February 15, 2010

Add A Free Forum To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

I strongly recommend all the readers to bookmark this post. A forum is a must for every blog with increasing readership.

A Bloggers Community © Baratunde
Forums are entirely different from blogs. Forums let your readers interact with each other, create new topics/discussions and some of them even moderate the forums along with you.
1. Forum from Wikipedia.
2. The popular Digital Point Forums

A few weeks back, even I started a forum - BloggerStop-Community (closed due to some problems) on a sub-domain of my website (main.bloggerstop.net).

[Please join and participate in the NEW BloggerStop Forums]

But in free Blogger/BlogSpot blogs, you are not allowed to create a sub-domain or even a new directory (an online folder). So hosting a forum seems impossible, but not anymore. Before you read any further, see these 2 examples:

1. A Blogger Blog completely changed in to a Forum.
2. A simple (static) page on a normal Blogger blog, converted to a Forum.

Instructions to Add a Forum To Your Blog

STEP #1:
Create and publish a new static page on your blog, exclusively for a forum. As an example, check out my forums-static-page here:


STEP #2:
Create a new forum at Nabble: Free Forums at Nabble [You will do this within 5 minutes]
Copy the HTML code...

STEP #3:
Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Design -> Edit HTML and mark the tick-box "Expand Widget Tempaltes".

STEP #4:
Find (CTRL+F) this code, in your template:
<div id='content-wrapper'>

If you are not able to find the above mentioned code, then find (CTRL+F) this one (for new templates made for Blogger Template Designer)
<div class='columns fauxcolumns'>

And immediately ABOVE/BEFORE it, paste the code you got from Nabble, with this ADDITIONAL code (Highlighted in BLUE and RED):

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://bloggerstop.net/p/bloggerstop-community.html&quot;'>
NOTE (Important): Replace the code in RED, with the link to your forum-page.

STEP #5:
Save your temaplate.

STEP #6:
This step will HIDE everything from your blog (post content, sidebar widgets etc.) and ONLY forum will be visible in your forum-page.
Find this code in your template:
And immediately ABOVE/BEFORE it, paste this code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://bloggerstop.net/p/bloggerstop-community.html&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
#content-wrapper {
display:none !important;
.columns, .fauxcolumns {
display:none !important;
NOTE (Important): Replace the code in RED, with the link to your forum-page.

That's it, a new forum on your blog is ready.
Now, Invite your readers and friends to join you at your forums.

NOTE: If you want to replace an entire blog with a forum, as shown in the first example (Forum In A Blogger Blog), then, first create a new blog. Download the template as a backup. Now, replace everything between the BODY tags in the template:



with the code copied from Nabble. So your template, code will look something like this:

<a id="nabblelink" href="http://n3.nabble.com/BloggerStop-Demo-Forums-f6****.html">BloggerStop Demo Forums</a>
<script src="http://n3.nabble.com/embed/f6****"></script>


And save the template.


1. Show off your work in the comments section, to get your forum featured here...

Showoff your work in the comments below, the best two forums will be displayed here to other blogger.


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Beben said...




:D, your too hurry on posted my friends...

Soufiane LeBlogger said...

The Idea is interesting but the Forum (page) looks really ugly (too dark) !!!
Why you don't "hide" the sidebar, footer, title, and navigation links ?????

Divya Sai said...

Yeah actually this post was to be published after a few hours, anyways thanks Beben and Soufiane, for mentioning these points. I have updated the post and hid those extra elements too, but acually except black no other color is blending properly with my template...
I think leaving navigation links and header is fine within a forum, it shows a relation between the forum and blog, moreover we give our readers a chance to explore our other pages/blog too.

Norel Gad said...

I think that's a good idea to add forum to my blog. Thank you for this idea.

Anup @ Hack Tutors said...

Hey this is excellent, go idea to create forum. And now many of your reader can share their view in their forum ;)

Ms Hetal Patil said...


This is the best post on this blog. But i have one query. I am using automatic read more hack for my blog posts and whenever i publish a static page, it comes in read more mode and when i try to expand it, it does not expand. Kindly help.

Sai @ Blogger Help said...

Hey Hetal Di!

First of all my suggestion to you is to use the !-- more -- instead of automatic read more (BEST Method To Truncate Posts In Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs).

But for any reason, if you still want to use the read more hack, then use the updated code from STEP #2 of this post:
Automatic Read More Hack For Blogger

Kind Regards

Reza Winandar said...

Wow, I think this is a great innovation in blogging world, but I will think it twice before apply it on my blog.

Divya Sai said...

Hey Reza...why think twice? you can add it in any of your static pages, and let your readers join and interact with each other...

Rafay Baloch said...

Hi diviya,you know any other services which offer free forums for blogger


Tuấn P.H.A said...


VJ said...

nice article, i got a forum myslef but people are participating enough to make it more interactive. thanks, anyway.

Benefits of Video Marketing said...

Oh.. after a long we can add forum at blogger also.
Great blogger post... I love the info!
Thanks sai :)

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Great information here. I was not awear that you could have a forum on your blogger site. Thanks for Sharing.


Anup@ Hack Tutors said...

Is it possible to put share counter in this blog?

Anup@ Hack Tutors said...

Ops sorry I mean is it possible to put share counter in this widget?

Divya Sai said...

Anup, do you mean a sharing/bookmarking widget, like "add this" or a counting widget...to count/track the visitors?
Anyways, you can place any/both of these, as the forum is being placed just as a frame based on JavaScript, so of course you can use any widget/script along with that in the same widget/blog.

Divya Sai said...

@Rafay Baloch

Yeah there's another service called SparkBB, but it's still in Beta phase and I haven't tried it yet.

Ms Hetal Patil said...

Sai Ram brother Divya,

I am using the second method, as it would not be easy for me to manually truncate 300+ posts on my blog now. But my question is why the same hack is automatically is applied to static pages, and even on expanding static pages, it is not expanded.

Please show me the best way but of course easiest way...

Sai @ Blogger Widgets said...

Well my suggestion to you is to start using the -- more -- method for your latest posts, which are presently being displayed in homepage. And gradually add the same tag to your older posts too (say 10 posts a day) and within a month, all your work will be done and you can delete the code from your blog.
Anyways, to solve the static pages vs. automatic read more hack problem use the NEW CODE from STEP #2, of this tutorial:
Automatic Read More Hack For Blogger

CrakerLo_Rakero said...

this is just Cool!!
Last year i tried to used a forum and tried to put in blog.. then failed.. and I gave up XD
Then, Thanks to You,I finally made a forum XD
Thanks Sai!!

free Downloads 2 Nanoguns9 said...

hey sai,
how to edit the forum page there to look very attractive
is there any guidence?

iam trying to create a forum for my blog


free Downloads @ Nanoguns9 said...

thank you in advance sai

Anup@ Hack Tutors said...

Good! You are the first to make/found this forum widget ;)

Ms Hetal Patil said...

Thanks Divya, your trick has worked. I will use More option for truncating posts of my blog.

Anup @ Hack Tutors said...

Hi Divya,

I have solved problem myself. You can check it yourselr ;) older post links are now visible...:)

Divya Sai said...

Yeah I got to know that some other blogggers were facing the problem too.
From now on, the links will be appear normally. Here's the official news from Blogger:

Anup said...

Divya, I have created post for it :) But, I used CSS code to get appeared it...Let me know you how I solved it :)...



Divya Sai said...

That's really great Anup! but have you tried undo(ing) the changes?, as I think the problem shouldn't occur now, even with the same old code.

Anup said...

Well..Well...Well...See one of my post about Do follow is great. I think your blog is No Follow blog. Let me get some your views. NoFollow bloga re not different with Dofollow blog. It's proved! You can see it here:


Don't think it's spam. Just informing you :P

Divya Sai said...

Well Anup, It's not that I don't want to pass on the link juice to my readers, but the fact is:
1. First of all, most my comments are genuin questions from readers who are finding some difficulty in their blogs, if I make my blog "dofollow" then there will be a great increase in comments (some genuin and some that LOOK LIKE genuin but ARE NOT actually genuin) and overall consequence: Many of the genuin queries may be left unanswered by me....as I'm the only one author in this blog.
2. Secondly you can see the effect of what happened when accidently an announcement was made on a forum that BloggerStop.net is dofollow blog, I wasted hours in deleting comments.

So until and unless Blogger changes it's comments deletion method or I get a team of bloggers to manage the blog, I cannot make it a dofollow blog.

Divya Sai said...

Ooops, here's that post: my experience with a spam flood due to a wrong announcement:

Anup @ Hack Tutors said...

Yeah, I am exactly telling you that! My blog is also not a Do Follow blog. Good to have Nofollow. But, your readers can get more benifits as your blog is NoFollow. The links of your readers can be found on Search Engines!

Sai @ Blogger Widgets said...

Yeah that's true Anup, nofollow always doesn't mean "no link juice for the links" even I have seen many nofollow links being counted as valid backlinks in the Google webmasters account.
And that is the reason, I hav posted that link to "Comment Like This!" on top of the comment-form, so that all commentators will get the maximum benefits of commenting here.

CooL VicKy said...

thnx for new cool feautre divya but i want to knw how to hide my all other widgets from my forum page? i want to show only forum page no widgets just like ur forum pls help me thnx in advacne
check out my blog at http://watsyourblog.blogspot.com

Sai @ Blogger Help said...


You have placed the forum in the main-wrapper (instead of header area), so first move it to the header region, then v'll proceed with hiding of the extra elements.

CooL VicKy said...

hi divya i had placed in header region but its nt showing properly it displaying in vry small space and my ad banners r showing on tht forum and forum appearing behind the ads wat shuld i do now? is it my template problem tel me wat shuld i do now? also the static page is displaying below the forum how to hide or remove that?

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Header region is completely different from the main-wrapper or sidebar. IT is even above the sidebar, you should add this forum above the top white and red colored menu links.

Alistair @ BetYourLife said...

Thanks for this. I didn't think it was possible to host a forum on a blogger blog until I stumbled across your article.

I avoided the need to edit the code to hide the forum from other pages etc, simply by putting the Nabble code directly into the post of the static page I created.

Works a treat.

Ospinach said...

Nice blog you've got! Please I've tried this stuff over n over again, but it just doesnt on my blog. its displaying a blank static page only. Pls help me ASAP!
Blog address is handofgodsociety.blogspot.com

Sujith Bhakthan T R said...

hey, thanks, thank u very much. i hav created and installed the forum in my blog,


ur blog roxxx....

Anup said...

Hi Divya,

I want your help, Do you know how to rest the top commentator widget in blogger? I want to exclude previous comments in top commentator widget. How to? Is there any trick for that.

I am organizing the top commentator contest in my blog. You are free to participate..hehe..;)

RonyDean said...

A-mazing! Just added a forum to my blog: http://forums.onpause.org

Thanks for the tut!

NDS Roms said...

thanks so much. i was searching this for too long

Megan Anne said...

Thanks SO MUCH for this post! I had been looking up and down, trying to find a way to put a forum on my blog...the site you recommend makes it look perfect! I can't wait to fully integrate it into my site!

birju said...

Very nice tutorials........
I want to ask u a que......
that your blog is hosted on blogger????
and if "yes" then how you add subdomain like "http://main.bloggerstop.net".........
pls...........i m waiting for yr help.......thanxs in advance...

Divya Sai said...

@Alistair, Sujith, RonyDean, NDS Roms, Megan Anne,

Glad to see so many happy faces! I'll show two of your forums in the demo section in the post above.

Sai - Blogger Help said...


Just checked your blog and found the forum working perfectly, hope you have fixed the problem.

Sai - Blogger Help said...


Yeah this blog is hosted with Blogger.
But I only use my domain and a sub-domain (www.bloggerstop.net) with Blogger, the other sub-domain (main.bloggerstop.net) is hosted with another free host site (freehostia.com) where I upload my other files.

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...


I was going to suggest you the same; to use yahoo pipes. Anyways gud luck with your contest, hope you'll have a successful contest :)


Anup said...

Divya, thanks for your encouragement :)
I have make a forums with your trick. Working good. But, how to edit user image? I have a image like anonymous in my forum. How to edit that image?

See: Hack Tutors Forums

Anup kayastha

Anup said...

I have update my avatar in this widget. Sorry for disturbing you.

Anup said...

Divya, When I try to add it in header zone, it doesn't appears. What to do? It just appears when I add that script in static page...

Divya Sai said...

Try this location in your template, add that forum script code, just below this code-tag:
<div id='outer-wrapper'><div id='wrap2'>

Anup said...

Divya, Not working...Looks like template error with red text... It says:

XML error message: The element type "body" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".

Sai - Blogger Help said...


Just checked your forum page, I think you are able to save the template, but the forum is not coming up, rather a big blank space is visible. May be cause, you haven't used the entire code, use the code from tag <a... to </script>

or else, there's another way to do this: in the static page, where you have the forums, make the width of the content area wider and hide the sidebar.

Anup said...

Yes it's working now. But, I want to not to show widgets on that page. How to hide widgets in specific page?? I like to not show my widgets on forum page. Any idea to do that? It looks odd.

Anup said...

How to increase width of static page? Sorry I haven't seen your reply. Don't know whats the problem...

Anup said...

I am not able to make my content wider :(

Anup said...

When I check your forum it looks like General Error. See yourself...Fix it soon.

British Army said...

great help thanks very much and easy to do with your guidance

Vice T. Vanish said...

Yeah i made it and install it this great forum widget and added to my blog and it went well ^_^

Although I still ain't customizing the forum page :)

here is my blog:


soon i'll customize it xiaow

Vice T. Vanish said...

Got busy on my work but sweat time gave me this to fix my forum appearance ^_^

The customized:


Just click on the TAB menu forum to direct to the forum page or this link below ;)


Zain said...

Good Article.

I had already this free forum installed in my blog..

Check out:

Divya, do check out my forum and give some valuable comments.


David said...

I can see that in your forum page at
the sidebars,widgets,the main body etc. are not appearing.But I was not able to achieve it.I followed your instructions but unable to embed the forum in a static page.I embedded it as a html-javascript widget above sidebars and blog posts and excluded it from showing it on others pages with your hack at
but sidebars,widgets etc are appearing below the forum.Please advice on how to hide them.YOU can see my forum page at:
Any help will be deeply appreciated

Divya Sai said...

Hey David,

Just above the </head> tag, paste this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://www.attacking.co.cc/2010/03/forum.html&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
#content-wrapper {
display:none !important;

Hope that helps...


David said...

Thanks a lot divya for such a prompt reply.That really worked.Please take a look at my forum page again & tell me if its ok.

A humble request:

Please write a post on how to beautify the blogger default comment form like you have done on bloggerstop.
Thanks in advance

engineer said...

thanx a lot for the encouragement . . .

sunil said...

hey can some one help me why cant i follow any one although i can comment with my google ID,what could be wrong?http://sunylovesyou.blogspot.com/

esyrecipes said...


Gautam Thapar said...

Hi Divya,

Thanks for sharing this.. I have finally made a forum for my blog and is looking good for now. I faced some issues with my template but i modified it for the forum. But at last everything now looks good.. :)

Here is my blog's forum - http://www.hyipinvestigation.com/p/hib-forum.html

aelnivre said...

Thanks very much now I have added a forum in my blog thanks to this article!!!

कांचन कराई said...

Is it necessary to create this forum in Static page? Can I use the trick of 'show widget on specific lablel oly?'

कांचन कराई said...

It worked! I see the forum on specific post. That is fine with me. Thank you.

Elyong said...

How did you make your forum page occupy the whole page removing the sidebars and footers?

Dat Tai said...

very cool

S Shiva Raj said...

Hi Divya

Thanks for your hack, I have tried embedding in my blog but I found that the side bar can not be hidden,

Please check my forum

Please suggest any method to remove all those sidebar and footer below the forum.

Thanks in advance

S Shiva Raj

Karo Itoje said...

Hello Sai,

Having a forum in a blog is a great idea especially since my new blog requires readers to share their problems. That's why I am been on it for several hours! Trying to figure it all out. But I have given up! Please I need your help

I have created a static page as you suggested the static page is now linked to from the tab on the blog.

I have created the free forum and copied the code. I placed the code on the header of my blog and it displayed but ofcourse it shifted everyother information about the blog including the tabs down below the forum . (I have removed and save the code in a notepad until I figure it out. So you won't see the forum on the blog)

I tried to make it display on a specific page as you suggested. Created a new widget as you can see below the blog htt://relationship-issues-and-answers.blogspot.com

My problem now is how do I link all items together?

If we are adding the code of the forum to a new widget, what then is the purpose of the page (forum) created?

what URL should be entered in the code

Finally, how do I create and edit categories on the forum when it comes up?

Hope to hear from you


Sai - BloggerStop.Net said...

You have a static-page dedicated for forum:

You have a widget, where you have pasted the code, being displayed in every page...

Now, you have to limit this widget only to that static-page created by you. To do that, you have to use this method:

Once you do that, your widget will be shown ONLY in that page and not in any other page.

Karo Itoje said...

Thanks Sai,

I got it now. You can check it out http://relationship-issues-and-answers.blogspot.com/p/relationship-issues-and-answers-forums.html

But It does not look professional like yours. It's not well spread across the page. And the Followers widget of google in my footer is showing on the forum page.

Even 'link to this post' also shows

Please how do I clean it up, and make it spread out like yours

I also would like to know how to add categories to the forum where post can create new topics.
I mean is there an admin page?

mazanga said...

hi great post ! i added a forum, edited the css n all, looks good so far ....

now, how do i go about hieing #sidebar-wrapper,#comments-block and other elements so as to clean up the lower part of the forum page.
i looked at your forums source and u did a job in there, got a bit lost though

@ Karo Itoje yes there is of sorts u need to look good at the options the editor and user options... worse case try the faq on the forum site itself.

manS said...

yeah I created the forum page....

Thank you bloggerstop


the application is going wrong..

I cannot change my avatar.. :(
I cannnot reset too.........


anyone have idea bout this....? :D

Harvey44 said...

This worked like a dream for me.

Any input on using a subdomain instead of nabble's URL? Would that help my SEO? Are there issues with duplicate content? How can I make a subdomain look like my main domain? Can I use one login for both?

Divya Sai said...

Well yes, you do get SEO benfit as the traffic coming to your forum will be counted for your domain.
And moreover you/your readers can link to your forums individual topics/threads easily and while linking them, the link juice will be passed on to your domain instead of nabble.

Divya Sai said...


I have updated the post and so please follow the tutorial steps again.
These new steps will make sure that except the forums, everything else on the page will be hidden when you save your template...

Caitlin said...

I can not for the life of me find the div code you wrote anywhere. Help please?

Divya Sai said...

Hey Caitlin,

As you are using one of the latest templates which are mainly made for "Blogger Template Designer", so you have to find a different div tag.
I have updated the post, now read STEP #4 and STEP #6 (redo them) and it will work for you.


Caitlin said...

Step 6 says to find that code in our BLOG, not TEMPLATE, so do we go somewhere different?

Divya Sai said...

Of course there's no coding in blogs....it's actually blogs' template or jus 'template' ...

Caitlin said...

It didn't work. I don't know what I could have done wrong, I followed your directions, but it didn't work.

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Well, download your tempalte, send it to me via my contact page. Send your nabble code too. I'll mail it back to you after adding the code.

Harvey44 said...

Divya Sai ... while I did have some trouble setting up the subdomain, now that I know how to do it, it's actually quite simple. (Use an A record, not a C name.)

The Nabble Support is excellent. They have a great product and really do everything possible to help you.

Thank you again for this information.

manS said...

yeah... here my full featured blogger powered forum..

everything fine....


here is my actual Nabble Forum url. http://myforum.bloggeraktif.com

WeBlog said...

Hi Divya,

I am a great fan of your website. I tried this forum on my blog. The forum was created, but the problem is, it looks very unmanageable. - http://www.weblognow.co.cc/p/forum.html

Was wondering if you can help me hide the sidebar and few more glitches it has. My posts are hidden, but there is almost a new website just below the forum. So if you can help, am sending you the HTML file of my blog, and it would be of immense help to me, if you mail it back to me asap. As this is a blogging group, and a forum is desperately needed here.
Thanks in advance. :)

Divya Sai said...

Instead of the code in Step #6, use this one:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://www.weblognow.co.cc/p/forum.html&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
#content {
display:none !important;
#sidebar {
display:none !important;

Turtleguy said...

Thanks. Got it working on my blog here...


Ramzi said...

I cant find any of the two codes mentioned above and the widget-option didnt work even based on the recommendations you suggested in the comment session.

After burning more than 3 hours, I give up :)

But thanks for your effort. You are doing a great job.

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

Happy for you.

In STEP #4, you have to find this code:
<div class='content'>
and paste that code from Nabble, ABOVE that tag.

In STEP #6, use this code instead of the one in the post above:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://bloggerstop.net/p/bloggerstop-community.html&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
.content {
display:none !important;

Of course, the url should be of your forums page.

Ramzi said...

Thanx a lot for the response. A great improvement that I may consider using it this way. The only obvious bug in my forum is the right column widgets that still appears under the forum (the slide bar is not a problem actually) here is the page (I use sample blog for testing before using things on the identical main blog):


Wendy said...

Hello, Thank you so much for this!!! I am having problems with step 6. When I do it, I can still see the widgets down below. Here is my forum... http://miniatureswapsntrade.blogspot.com/p/miniature-swaps-n-trading-post-forum.html

What am I doing wrong? Is there a different place that maybe I am not putting the code in correctly or in the wrong place. Thanks Wendy

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Hi Wendy,

Use the code of Step #6 from the post only, it will work for you. Do not use it from the comments, in comments I recommend code specific to their blogs.

Wendy said...

Great, I thought I did that first. Apparently, I didn't! DUH! Thanks so much. Working great. Quick question, well maybe how do you create the separate sections in the forum? So I can divide up my forum. Thanks again, Wendy

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

Once you log in at your forums, go to Options -> Editor -> Change Application Type and change it to "Board". Then save the forum.

ΚΙΝΥΡΑΣ said...

Divya Sai thanks for the forum! GREAT work!
I have some problems. I followed carefully all the steps but the forum appears in all of my pages (including the home page)
here's my blog: http://apopkinyrasfans.blogspot.com/

Have you got any idea of how can I solve this problem?

Divya Sai said...

Hey there,

In STEP #4, you have to use EXACTLY this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://apopkinyrasfans.blogspot.com/p/test.html&quot;'>

You haven't applied the STEP #6 of this tutorial, do it and other things on your blog will hide.

ΚΙΝΥΡΑΣ said...

Hi again,
I have checked again the steps one by one and I can't Find what I did wrong...I have applied step6 to

ΚΙΝΥΡΑΣ said...

I have followed all the steps again...now the forum doesn't appear in any of my pages,, What if I paste the code from Nabble in the "forum" page of my blog? will this make any difference?

ΚΙΝΥΡΑΣ said...

ok I found it.. thak you!! take care

Zena Juran said...

HIyas Divya,

I'm using the Fracticality template and your code does remove the sidebar from the static page but there seems to be some extras like the RSS and Search that stays behind along with the backgrounds.

The Nabble forum does show up but only the width of the column (800px). I've been trying to get the forum to expand to the size of the whole page without any luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!


Zena :-)

Divya Sai said...

In your blog Zena, the outer-wrapper uses a background image that is present in not only in the header region but in the posts-area too. Mail me mentioning your problem/this comment through my contact page. I will give you a new code to use in the forums page.

Zena Juran said...

HIyas Divya,

While waiting for your reply, I was able to adjust the code to remove the other id/class items and scale the forum to fit the entire page.

I tried posting the code here bit it wouldn't let me.

You can check out the code on my page...


Zena :-)

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Hi Zena,
That's good. I have mailed the code to your email id zenajuran@....
In that code, I have mentioned just a single additional line of code, which will display your header image above the forums. This is that line:

<center><a href="http://aura-windchimes.blogspot.com/"><img src="http://i31.tinypic.com/2prbgud.jpg"/></a></center>

Zena Juran said...

HIyas Divya,

I was wondering where your email went to. Unfortunately, I have email from that account forwarded to my MS Office and if an email gets marked as spam, I don't see it for a whiles.

Thanx for cropping the image for me and creating the line of code to center it above the forums... works and looks great!

I might take it one step further and resize the image to make it a header instead so that it floats on top of the forum header right in the center.

I appreciate your time and effort, have a wonderful day!

Zena :-)

Harvey44 said...

This worked out well for me:


Right now my forum is embedded in a frame. Nabble is talking about introducing "templates" which will allow users to have complete control of html.

As soon as that happens I'm going to be back here combing through these comments trying to figure out how to get the same look I have now, without the frame, linking directly to the subdomain that holds my forum. I think I might be able to do what Divya suggests for the child-blog without having another blog. I hope.

While the current setup is pretty good for SEO the straight subdomain setup should be much better.

Baba said...

Hello Divya Sai,

It doesn't matter whether you publish my comment or delete it.
I'm full drunk while typing this comment to you.

If you are a friend known to me, i would have smashed your head for publishing such an bullshit tutorial to the readers.

"STEP #2:
Create a new forum at Nabble: Free Forums at Nabble [You will do this within 5 minutes]
Copy the HTML code..."

I found only the java script (embedding options).

STEP #4:
And immediately ABOVE/BEFORE it, paste the code you got from Nabble, with this ADDITIONAL code (Highlighted in BLUE and RED):
< b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://bloggerstop.net/p/bloggerstop-community.html"'>
< / b:if >

Still, if known, why the hell i copied the html code ??? And where should i paste the HTML CODE ??? ???

must be something similar to what i find instead of your domain name.net/p/xxxxx.html

To conclude:
This tutorial was not usefull to a dumbhead like me !
(I can see you have got 116 comments previoulsy before i post this)

Once again,
It doesn't matter whether you publish this comment or delete this,
I appreciate your help to assist me more to set up a blogger forum on my bog.

Also i want to mention about the content theif you have mentioned:
funkruti.com :
I have already complained about this blog for stealing contents to google,
But till now there has been no action against this blog.

And it's an unhappy news to state that one of my good blogs has been deleted by google without any intimation to me stating that it's a spam blog. I have appealed to restore, but till now there is no responde from their side. I guess they still need more advanced in technologies.

I'm sorry for being arrogant,
I have spent a lot more time reading your tutorial (wasting my time) and ended up unable to find a solution to set up a blogger forum. Now i have to google again to find a solution.

Do you think i will visit your site again ????????????????????

But i have subscribed to your comments to know about your reply.

Thanks & Sorry,
Anjali Chellam

(I'm totally out of my mind while typing this comment, If there are any typing mistakes, please forgive me).

razif said...

kenape bila sya letakan kod html, di atas sekali dia tulis mcm ni:

Error matching blog to blogger entry. If you are the owner of this blog, please check that there is no typo in your blog address and that you have pasted the code from the Add Ads page correctly.

Daniel.James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel.James said...

Is this workiing In Firefox? It works fine in the widget html but not in the acturall html of the site.

I have followed the tutorial correctly and was told to clear catch and old files.

It works fine in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox or even ubuntu operating system.

The forum laods in Firefox but it is not clickable. I want to keep the code in the main html code because it widens the forum.

Does anyone have this problem with Firefox?

Daniel James of Web Exploits


Damaris said...

This was so helpful. I just added a forum to my blog. yay

Mary Anne D. Tolentino said...

Hi, this is really a very helpful recommendation. I tried it in the new blog I just created. I followed everything you wrote step by step and double checked. I created the new static page, registered with nabble and created my forum. However, after publishing everything, the link does not go to the nabble forum found here:


The blog is at: http://miraclemarketevents.blogspot.com/

I double checked all the codes and its correct so I am not really sure what to do next? Help!

♫ mary ♪ said...

for me it doesnt looks like yours. My forum link is http://forum-pentru-toti.961873.n3.nabble.com/

hmm...a little data: i dont use static pages cause i have a navigation menu :| and i added my forum on that. :|

Is there any chance for me :D ?

Matchart Production said...

thanks a lot for the information...It helps me a lot

♫ mary ♪ said...

wow! realy thanks! :D :X :*

CezarB. said...

First of all i wanna really really thank you for your clear and perfect explanations. You are a very straight way man, i love this.
and second ALL of you check my forum \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

:: www.animesession.co.cc ::

Love ya mate! :)

Mahjong said...

Great this was one thing that i was missing in my blog but now will put soon.

Mary Anne D. Tolentino said...

My forum still doesn't appear :(


The blog is at: http://miraclemarketevents.blogspot.com/

What do I do?

PinkFox said...

Thanks worked perfectly.

treskeidecamania said...

the content-wrapper and fauxcolumns can't be found on my blog.. http://www.lifeisabluff.com.. whats my alternative? i try posting the code BEFORE THIS CODE div id='content' at the same time i post the code for hiding those uncessary backgrounds only to show the forum. after saving it i click the forum page it shows the forum but some sidebars , headers, and backgrounds still found on the forum..how can i correct this..kindly help..many thanks

TheSecretOfMillion said...

Thanks for your great post. I am exactly telling you that! My blog is also not a Do Follow blog. Good to have Nofollow. But, your readers can get more benifits as your blog is NoFollow. The links of your readers can be found on Search Engines!

Sai - Blogger Help said...


That is because, your website is not based on Blogger.
Tell me the webpage address, where you want to add this forum, and I will tell you the code that you will have to edit.

Scoob said...

Good show!! THANK You! This is exactly the solution I have been looking for! I've bookmrked this page and added it to my favorites.


Anonymous said...

nice post,
iam using brandnew folio template for my blogger, iam not able to find "content-wrapper" please help to add forum to my blog.

Saikrishna said...

Great Post You Made Up...! And
Thanks For The Effort In Keeping us Understand And Helping us Making a Forum :)
Keep Up With Your Writing Skills

Shall We Have A Link Exchange Since I Too Had A Same Niche You Have And Even Have an good Alexa Rank

So,Waiting For Your Reply Soon

Sai - BloggerStop.net said...

Hi Saikrishna,
Thanks for the comment. As you too write articles from the same niche, so I suggest you to write a guest post for Bloggerstop. It will have a linkback to your blog. And that will be more beneficial than link-exchange.

Brandon said...

I used this to create my forum here:


Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

works great on my blog.thanks.

Laurentiu said...

I put your code where you sayd and it doesn't work for me. Maybe for me is a little different.
My forum page:
So, for the moment I put de embedded code from nabble in the forum page.
Maybe you have some time for me.

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...


Don't paste the code in your post/page, you have to paste the code in the template.
Paste the code from nabble, ABOVE this line in your template:

<div class="main-outer">

And instead of code from STEP #6, use this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://regisipioni.blogspot.com/p/forum-regisipioni.html"'>
<style type='text/css'>
#main-outer {
display:none !important;

Laurentiu said...

Thanks for the answer, but it's working ... wrong.
I put the code from nabble ABOVE (div class='main-outer')
and then I put the code with "if" from you
ABOVE (/head) from template.
The result:
the page http://regisipioni.blogspot.com/
and the page http://regisipioni.blogspot.com/p/forum-regisipioni.html
are the same, with the nabble forum. I think the if condition is not working.
I let the page unchanged (with your last codes) to see.
With hopes,

Laurentiu said...

Sorry, it's ok. I put now the code from nabble in your if from step 4 - but as you said ABOVE (div class='main-outer') and it's working.
Have a good day!

Laurentiu said...

Now, when I test, saw that in the end of the page
(with the nabble forum) are the wrapping informations.
I erase and put again the code with if (step 6) and there are no changes.

Laurentiu said...

I tried the original code from step 6 and it's now that little bug didn't show.
So, the result:
1. I used the step 4 but ABOVE (div class='main-outer');
2. I used the original step 6 ABOVE (/head).
Now the pages with blog and forum are working well.
If you think there are too many posts from me, you can delete some of them.

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

It's ok Laurentiu,

Actually I forgot to mention that you have to include the "if" code from step 4. Glad to know that you got it all right.

Home Internet Cafe Shop said...

thank you very much sir, you are a very bright guy. I've got it by just following your instruction although you don't tell me that you have to paste in the new page for forum, Nable html code, anyway I'd got it from nable. Thank you very much

Bilal said...

Take a look at my forum. I can bet thats the best in blogger

rajesh said...

thanks for the tutorial i have integrated to my blog,but theirs an alternative to nabble...i recently came with http://tal.ki blogger embed tutorial

Anonymous said...

thank you very much that's very important advice for me again thanks

LoveYou said...

i follow your step all but i can't do the 2rd step :(

its say something

**Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.**

what should i do now

please help me

Website Designing Company said...

Then it's just a matter of combining your new forum and your blog, just like any two web sites - using iframes.

good info, I need this

Andrewherata said...

great, i was opened nabble but i can't find tool for claim the forum

dawanz said...


it is not working, please solve this matter.

Board Exam said...

Very good idea...adding a forum in a blog. Will try using this. By the way, what about the site url? Does it change or remains the same? Need advise here.


tears n reflections said...

Hi Divya,
Well i have been cooking lately with an idea about a (Microsoft Project-A Project management software) school powered on blogger...now..I will need to give username and passwords to the Clients where they can view screencasts videos open attachments and have an interactive comment section...Does it sounds like a forum...And if so Blogger dowsnt have one...whats d right way to go about it???

Ekta said...

Thank you very much for this post. I have implemented this on my blog http://ektaraval.blogspot.com/p/forum.html

But the case with me is I don't want to remove sidebar and add given at bottam. If I don't implement step 6 the content will displayed but not in proper format. Is their any way I can dispaly forum on my blog along with my sidebar and bottom advertisement just like http://ektaraval.blogspot.com/p/search-result.html page of my blog. Thanks in advance, any help is appriciated.

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...

Hey Ekta,

Instead of pasting the code as described in STEP #4, paste it in the static-page itself (just as you write a post). Just delete the code which you added in STEP #4 and keep other settings/code as it is.

Ekta said...

Hey thanks for such a prompt reply..
I tried that as well, but now the sidebar goes down, you can go to my blog now to see how it look after making above change...

Ekta said...

Hey man thanks, I don't know how but now it looks perfact...
thank you very much....

Sai - Blogger Help said...


Happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work, unfortunately.

Cannot save, it says:

We could not save your template

Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The element type "body" skal terminated by the matching end-tag "".

Anonymous said...

Seems like we will have to wait for blogger to come up with a forum feature.

Dang, and i almoust belived that this would work! Guess i was too optimistic.

BloggerStop.Net said...


The error you got is because of your template and not because of this forum code. Change your template and this will work just as it worked for several hundreds and thousands of other bloggers already.

toxicMDR said...

I tried all those codes and it just shows me a blank page.
Can you help?

upin said...

thanks, I don't know how but now it looks perfact...
thank you very much....

zainuddin said...

where i can find the html code?

Sai - BloggerStop said...


I have just updated the post with a screenshot (in STEP #2)....I hope you will get it now.

mojee_Q said...

Excellent Tutorial, Thank you so much!!!...so awesome

andyelle1 said...

"< div id='content-wrapper' >"

"< div class='columns fauxcolumns' >"

None of these are in my blog template. What do i do?

andyelle1 said...

To put it simple they are not in my template

Happy Wife & Mamma said...

OK, I did it!! Thanks for this info.

One questions. I need to put a link back to my home page or my navigation bar on the forum page. How did I do that?


Miftah Lutfi said...

Nice sharing..,
And i did it...,

it's my page http://www.cellphone-tutorial.com/2011/01/forum.html

Laptop Notebooks said...

I do it! Thanks for this info.
but how do I search melakuakn forum?
I am a beginner please ...
and how to get my link

Anonymous said...

Ive been trying to get this to work on my blog but it seems impossible. When I click the pagelink to my forum, nothing happens and the status-bar in the bottom of the page says "error on page"..... What in the world am I doin wrong?

markcodes said...

nice. its very usefull for my blog.
check out my blog here for the sample application:

Chantilly Patiño said...

WOW! I cannot praise you enough for this article! You helped me out so much! I am a newbie blogger and I really wanted a forum for my blog to encourage open conversations between viewers. Your instructions were so precise and so well laid out, even for a html code beginner! LOL! I have to laugh at myself because one of the most amazing things for me was discovering that you can hit "F" + "CTRL" and FIND the code in your template. I had been looking through all this code each time I made edits over the last two weeks and had no clue that I could do a search! I was thinking how much I hate Blogger for not having one...lol...so thank you for that too! :) This post was such a help! Thanks!!!


Sai - Blogger Help said...


I am glad this article helped you so much buddy :)
I usually try to include all the points to make tutorials easy for new bloggers as well, but I do sometimes miss our some points, so in case you feel lost in any of my tutorials, never hesitate to comment or contact me. Happy blogging :)

truedimension said...

im new to this html xhtml thing sir.
Can you tell me what this means:
#content wrapper?
Coz i have 3 columns (one 500px for the main post, 1 260px width sidebar column and another 140px for another sidebar)

Another question sir..
What code should i use if i want to retain the 140px sidebar?


LHKhjelper1 said...

Hey There,

I have followed your instructions and have managed to get the forum inside my blog. But I cannot get the blogs side to dissapare when U enter the forum. Could you please, please, please help me? I would be SO greatful. (I did get it to work at first but after changing my Template it did not work any more....)

Thank you for the help so far! Hope to hear from you! :D

cankann87 said...

hello everyone
how can I link the buttons on my blog into other blog?

Nanda Kumar. J said...

Excellent job, thanks///...

Tameca Denise said...

thanx so much for sharing this information! I thought it wouldn't work, but it did. I am so excited! www.youarerealness.com

Mircik said...

Hy and thank you very much. Everything went perfectly, good walktrough.

I've managed to do this: http://aplicatii-iphone.blogspot.com/p/forum.html

Audrey Bean said...

Step #2 unfortunately doesn't work. There is no embedding option in that drop down menu. :(

Bea said...

Thanks for your expertise and walk through, you made it easy for me to add a forum to my blog. I however have lost the "pages" gadget on my forum page, and readers cannot return to my blog and other pages unless they click on my header. I would like my blog to show pages under the header, just like your blog does.
Please help!

Rufat Abas said...

Thank you for your great tutorial!

Akash said...

Thanks buddy, I just created a forum on my blog. This post helped a lot. Please visit http://tech-queries.blogspot.com/

Laura Boin said...

this didn't work for me :-L

Dilip said...

I can simply say You are great. I have implemented in my blog

bgn said...

excellent. there was one called vanilla. but this is better. i`ll definitely use it on my blog

Abhirup said...

Great but is it possible to change colour of this forum?

Sai - Blogger Forum said...

Yes that's possible.
Once you have embedded the forum, Log in and go to Options -> Editor and Change Appearance. From the available skins, select the one you like.

Lyons Masters said...

Question. I added the code from Step #4 to a new page and have manually linked it to my menu bar without a gadget. I've attempted implementing Step #6 but I can't get it to work. I'd like the sidebar content to go away when the forum/page is open.



Anil Joshi said...

After step 3, I not found the code in my blog resource (Either div id='content-wrapper' OR div class='columns fauxcolumns') so how i solve this problem.

Sai - Blogger Widgets said...


In your blog, you'll have to paste the code immediately ABOVE this code:

<div id='main-wrap1'><div id='main-wrap2'>

rajkumar said...

i have created successfully for my blog. great work. thanks bro.

Vangguard Band said...

hello, i just do as you said, i success. but the problem is the design going crazy. the pages its go to the middle of the disign, and it looks ugly. when i try to arrage it from blogger layout it dons not apear. please help me. heres my link : http://masroland.blogspot.com/p/rolandblog-forum.html

joy4856 said...

help .. the background box disappears from my blog

joy4856 said...

heres the link http://pbtnation.blogspot.com/p/forum.html again , the background box disappears

Jen Stekkinger said...

It took me 10 minutes and my forum was up and running. You have a really good tutorial and this was exactly what I wanted. I did not encounter one problem. Thanks a million!

Sai - BloggerStop said...

I am glad that my tutorial helped you Jen :)

June said...

What would have I done wrong? The forum posted to my main page and every page of my blog for that matter. Thanks for helping me!

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