method, to add meta tags and keywords to each of your important post.
Log in to your account and go to "Layout" section.
Then click on "Edit HTML", and then back up your present template first.

Then in the first 10-20 lines, find this :
Now immediately after this code, add these lines:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://URL_OF_YOUR_NEW_POST.html"'>
If you want you can add description and author meta tags too, simple add these two lines along with those above:

According to the instructions given in the blue lines, replace them with appropriate lines.

How To Embed Flash Clock In Your HTML Website

Two most common widgets bloggers and webmasters put on their websites/blogs are a Clock and a Calendar. When searched on Internet for these free widgets, most probably the top two results in the list would be and But I do not suggest these websites...
In the first website, i.e. clocklink the displayed clock is like this :

Now, in the clock above, as soon as someone hovers the mouse cursor, an ad is displayed with link to, although I do appreciate the work done by them in creating these high quality widgets, but the banner on the clock covers it entirely, giving a it a very bad look.
What they could have done is to put a logo below or above the clocks, with a link to their website, as most of the other widget makers do, like the famous, Google gadgets and many more.

Now the next most popular result that appears on Google is from (See Image - in the right) The clock widgets from this website not only displays a big banner over it's clocks, but also gives you the option of selecting the country for which time has to shown, this can be a big problem, as visitors to almost all blogs or websites are from all over the world, and so a webmaster/blogger would like to show the exact time to his/her visitors, as in their country.

So finally here is the perfect website for all your flash clocks needs: CSalim

I would suggest you to upload the flash clocks on your account so as to lessen the bandwidth load on their servers, Here are some good clocks from the website -

| |

Not only does these clocks DO NOT display any banners, moreover they don't even carry a "href" code with them, so even if a visitor clicks on the clock, he will be still there in your website only :)

Moreover, the clocks display the same time as in your visitor's computer, so you don't have to select a country...

Pre Computer Days

Computer has definitely added a lot technology, 
but check out what has it done to English language:
Life Before the Computer
An application was for employment
A program was a TV show
A cursor used profanity
A keyboard was a piano!

Memory was something that you lost with age
A CD was a bank account
And if you had a 3 1/2 inch floppy
You hoped nobody found out!

Compress was something you did to garbage
Not something you did to a file
And if you unzipped anything in public
You'd be in jail for awhile!

Log on was adding wood to a fire
Hard drive was a long trip on the road
A mouse pad was where a mouse lived
And a backup happened to your commode!

Cut - you did with a pocket knife
Paste you did with glue
A web was a spider's home
And a virus was the flue!

I guess I'll stick to my pad and paper
And the memory in my head
I hear nobody's been killed in a computer crash
But when it happens they wish they were dead!

Yahoo Says You Are LOST With Google

Yahoo Says You Are LOST With Google
In a new flash advertisement by Yahoo, a series of slides are being displayed, which clearly shows the name of most popular search engine, and says :
People get lost in the huge number of links shown in Google search results, so you should better start searching on Yahoo (in the advertisement it is specific to music videos search).
I think it is quite unethical to directly show the name of your opponent, to promote your own product. Comments are welcome. The screen shots of the flash advertisement can be seen below:
Yahoo new ad against Google Yahoo new ad against Google 1
Yahoo new ad against Google 2 Yahoo new ad against Google 3 Yahoo new ad against Google 4 Yahoo new ad against Google 5

The advert is somewhat being shown like this:
Yahoo vs Google Through Advertisements

How To Add "Rating" and "FeedBack" In Blogger

Many of the visitors, usually do feel like leaving a comment on your posts, but finally due to laziness or no-time, they don't. If you still like to get a quick feedback from them too, then it is a better idea to place a "rating" system below all your posts, and also you can put a one-click poll like "feedback" system.

It is very easy to activate any/both of these options in your blog.
Firstly go to Draft.Blogger.Com instead of, ( is the beta version of Blogger). Now log in, and go to "Layout" section. Then in the "Blog Posts" widget click on "Edit" link.

Now in the new window that opens, you can activate the "Reactions" and "Ratings" options. Yau can even edit them before saving.

A Mother's Love And Courage

A Mother's Love And Courage
A mother has intense love for her child, and shows her complete potential to bring her child out of any problem;
God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers
~Jewish Proverb

mother courage love

mother courage love

mother courage love

mother courage love

Click Save And Print - Anywhere Anytime

Click Save And Print - Anywhere Anytime
Imagine you are on a trip to any island or a mountain, you have a digital camera but it's memory just got filled up, you cannot delete any videos/pictures, you could not find any computer to transfer your pics nor any photo studio to get the print outs, and still the journey is on and you want to take some more pictures !
How about carrying a small printer with you. Don't worry it would not add an extra pound to your luggage, as it is completely integrated with the digital camera itself and moreover you don't even have to worry about it's ink requirements as the new Digi-Cam reviewed below has an integrated printer with zero ink printing facility.
digital camera with printer

TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 is a 5 mega pixels Digital Camera with 16 MB memory, xiao™ is a first of its kind integrated digital camera and printer that allows consumers to capture, view, and immediately print their digital images without ink, anywhere. The xiao™ produces borderless, full-color, 2x3" (5x7,6 cm) prints in less than 60 seconds. It also features an IrDA receiver so that you can print images sent to the xiao™ wirelessly from other IrDA devices.
digital camera with printer

digital camera with printer

TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 Digital Camera

Microsoft - Working Hard...

Microsoft -  Working Hard...
While Google and Yahoo are providing facilities like restaurants, gyms, free gourmet cafes, snack rooms, free Wi Fi enabled coaches, beds to sleep and many more things to enjoy life along with doing work, Microsoft  has some other plans.

microsoft bus china

Microsoft in China is providing free transport to it's employees, which is not exactly free, but actually comes at a cost. Employees will be given computers in front of all seats, so that they can do work even while traveling. Employees now do not have to worry, if they are stuck in a traffic jam, as they will be asked to start their work in the bus itself :)

microsoft bus china

Blogosphere - Enhance Macau

Blogosphere - Enhance Macau
This week in my blogosphere, it's Hariman from Indonesia, who has been blogging on Global Enhance Macau Network, for almost a year. The overall template is simple yet has an elegant look, as liked by most of the visitors. It's Quick to load and easy to read, the color combinations and the font size are user-friendly too.You will find many useful posts from his blog, from various categories like business, web, Internet, games, travel, computers and many more topics. The pictorial representation from his recent post on Google PageRank - "Google PageRank Update Magic" can easily grab the attention of any blogger/webmaster as it is explained in a very simpler manner, and gives a clear idea on how to make an effective link building for your website. With more than 1 blog entries, it shows that the blogger does have a good spirit of blogging. The blog's content is all original and a rating of 7 on 10 be given to it.

ColorZilla - ColorPicker Eyedropper Page Zoomer

ColorZilla - ColorPicker Eyedropper Page Zoomer
Recently I posted an article on How to measure the pixels on screen, while you are online in a web browser. Now here's another helpful tool, for webmasters.
Many times, while adding any widget, button or simply placing ads on your websites, you would have faced the problem of not knowing the exact HTML color code of the background, or other widgets already placed over there. And just by looking at the color it is not possible to tell, exactly which shade of gray, blue, red or green is present on screen.

So if you are using Firefox, then here is an add-on for your web browser [ColorZilla.Mozilla], which makes the whole work a lot simpler. Just click on tool - ColoZilla, present on your browser's taskbar, and hover the cursor on any part of the browser or web page to get the HTML value of every single pixel separately.
It mainly has the following features:
* Eyedropper - get the color of any pixel in the browser window
* Color Picker similar to ones found in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro
* Palette Viewer and editor
* Webpage Color Analyzer
In its Menu's screen shot you can see many more features too:

For more details of this tool: Visit this page ColorZilla

MeasureIt - Measure pixels length on screen

MeasureIt - Measure pixels length on screen
Ever wanted to measure pixels length, while you are online, working in a web browser ? May be while creating a new logo for your website or while placing a new advertisement on your website, you want to easily calculate which is the most suitable logo/widget length.
Now it all can be done with just one click. For this you need to have Firefox web browser, as the tool "MeasureIt", is an add-on available only for Firefox.
measureit pixels on screen

You can download MeasureIt from Here [MeasureIt.Mozilla]

Instructions for Use
  1. Click the MeasureIt button MeasureIt icon in the status bar or toolbar to turn it on/off
  2. Click and drag out a ruler box
  3. Click and hold to move the ruler box
  4. CTRL + Arrow Keys to nudge ruler by 1 pixel
  5. CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow Keys to nudge ruler by 5 pixels
  6. Click the "X" to close that ruler or click outside of it to begin drawing another ruler
  7. ESC key to turn off MeasureIt
Credits For this tool : KevinFreitas

Control Mouse Cursor Through Keyboard

Control Mouse Cursor Through Keyboard
In case your mouse is screwed up, you don't have to worry, as you can still control the mouse cursor using your keyboard. The speed of cursor movement is of course comparatively slow, but something is always better than nothing.
Here are the simple steps to turn your keyboard's Num-Pad in to a mouse.

1. Go to Start Menu, then to Control Panel.
2. Now open Accessibility Options.
Ok I know, it doesn't look like this, but Microsoft need to change it's icons :)
Anyways it looks like this:

3. And select the tab "Mouse".
4. Now check the "Use MouseKeys" option.

5. Then click on "Settings", and under pointer speed, drag both "Top Speed" and "Acceleration" to "High".

How To Link Different Parts Of Same Web Page [Anchors]

If you want to link within the same the web page, like this:

Target 1 [Click to go to Target 2]

To link within the same web page, use this code:

Use this code to create the clickable link:
<a href="#ANCHOR-TEXT">Linking Text</a>

Use this code in the target area.
<a name="ANCHOR-TEXT"/>

Now whenever a visitor clicks on the hyper linked "Linking text", in the above code
then the visitor will reach the Anchor text code.

Target 2 [Click it to go back to Target 1]

These are called HTML anchors !

Submit To All Social Bookmarking Websites At Once

Submit To All Social Bookmarking Websites At Once
Being a webmaster/blogger, after writing every interesting article you would like it to be added in as many of  the popular social bookmarking websites as possible. But presently with more than 100 of these websites, the whole work of writing the same description and adding the same article-link again again everywhere, becomes too boring and almost impossible.
social bookmarking

But now you have a website/tool - to make the process quite easier. You may be having the buttons like "AddThis" or "AddToAny", but this website is very different from them because through this website, you have to type the url and the description only once and then simply start adding it to the large number of social bookmarking websites, available alongside.

Sites included in the list are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

social bookmaring made easier. Easily add to stumble digg reddit furl etc.

Money Talks - If It's A Liberian Coin

Money Talks - If It's A Liberian Coin
You must have heard "Money Talks". But have you ever seen it practically ?
Liberian Government has recently launched it's $5 silver coins, engraved with a picture of the former US president, John F Kennedy, which is now quite famous among coin collectors around the world.
liberia 5 dollar speaking or talking coin

This is the first "talking coin".
when one presses a tiny button on it, Kennedy's famous "I am a Berliner'' speech, delivered in 1963 plays for a minute.

World's Longest Keyboard

Jean Shin reports world's Longest Key Board - TEXTTile, smooth and flexible as a piece of cloth or fabric. In collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia 22,528 recycled computer keycaps and 192 custom keycaps, fabric, were used to create this customized active keyboard.
world's longest keyboard

Viewers can also type their own messages on the active keys amid the first three rows of emails. These new messages are then projected onto the opposite end of the fabric, thereby continuing the virtual dialogue.
Although not very useful, but creativity always get appreciated ! When modern art paintings are liked by people, I think it's a lot better than those :)
world's longest keyboard

world's longest keyboard

world's longest keyboard

world's longest keyboard

Photo Credits: