Add Emoticons To Your Tweets

If you press "ALT" + "3" (type number from the numeric key section of your keyboard - extreme right) simultaneously, then a small heart will form, like this ♥. Similarly "Alt" + "1" + "4" will form a musical note - ♫. In Twitter you cannot embed images while tweeting, but you can certainly use these emoticons in your tweets.
Complete list of symbols and their shortcuts here:
1. Special Alt Characters 1
2. Special Alt Characters 2

But that's not all, check out these new and innovative characters developed by The Next Web Blog which include a telephone, plane, chess characters, moon, umbrella, snow-man and many more symbols. You can make some really funny and attractive tweets using these symbols, like:
I’m going to ✈ to ☭ in the morning after I make a ☎ to make sure my ♂ is ✔ with it. ✌ for now and don’t forget to ✍ and lets have ♨ soon!

From this page (TheNextWeb) drag the highlighted link (TwitterKeys) to your browser.

While tweeting click that link and a small pop-up window with those symbols will appear. And you can copy and paste these symbols into your tweets.Also,

Create a Twitter Look-Alike Logo

To create a logo like this for your blog:


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