October 22, 2009

RU #3: Blogger Blogs and Search Engine Optimization

This is the third post of the BloggerStop-Round Up series.
Bookmark this post, read and implement these tutorials/hacks to optimize your blog for search engines and bring organic traffic to your blog.

1. Swap title position in Blogger blogs

2. Meta tags
   (a) Importance & how to add them to your blog
   (b) Add separate meta tags to individual pages
   (c) Dynamic meta tags (add meta tags to all your pages automatically)
   (d) Duplicate meta tags and titles - issue Solved

3. Track your visitors and optimize your blog for them.

4. Find out what most people search for...

5. Add your blog to Google blog search.

6. Find and remove broken links from your blog.

7. Show only titles in Blog Archive and Labels pages.

8. How to write titles for search engines.

9. Check your website in different browsers and at different screen resolutions.

10. SEO plug-ins for Firefox.

11. Add your blogs sitemap to Google

12. Best title for your About-Me page

13. Correct way to write titles in Blogger [Important for SEO]

14. Encrypt or hide your HTML source

15. Get better and converting traffic from BlogExplosion and EntreCard

16. A quick SEO tool [Checks your blog for various parameters and accordingly gives a grade to your blog - you MUST check your blog here]


blogging for profit said...

I always appreciate this kind of posts. Thanks divya.

WebsiteTraffic said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Admin said...

Thanks for sharing

Extremeboy said...

hi i like this post very much nice keep going.Thanks

Divya Sai said...

You are welcome buddy !
& thanks for the encouragement...

Anonymous said...

very useful post man.......wonderful :)

Poker Software said...

This is what I was looking for, now I am sure I can get more traffic after follow your tips mentioned above. Do keep writing :)


Poker Reviews said...

I will definitely implement some of these tips.

Vaibhav said...

Thanks you..Very informative. U have explained it very nicely.
Nice Tips.

Chandan said...

Keep going...

the|fave|rat said...

These tips were very helpful, thx!

Rais said...

good article friend

Rachel Weisz said...

Hi Divya Sai, I have read your blog and do follow exact 100%.
First: when I copy myblog's address into facebook. Facebook show a thumbnail image.
But when I add 3 new widgets, at the bottom of my blog. Or edit anythings in my blog. Facebook now show image.
Please help me.

Bharath said...

Please remove entrecard from this page. It is one of the worst traffic generators around. Visitors won't stay for more than 5 seconds.

I had a bounce rate of 85% while using it. Now after I quit, it is down to 55%.


Sai - BloggerStop.Net said...

Yeah that's true.
But for newbie bloggers, getting traffic is more important than bounce rate, so it 'll still work for them. And once a blog attains good flow of regular traffic from search engines, then of course sites like Entrecard and Blogexplosion are only a waste of time...in fact as stated by Bharat they can do more harm than good by increasing the bounce rate (an imp. reason due to which I removed EC widget from BloggerStop)

SEO Philippines said...

Nice post! I enjoyed reading this informative post. This is very useful. Wish I stumbled your site before. Thanks a lot for this valuable information.


Anonymous said...

Helo Sai my search enging is not good, didn't find anything HELP ME plz
You can see my blog \


Redshifter said...

Your posts have benefitted my site so much - thanks to you man. I have learnt many things from your insights and as a result have been able to improve traffic to my sites.

Thanks so much

Please visit my Blogs and let me know if you have any suggestions :

maidul said...

Thanks for this post.

Muhammad Najem @ The Genuine Islam said...

Thank you very much for this great post. I am sure I'll benefit from it and make my blog better for the search Engines .

Link Building Services India said...


Nice article. Thanks for sharing such vital information on blog. Keep writing this.

Thanks Again!

Vivekanand Arumanda said...

Nice work Divya Sai,this helped me a lot. thanks for the post.

Vivekanand Arumanda said...

can u see me blog and suggest me modifications if any??

I am spending lot of time on dis but don have gud rating in search engines.

What are backlinks Sai??

These are my blogs.



hey can u please help me how to compress blogger blog..\

this is my


it has size of about 232kb nw.. i hate this //..realy need some help to decrease its size...

p.s my widgets are working fine and other things are good...jst the size...thanx alot

buzzparas said...

recently i worked on keyword density for my blog and it worked well, and i would suggest people not to concentrate on keyword density while writing

MyNameUS said...

Nice Tips! Need more SEO for images tips

Manuel Garcia PH said...

Thanks. photoshopph.blogspot.com

Ahmad Khoirul Azmee said...

Hallo Brother Sai! It's been a long time since i visited this blog. Found this page. A very great list of ways to improve and optimize blogger blogs' SEO. Thanks
Wow, you've now got PR 5, the same with brother M. Mustafa Ahmedzai's blog's PR. Congrats! :D

Jalil ur Rehman said...

I was searching for a SEO tip and find the best one on your blog. I've followed all your seo tips. Thnx you very much. I appreciated this. http://freshtips.blogspot.com

hermes cases said...

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Amarjit Singh said...

i Created one static page.. but deleted by mistake. Now I want the static page on same URL (Hyperlink). But its showing some numeric number at the end. Pls help.

jacob naroda said...

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Cool boy said...

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