Toggle [ Hide/Show ] NavBar In Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

In most of the new blogs based on Blogger platform (either with .BlogSpot or a custom domain) you would have observed that the top-navbar is missing, but Blogger doesn't suggest you to remove the navbar.
Neither Blogger nor Google will penalize you for removing/hiding the navbar, but for providing such a great platform for blogging, according to me every blogger must show their gratitude to Blogger, either by showing a small Blogger Button, or by showing the navbar.

If the navbar doesn't fit well with your present template, then here's a simple script to auto-hide the navbar, but it will be shown to the visitors as soon as they hover their mouse-cursor over it.

To enable the navbar-toggle feature in your blog, follow these instructions:
Log in to Blogger -> Layout -> Edit HTML

Download and save your present template.

Then find(CTRL+F) a code similar to this in the template:

#navbar-iframe {
Any code in your template, with id='navbar' and visibility='hidden' hides the navbar completely, so you have to remove this code.

And replace the above code with this one:

/* Blogger Navigation Bar */
#navbar-iframe {
height: 10px;
#navbar-iframe:hover {
height: 30px;
filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishedOpacity=100)
border: 2px;

That's it !

Page Speed - A Must Have Firefox SEO Add-On by GOOGLE !

It's not a secret that all the Search Engine Optimization tricks and techniques have been developed not just to make search engines happy, but to make the readers happy too. Although blogs generally take a little longer to load as compared to commercial websites, due to all the widgets, JavaScript and CSS files etc. but for readers who are mainly interested in the content & do not of course have time to admire all the shiny widgets and gadgets, will like to see the blogs load as quickly as possible.
So optimizing the loading time of your blog is really necessary for both search engines and readers.
Now Google has itself created a special tool (a firefox add-on, that works along with firebug):
that's called Page Speed. Being an open source project Google has again left the boundaries undefined and a lot scope for it's further development...

So do give it a try & if you are a developer have some hands-on it ;)

Page Speed: details in brief

*UPDATE: These are the steps you have to follow to Analyze your blog with the help of FireBug and Page Speed:

Open Firefox, go to Tools -> Add-Ons -> Extensions
and enable Firebug and Page Speed (Install any or both of them, if you do not already have them in your browser)

Then restart your browser (Firefox or Flock), and you'll see a tiny bug at the lower left section of your browser, like this:

Click on the bug and then select "Page Speed" tab and then click "Analyze Performance"

When the results are shown, you may start your work to remove the listed errors.

Embed .PDF | .DOC | .DOCX | .PPT | .PPTX | .XLS | .XLSX | .TXT & Other Files

Here's a highly useful tool, through which you can easily embed almost any type of file anywhere in the web. Click on the logo below:

As an example here's a .doc file (MS Word document) uploaded by me:

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Simply attaching an image in Gmail does not give you access to position the image in the email.
But through Gmail-Labs, now you can easily embed images in your emails (in between the content) just like you do it in MS Word documents or while writing your blog posts.

To enable this feature in your Gmail account, go to Gmail Labs, by clicking the green symbol at the top-right corner of the screen.

Then browse through all the new features of Gmail labs to find these two:
1. Inserting Images
2. Extra Emoji

Enable any/both of them, and simply click on the 'save button' present at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to your inbox.
To check the new feature simply shoot a mail to me :)

The Best Professional or Funny eMail ID For You !!!

Gmail and Hotmail are Old School

look what's the latest trend

And all this for completely FREE!

Gmail, Yahoomail, and Hotmail are so popular that you never get an email-ID of your choice from these services. As of today, even names clubbed with dates or random numbers are not easily available from these providers.

So how about a service, where you will not only find an email ID of your choice without much effort but it will also be different from the usual ones.

Sounding cool, funny or professional (as you want); rest assured it will definitely grab the attention of the listener or reader giving him/her a strong reason to remember your email ID.

Look at these ID's for example: or or or

You can select from any of these 150+ email addresses to choose from !

So, visit today to grab the email id of your choice

NOTE: Some of the features like POP3 are available only to premium customers

Available email domains:

Click to Enlarge

Top 20SpiritualWorldUSA

Updated on 21st September, 2016: Unlike before, now offers unlimited storage to both free and premium accounts. Earlier it used to be 3GB per account for free members. But POP3/IMAP features are still limited to premium accounts.

Which One Do You Prefer Bing or Still Google ?

Which One Do You Prefer Bing or Still Google ?
Finally BING is live, being a four lettered word, it's cuil and some people have started liking it too.

But so far, my own experience with Bing has not been so good. Google still knows me and my blog better than other search engines, and so I am sticking to it.
                                                 I would just give a 7 on 10 to Bing...
10's Google.

It seems that Matt Cutts is also not happy with Bing (after doing an ego-search just as I did).
Moreover he's also curious to discuss a new issue being generated by Bing (Microsoft) [Matt's Twitter Update] (a problem has been reported by some IE6 users, that Bing has automatically replaced Google as their default search engine). I hope Microsoft is having a good explanation for this issue, as they have already declared that they will not force their new search engine on anyone .