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Blogger is the most famous blogging platform, for it's easy to use and understand interface. But with web 2.0 and more advanced plug-ins with other blogging platforms like Wordpress, there are many people who prefer Wordpress over Blogger. So if you are using Blogger and want to see some new features in it, then you can yourself suggest it to the Blogger Team.

First of all, if you are still using the older, then shift yourself to [Beta version of Blogger, with some added new features]. But there are still many features, that are not included even in Blogger Beta [].

So if you want to any new feature, that you think should be present in Blogger, then you can request/suggest it here:

But as you know that being the most famous blogging platform, there are millions of users of Blogger, so the requests they get are also enormous, and so you cannot expect an immediate response from them [ or may be you never get a response at all :) ], but you must try it, if you really want to see an additional feature in to Blogger. Moreover they have already created a poll, so that you can vote for your favorite feature !

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