Which One Do You Prefer Bing or Still Google ?

Finally BING is live, being a four lettered word, it's cuil and some people have started liking it too.

But so far, my own experience with Bing has not been so good. Google still knows me and my blog better than other search engines, and so I am sticking to it.
                                                 I would just give a 7 on 10 to Bing...
10's Google.

It seems that Matt Cutts is also not happy with Bing (after doing an ego-search just as I did).
Moreover he's also curious to discuss a new issue being generated by Bing (Microsoft) [Matt's Twitter Update] (a problem has been reported by some IE6 users, that Bing has automatically replaced Google as their default search engine). I hope Microsoft is having a good explanation for this issue, as they have already declared that they will not force their new search engine on anyone .

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June 01, 2009 1:16 PM delete

Nice blogger tips dude! :)
Keep writing on innovative things.

June 01, 2009 1:49 PM delete

hmm... bing... well i liked the way they let u set preferences and all...
but afterall, google is google.

June 04, 2009 8:06 AM delete

yeah bing can never over take google.

June 06, 2009 1:01 PM delete

try out this search on bing and google
"how to submit to bing" without quotes...

google shows the right result in the 2nd place, but bing doesnt even show it in the first page :))

lol @ bing, google always rocks :D

June 30, 2009 5:27 PM delete

Nice try, microsoft.
But nobody can stop Google.

July 29, 2009 6:18 AM delete

nice divya sai, i wonder how deep knowledge you have. gre8 keep it up.


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