March 5, 2009

Make Money From Blogs - Banners vs In Text Ads

With 100+ hacks and tricks for bloggers [compiled list of tips, tricks and widgets] available on this blog, you can easily optimize your blog for both search engines and your readers.
Once you have optimized your blog and started getting hundreds (or even thousands) of visitors daily, you may think of monetizing your blog. As you know that money follows fame, you just need to show the CORRECT path to it, so as to monetize with maximum potential and to get a continuous flow of money.

One of the easiest way of making money is of course advertising. Although direct selling of ads on your blog is the most convenient way of advertising, but generally it is not advised to new bloggers, as it can take several months and attempts to get a single advertiser (and of course you'll initially earn less than your expectations after all negotiations), due to which bloggers may even start losing interest in blogging.
So other than direct advertising usually the choice of majority of bloggers is either Google Adsense or Bidvertiser or any other similar service where you are supposed to place some javascript files on your blog and hence, banner ads will be shown on your blog. And a certain amount of commission is paid to you by the service provider.
May be 5 years back this would have worked for you, but now these banners have gone really bad [Banner Blindness]. With most of the new bloggers reporting a very low CTR (clicks per 1000 page-impressions), only experienced bloggers are able to make money by this method with correct placing and blending of the ads with their content, and of course with millions of page views per month. Moreover with tools like Adsense-blockers, many visitors do not even allow your ads to be displayed in their browsers.

So the better way to advertise is In-Text Advertising, (DO NOT confuse it with TEXT-LINK ads). In text link ads, you have to hyperlink any text to the sponsor (with HTML of course), BUT in case of IN-TEXT ads, a small javascript file is placed in your blog template. This javascript file creates VIRTUAL hyperlinks in your blog for specific keywords, already present in the post.
When visitors notice these VIRTUAL hyperlinks and click on the ads, you'll get paid for those clicks.

You have many advantages by using this system over banner ads:
1. Readers will notice the ads while they are reading the post (so more chances of the ads being clicked)
2. As these are VIRTUAL hyperlinks, which is due to the javascript file and NOT due to direct HTML coding, so you will NOT be penalized by Google and so there's NO risk to your blog's PageRank.
3. You can yourself decide the color of the links, number of links per page, and whether they should be underlined with a single line or double lines.

You can use the services from these websites:

NOTE: I am personally using these services presently on my blog and the results are really a lot better than banner ads. I will be soon writing a post comparing the two services (Infolinks and Kontera).

*UPDATE: Kontera vs Infolinks - Winner declared


Eleté said...

As always, its a shame you dont get to use many of these services in Spanish. :-/

Divya Sai said...

Well Elete, I suggest you to directly contact them, I think they may give better solutions to you, after all it's their own services ;)

BTW, if you want to put up some ads in spanish, I think you can try Adsense for the time being !

Tech said...

That's an interesting way to advertising. I heard about that In-Text Adverstising and never tried it, but with the advantges you listed above in the post, i agree the result will be more better than banner ads since i'm a reader and i noticed them first time i was visiting your blog.

Divya Sai said...

As i have promised to write a comparison b/w infolinks and kontera, so soon I'll be doing that, but as you have already planned to start using these service so I suggest you to try out infolinks, it's a lot better than kontera, a detail post will be written by me soon


Tech said...

Thanks for the suggestion Divya, while i been singing yesterday on Infolinks. I noticed that they don't have a mode of payement by check only via bank transfer or paypal, i think this will decrease their potentials. Anyway still good to try it.

All the best

Divya Sai said...

Well, paypal is free and you can get your money from paypal to your bank a/c easily, so not a big problem......but actually I'm suggesting infolinks over kontera, coz the payment per click from infolinks is much much better than kontera....

Tech said...

I have already a paypal account,payement by check is more secured, it's just a matter of time, you have to wait a couple weeks to get the check but google adsense is giving you other option like getting your cash via western union, i'm talking about giving alot of options to the users of that infolinks system.

Divya Sai said...

Well, in my opinion paypal is much safer than any other mail service....
Just in case a check goes missing, then you have to write to the service provider and then the whole process will be repeated, and 2 weeks will become 4/5 weeks or even more, and it add the useless tension too.

But if u get it done through paypal, then there are no chances of losing any money.

Of course I agree that options on Infolinks are limited, but if we are talking about a advertising partner, then I think one of the imp. issues is the commission %, which as I have already said in infolinks is much better than kontera, so I am selecting it, but of course you are free to select & try any one....but remember kontera doesn't allow you to run two in-test ad services simultaneously...

Tech said...

I also do prefer using paypal for recieving and transfering money. through reading and comparing Infolinks and kontera, I select Infolinks too, their system is much appreciated over the net.
I think you didn't visit my blog yet, i'm already using infolinks.

Nice communicating with you.

Divya Sai said...

Great, just visited your site...
Good luck with your earnings !

srinivas said...

srinivas said...


Heythem said...

Hi Divya

Why you didn't use adsense?
I'm just wondering :-/

Divya Sai said...

Adsense is now quite outdated, I prefer in-test advertising and Direct ad selling, as you can see the blue double-underlined words and the sponsors (125x125) banners in the no worries of cpm or ctr :)
(direct adv. is like flat rate marketing)


Heythem said...

I will try Infolinks. tnx divya

Heythem said...

Is Infolinks reporting delay?
I got Approved (last 28hrs) and put the code

but I cannot see anything in my reports and I managed to put my infolinks to my blog

Is this Normal?

Divya Sai said...


yes for the first two days (or may be upto 4 days-rarely), you may not see the updates in the reports....don't worry it is normal !


Heythem said...

I got my report recently hehehe

But I still have a problem

I managed to get 4k pageviews in infolinks but my real pageviews is 7-8k

and I only get 0.01 per click

Is this normal :((

Divya Sai said...

Okay that's good...

Observe the eCPM values for atleast a week, if it is > $0.3, then it's ok, but if you are still not satisfied, then you may change the category, then you will display some different ads, and thus you may get higher. I think auto category has some high-paying ads.

Heythem said...

Thanks Divya for the tip

I have changed category to auto. I hope it will pay higher

Divya Sai said...

Actually I would advice you to try out some more categories, as your earnings exactly depends on this combination:

:: Category + Keywords on your blog ::

What I mean is that in case you selected auto category, but high paying words like insurance, shopping, Mercedes etc. are not there in your blog, then you may not see substantial inc in earnings, so basically you need to concentrate on both the factors : keywords in your blog and high paying category.


sajith said...

Thanks for the info.

Automation Expert said...

Hey Divya,

I am novice to infolinks, I want to ask you one question, If I get payment from infolinks to my paypal account, will it be charged? or I get full payment?

Divya Sai said...

I am not sure, but mostly all well established ad-services pay the amount completely !
But even if a fee is charged, I hope you don't have to worry on a $5 fee for a $100 :)

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