October 20, 2009

RU #1: Optimize Your Posts - Blogger Help!

This is the first post of the BloggerStop-Round Up series.
Bookmark this post, and read the tutorials listed below to optimize your posts and the way you display your popular/recent posts to your visitors.

01. Back up your posts and comments [a MUST for everyone]

02. Protect your blog - Copyright your posts for Free!

03. Add Rating and Feedback below your posts.

04. Recent posts widget for Blogger blogs

05. Auto-scrolling recent posts widget

06. A pictorial related posts widget.

07. Popular posts widget - New & Working

08. Customized popular posts widget.

09. Show your signature below all your posts

10. New fonts to use in Blogger

11. Pictures speak a thousand words
    (a) Embed images in your posts
    (b) Change position of images
    (c) Display images in original size

12. Create a scheduled post in Blogger

13. Create a Sticky post (Always on Top) in Blogger.

14. Truncate your posts [Let your blog load faster]
    (a) Manually add Read More link to your posts.
    (b) Add Read More link automatically to all your posts.
    (b) Add it in the official way.

15. Link different parts of the same webpage [anchors].

16. Add a Contact Me Page (Form) to your blog.

17. Embed "Save As PDF" button below your posts.

18. Highlight text in your posts


Danoxs said...

You are a master Divya :p

I have used a lot of your tricks and the anchor one is one that I'm going to use for my "Info, Screens, and Download Link" posts :D

See ya ~!

CrakerLo_Rakero said...

Hey, off-topic, sorry
Share some great "Desktop" Web http://ichiraku.org/?topic=94.110;wap2, Found it when googling, SOOO COOL!!!

Info-Index said...

cool widget!!!

mahalingam said...

hi friend i am learning more tips from your blog thank you very much myblog is http://mahatips.blogspot.com

Poker Blog said...

All the tips mentioned here are very useful for the bloggers. Great job done, Divya ;) I am using most of your hacks in all my sites and blogs. I have also given your blog address to some of my friends, who are going thru your wonderful tips :)


Sai @ Blogger Help said...

Thank you so much Angelina, for spreading the word!

Rachel Weisz said...

Verry useful. I thanks you so much

Kowalski Furqon said...

thanks 4 your help.
may I ask you somethings about making blogger theme?
I'm reaaly waiting 4 u

Sai - Blogger Help said...

sure..go on...

Anonymous said...


Totalclicks said...

nice collection man good Job???do u have some more information about blog error ???how to chick blog prob??why google make blog Penalize ???

Anonymous said...

Ayudenme con un buen template

Free said...

Wow! really great site to free blog.

EOK Editor said...

Thx for sharing!

Selo Banya Bansko said...

Well done to the author of this blog. All the tips mentioned here are very useful for the bloggers. Good job. Keep going like that.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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