January 19, 2009

Send your blog updates (feed) to Twitter automatically

If you have 100's of followers in Twitter, then you can easily invite them to your blog by tweeting your blog posts. But tweeting every time when you write a new post may not be so easy. So how about automatic tweeting of all the blog posts ?
Twitterfeed has made this very easy for you!
Just register and now onwards, every new post published on your blog will be straight away displayed in your Twitter updates...

NOTE: You don't have to register with a new name at TwitterFeed, use your OpenID to Sign In. For bloggers using Blogger.com as their blogging platform, they can use the url (******.BLOGSPOT.COM) of their blogs to sign in.
Then click on "create new feed" fill out the form and that's it....now your life will be more easier :)


Anonymous said...

tried it but not so excited about the layout you see when linking into post from twitterfeed. trying to figure out if thats adjustable or if another vendor may have another format. Michele

JOECOW said...

thanks for info


Appie said...

how do you know your rss feed url?

Sai - Blogger Help said...

It is like this for any blogspot/blogger blog:



Peter Chin said...

Hi Sai, This is peter, I couldn't get to sign up for the twitter feed.

At the second page of registration. The error is "Feedurl We couldn't parse this feed, please check URL and/or feed content are valid"

My blog is www.singingclass.blogspot.com

Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Hey Peter,

If you are planning to put tweetmeme buttons in your blog, then it'll serve this purpose.
But if you still want to register at TwitterFeed, then use "redirection=false" along with your feed url.
For eg, for my blog, the feed-links I can use:


Natasha A. said...

Have you heard of any other services like Twitterfeed. I love it, but I am having nothing but problems with it. It isn't posting my posts. I contact them, the push my posts through, and then rinse and repeat.

Divya Sai said...

If Twitterfeed is not working for oyu....then you may add tweetmeme buttons to your blog, it also sends your articles to your Twitter account.

mycookingaffairs said...

Excellent! Many thanks for this!

Angel said...

I signed up for twitterfeed a while back, when I wanted to take a search.twitter.com search feed and have it post to my OTHER twitter account.

Essentially, what I was trying to do was get the search.twitter.com feed that had the parameters for:
-All posts from Account #1 (@angelrodriquez) with a specific hashtag

I wanted this search feed to be sent to my other account (@XOWiiLife)

Basically, I wanted it it to work so that anytime I tweeted anything on my main account (@angelrodriquez) with the hashtag #xl it would send that tweet (and only that tweet) to my other account as well.

NOW, you can't send a search.twitter.com feed to a twitter account on twitterfeed & it automtically recognizes all search.twitter.com feeds (it just refuses to accept them).

Is there any way to disguise the search.twitter.com feed URL so it can be posted to another twitter account?

Perhaps some sort of redirect?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Malik Mannan said...

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plz visit

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