January 8, 2009

Show Only Titles In Blog Archives With Dates

You would have noticed that, visitors, do click on the monthly archive links [like Oct 2008, Dec 2008, etc. in the Blog Archive], in your blog. But if you write a lot, like 20-30 posts in a month, then all the posts will open in the archive page and it will take a lot of time to load that page. This can be very annoying for the visitor, and he/she may simply close your blog in the frustration.
So if you want to keep your visitors happy, then you should better NOT display the content BUT only their titles in the archive results page.

For doing so, follow these steps:

Log in to Blogger
Go to Layout, and click on "Edit HTML" tab.
and mark the tick-box "Expand Widget Templates"
Now find (CTRL+F) this code in the template:
<b:include data='post' name='post'/>

And REPLACE that line with this code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl !=
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "static_page"'>
<li><a expr:href='data:post.url'>
<b:include data='post' name='post'/>
<b:include data='post' name='post'/>
<b:include data='post' name='post'/>
I have already done this hack, in this blog, here have a look at the screen shot :

NOTE: Here's a new hack to show TITLES along with SUMMARY and IMAGE THUMBNAILS in Archive Pages.


Matthew Seymour said...

Hey great website... and great content. WIth this post you have hit on something very important that I was going to mention in a coming post. By having this excerpt content duplicated is bad for Search engine optimization for google.

Google specifically states that duplicated content over multiple pages will not be added into the google directory.

This is also the case for using excerpts, as this reduces the chance of this happening over the entire blog where content could easily be duplicated without the user knowing.

sarah said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Divya Sai said...

Hi Matthew
Yes you have added a really important point to this post, thanks for this.
Although Blogger blocks labels/categories thru the robots.txt file, but archives aren't blocked, so of course now content duplication can be avoided too by this method...

Divya Sai said...

Hi sarah

Thanks for your visit, and appreciation, u are always welcome here !

Sujith Bhakthan T R said...

hey thank u hav a look here

ning susiwi said...

I will learn a lot as your above post (show only titles..) and try to make my own blog more interesting.do not you mind coming to my blog here http://ptcinfoklik.blogspot.com

Divya Sai said...

@ Sujith
Good work !

Do not try to spam !


All Hacks are very gooooooooooooooood and written in a professional way .A am trying to read each & every post of this blog whenever I had a Time.Hack are easy to understands and well explained.

Divya Sai said...

I am reallllllly glad you were here Rajan, thanks for appreciating the work !



very nice tweak

what if i want to show title only in archives and searches but not in labels

since i have already tweak my labels to show maximum results only


Divya Sai said...

I would advice you to let this be applied to labels too, as even labels pages become too long, when visitors click on any label. By this method as only titles are shown in the result page, so people can then easily select the post they want.

nukta77 said...

I don't know what some of us would have done if people like you wouldn't share their knowledge.
Whoever said, 'information is power' was very right, it is power indeed when shared correctly.
Thanks D, for helping me make my blog easy to navigate through!

Sujith Bhakthan T R said...

Is there any possible way to display the post titles with first few lines of the post?

Forum Panongkrongan said...

u're genius buddy! i'am a newbie n this twaek its really funtastic for me

Sai said...

Here's the new hack Sajith,

| Show titles along with images and summmary... |


Pianoes said...

Thanks u for sharing :)

sriharsha said...

hey plz help me out... I am unable to find the first line of code.

I use a modified template... My blog

Attrus said...

Fantastic. I had done this but I had to do it manually after every post. I would submit the date and title to another one of my sites that I set up just for that purpose. No More. Your tip has saved me so much work and it looks better than what I was doing and it doesn't take my readers away from my blog.

Excellent...Outstanding...Thank you

Admin @ Blogger Templates said...

I am really glad you were here Attrus, thanks for commenting :)


jeep kiralama said...

Thank you very much for writing, I wish success

LikeItSpicy said...

I used your hack, thanks a lot. Only thing is, now when I am on a post and I click the "next" or "previous" post links at the bottom, the resulting page also contains just the label, and not the entire post. Help! Did I mess something up?
Check it out at http://likeitspicy.blogspot.com.
Thanks in advance.

Divya Sai said...

JUst checked your blog, and the links are working fine. Also the hack is working good. Can you please rephrase your query...

LikeItSpicy said...

From the home page, click "Next" at the bottom. Instead of displaying the entire next post, it displays only the post title. This happened after I inserted the hack. I am seeing this using Google Chrome and IE.

If I click on one of the labels, the resulting page displays only the titles - so the hack is working as it should. I just don't want the Next & Previous links also leading to only the post titles..

Were you able to see this now?

LikeItSpicy said...

Just wanted to add to my question above. When you click "Next" from the home page, make sure you do not expand the post using "Read on..." link. You'll see that clicking Next displays only the post title of the next post.

If you do expand the post on the home page and then click Next, then the next post displays correctly. This is so bizzare, I am completely stumped. And this problem disappears if I remove the hack. Help!

Divya Sai said...

Okay I got your point, but actually this is a SEO trick, and one of the main purpose of doing is to avoid content duplication. Anyways presently Google has already adjusted it's algorithm and I think this hack is no longer needed for SEO.

What you want is not possible with this method, but you may try an other method to automatically truncate all your posts on homepage, labels-pages and also when you click "new" or "old" posts:

LikeItSpicy said...

Not sure I understood your response. I DO NOT want to truncate posts on my home page or when I click Previous and Next. What is not possible with this method?
Thanks for your patience!

Divya Sai said...

you want this in your blog:
- only titles to appear when you click on labels.
- complete post to appear when you click on "new posts" link.

but when you use this code, it will display the posts as titles in all pages except "hompage" and the actual "posts/articles pages".

so if you use the "automatic-read-more-hack" then whenever you click on labels, then the posts will be displayed in truncated form. and so, readers will select the posts themselves.
and also when you click on the "newer posts" link again posts will appear with a summary.

PS: Actually you'll like this hack more, if you display more than 1 post in your homepage (4/5 truncated posts).
Along with homepage, whenever you click on "newer posts" link again 4/5 posts will be displayed (again truncated posts)

LikeItSpicy said...

Understood, and thanks for explaining it to me. I'll try this out. I appreciate all your help, you have a great blog here!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I loved this hack. Very useful. Quick question - on the results page, is there a way to make the Label the page title?

Admin said...

Ilike this trick and add to my blog Long time i search in goole, yahoo and many search engine to this hack
This is most usfull Hack Bro

Thx Bro
Visit My Blog: http://www.bsongz.blogspot.com/

Mark said...

Opps. Wrong comment! Sorry. Please delete my above comment.
That comment should be in others blog posts.

BTW great tip.

Anonymous said...

This is really great! Thank you for this.

Do you have any idea how to do something similar for labels? It would be great to click on a label like "Charlie Chaplin", and get an alphabetized list of movies labelled "Charlie Chaplin".

Blogger Help said...

This hack also applies to labels, although not in alphabetical order, but according to the publishing dates.

Sunil Saharan said...

Hi this is not working on my Blog. Can you give the possible reason. My blog in http://complete-solution.blogspot.com
Please provide a sample text file with this code.
I will be thankfull to yoiu.
Sunil Saharan (admin{at}sunilsaharan.co{dot}cc)
Thanks again.

Divya Sai said...

Hi Sunil,

Just checked out an archive page on your blog...and found the script at its work.
This is the page I checked: http://complete-solution.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html

I checked a label page too and the posts were being displayed as titles in that page too (as expected).

ibox said...

doesn't wornking on my blog.. ~x(

there is no search term that you mentioned to do.. instead of this one..

Sunil Saharan said...

Hello Friends,
Thanks for the hack. It is working on archieve page but at homepage it is showing all posts. I want to show post title at home page not complete post. So please help me.
Sunil Saharan

Sai @ Blogger Help said...

Use this method to truncate posts on homepage, it is up to you, if you want to show a small summary or want to hide complete posts:

Elizabeth said...

i implemented this code but am having problems with it. please if you have time, see how my archive looks. it is not very user friendly.

i recently switched templates to a more custom one from btemplates (suited for blogger).

i think i made a mistake, however, by saying "yes, keep widgets" when uploading the new template. could this be the problem for my archive (and a few other issues)?

please help. any advice would be most appreciated.

your fan,

-elizabeth (www.myrealitybit.com)

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I don't think the code has been successfully been added to your template, and anyways I have just now updated this post, plz try it again and tell me if it works this time.

Elizabeth said...

thank you for your responses, sai.
i copied the code above in place of the original one line of code. my archives looked the same. i went into layout and under the archive widget, i changed it to "hierarchy." When I did this, the archives completely disappeared.

i am worried that these problems i am experiencing are due to when i switched templates and did the "keep widgets" option. is there any fixing this mess i have created?

anxiously awaiting help,

Divya Sai said...

okay, got your point...
Actually this post may be quite confusing for some bloggers.
Here we are not talking about the "Archives Widget"
Rather this is about the pages where archives are shown. For Example, in this blog if you click on the link "Dec 2009" in the sidebar (archives widget), you'll be shown the posts published during that period.
But if you apply this hack/tutorial, and again click on that link, then instead of showing complete posts, only "Post-Titles" will be shown and you have to click on any title to read any particular post. See the screenshot in the above post, to understand it better. Hope it helps...

Elizabeth said...

okay, i think i got it.

but can you answer me my other looming problem ... do you think the uploading of the new template, keeping the widgets on option is the hidden root of some of my problems?

i.e., when i implement adsense in between posts, that no longer works. also, i tried implementing the three column widget below, that wouldn't work. i used to have no problem doing things like this before.

if you think this is my problem, what do you suggest i do? i thought about uploading a new template, and this time, marking "don't keep widgets" option. however, i'm afraid of losing all the new seo code i recently implemented.

thanks for your time,

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Actually Elizabeth, that shouldn't be a problem. But I would also recommend a template change, if you are facing these problems. You may even try the new templates by Blogger.com or try any other template (I would recommend a light background and black text), and you may read on how you should go for the template change:

I have written that tutorial when there wasn't any option to "Keep widgets" while changing the template, so kindly read on how to retain your widgets without using that "keep widgets" button.

Superchef said...

Awesome!! thanks!! I mainly wanted it for the labels, based on which I have the different links on my "pages". Thanks!

boffin said...

great..awesome..mindblowing..u rock..

jyoti said...

Hi Div

I also have problem in crawling my pages its 808 pages & total posts are 868. I applied ur hack for archieves but not affected any increment in no of crawl pages.


if i search my site first word its sarkarivacancies my page is not in the first 10 pages in google so its very imp. to increase the level of my site.
please suggest some advise
email id: sarkarivacancies@gmail.com


Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

Well actually getting 808 pages indexed out of 868 is very good. Getting 100% pages indexed is difficult even for some of the popular blogs.

Your second problem is of course an issue of concern.
Nowadays, ranking for specific keywords is a must.

For immediate effect, go to as many site-directories as possible and submit your site with your blog's name in the keywords/linking keyword/blog title.

& Follow the SEO Tips discussed here on this blog.

Sai - Blogger Templates said...

Okay I found a problem in your blog (& I'm SURE it IS causing the problem):

Your title tag is showing the signs of Grey hat SEO. Which is not good.

Remeber that a bit of SEO is always good, but as much as possible, design your blog with readers as people and NOT search engines in your mind.

Presently your title reads:
"Vacancies, govt jobs, teaching jobs , lecturer, sarkari naukri, bank jobs, stenographer, data entry jobs, naukri, computer operator, naukri sarkari, accounts jobs, legal jobs, technical jobs, accounting jobs, teaching jobs, jobs oil and gas, west bengal, himachal pradesh, chhattisgarh, uttranchal, madhya pradesh, himachal, uttaranchal, rajasthan, maharashtra, uttar pradesh, andhra pradesh, tamilnadu, employment vacancies, fresher jobs, jobs online, job bank, graduate vacancies, job portal, upsc and rrb jobs, career"

Title should be precise but should not miss keywords. So remove all that un-necessary stuff off it, and design it in such a way that a human being can read it in one go.

Something like this:
"Indian Sarkari Vacancies Blog"

That's it. Don't worry about that huge list of keywords I missed out. Once you do this, then stuff your Meta keywrods and Description tags (AGAIN DO IT CAREFULLY - otherwise it may go completely against you rather than doing any help) with those keywords.

Finally when writing the Titles for your posts, again add some good keywords (1/2 per title) to them.

Read this report and follow its advise:

jyoti said...

Hey Div

Thanks for ur advice

Keywords are of two types one is 1. Keyword & 2. Top Adwords paying keywords what I can use.

I have more than 8 accounts of social community sites (rediff, linkedin, twitter etc.) are not sufficient for ranking my keyword sarkarivacancies or these are denominating my own page credibility.

What site-directories are u mentioning. Du u have any post in ur blog on this pls provide the url.

I change my title into short 2-3 words, and I have title, description, keywords, subject, abstract tags for keywords. Will I use all these tags (with short list of keywords) or delete any 1 or 2.

And last one what happens if in Meta content= index, follow (name=robots). Is this allow all robots or restrict any or all.


Sai - BloggerStop.Net said...

Well, as of now focus on those keywords which will bring more traffic to you. If you don't already have it, open an account at Google-Webmaster Tools and within a few days, you will see what are the searches being made that bring traffic to you and therefore you can focus on those important keywords.
Read about it here:

I just saw your new title, containing hindi words. But I don't think it will help you in bringing any traffic, as searches made in hindi are very few (if at all there are any). So keep it simple, and only in english.

Some good site-directories list can be found here:
(Go for those directories, with a valid pagerank 2+ and mainly those which do not make it compulsory for you to give them a linkback):
1. http://www.whenweseo.com/web_directories/high_pagerank_directories.jsp
2. http://www.bestcatalog.net/seo_tips/directories.htm

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

And regarding your meta tags query, that will allow the robots to index your content.
Read about meta tags, here:
Meta Tags - Importance and How To Use

jyoti said...

Hi Div,

I just go through your post "Duplicate Meta Description and Titles Issues In Blogger" & add this description condition in my blog but i can't find any comment text
but i also have problem in Duplicate meta descriptions & Duplicate title tags.

And in crawl error section all errors are related to label pages.........1 from these error is

URL restricted by robots.txt

please help me to solve this


Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

Replying to your comment here:

Rajesh Chekuri said...

Hi sai It's working fine...

but my requirement is it's can't work on labels selection ..

what is the if condition for checking labels ...

Help me...
Thanks in advance ..

Funny Stuff

KidOfIT said...

GREAT JOB MAN THIS IS THE BEST SCRIPT , i found lots of other scripts like this but this is the only one that worked for me :) Re5pect man

Syeikh Azzikri said...


Thanks for the usefull tips but i having trouble on this hack to work. Where should i place the hack code? I have 3 line with the same code to replace

Thank you for your help

Syeikh Azzikri said...

Please help me to solve this problem.
My blog http://darul-azzikri.blogspot.com/

thanks in advance

Lynda A.K.A Jiazy said...

Great work..Excellent tip...Thanks

Lila said...

didn't work for mine

aqueous said...

Worked for me. Thanks.

Lovefortechnology said...

Worked fine,but I would only work in In Blog Archives, and not on labels any idea;

Footygo said...

Men you rock !!! I was having issue on static pages,as i put codes for post title on all pages with home pages,and didnt work ,wherever i look no one had solution for that,so i mix this code for label and archive and one for home pages i finaly it works,static pages shows properly..

I know lots of people search for this,maybe you can update post with post title on home page to (with working static pages)

so what i did ..follow you step and then this one

replace this line

Hmm it wont let me to put a code here please contact me about this (footygo@gmail.com) if you want this,i know it help people a lot.

Best regards for you awesome site and tips

bd said...

hei sai,
i was thinking whether it's possible to customise it..i mean how many post title on a single page

dustzilla said...

this website never ceases to amaze me... love every content of it... 50% of my blog skills came from this website... keep it up! http://dustent.blogspot.com/search/label/Commentaries

Sarkari Naukri said...

Is it possible to change page title .does it is against Google policies because i am using blogspot blog.
Thanks reply me ASAP

Aiic Diocese said...

Hi my name is Rizwan my blogger post not visible in pagin
please help any one to me what is the solution for this...

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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