March 12, 2010

Logo Designing Contests - Art of Making Money Online

A Logo is almost as important as the company name itself. In fact once a company goes famous, we don't even have to mention the name of the company, the logo says it all:

Mercedes Logo

And the same is true for a blog/website. Depending on the popularity of their blog/website, people are ready to pay several hundreds of dollars to get the best possible logo for their websites.

So if you think you can put all your creativity in the right direction and create what they want, then register for FREE at LogoMyWay, participate in the logo contests and start making hundreds of bucks instantly.

Logo Design Contests
And if you are looking for a great logo for your website, then also head over to LogoMyWay, announce the contest, encourage the participants - give them ideas and suggestions and finally get the best possible logo design within a few days (contests usually last for 7-14 days).

So, how does it work?
- A contest goes live at LogoMyWay [With prize amounts ranging from $200 to $1000]
- Designers start working on the project.
- The contest organizer gives ideas, suggestions and feedback to the designers and ultimately the best logo wins.
- The selected design is mailed to the contest organizer and the designer gets the award money.

Benefits to designers:
- Anybody can join for FREE and start participating in the contests, as logo designers.
- Understand the requirements, show your creative Photoshop skills and if your logo is selected as the best design then you will be awarded anywhere between $200 to $1000

Benefits of organising contests at LogoMyWay
There are a number of reasons to select a logo contest over individual freelance designers and logo designing companies. First of all, here you will have tens and hundreds of designers working for your logo (i.e. hiring them all at the cost of one). You can suggest and give your ideas to any/each one of them, so that the final product will exactly look like the one you want or even better than that...and for all this, you will not pay to each one of the designer but only to the best one, selected by you.


Anonymous said...

Can u please let me know if we can use .in as custum domain for blogspot blog ???
also any recommendations for domain registrar ?

Sai - Blogger Help said...

Yes you may use any TLD or CC-TLD as custom domain, icludin .in or
I have written my own experience, here in this post.

PS: Plz don't be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Wont you tell something about "The Blogger Template Designer" ???

Divya Sai said...

I'm quite busy this week...and this is quite a big thing launched by Blogger, putting an end to my 8 months long wait. It does need a proper introduction!

Beben said...


Rylaan said...

Logo contests are not a good idea, for either the client or the designers, for many reasons. I'm not sure if links are okay in the comments, but you can do a search for "design contents" and find several articles. Check out the one by logodesignlove or no-spec, they do a good job of explaining why these contests hurt both designer and client.

birju said...

Hello, Divya deedi,
Can I use this Dynamic Description Meta tag for my blog???
I have modified your Dynamic Meta tag like it good or working for my blog???

I dont like the dynamic meta tag you suggested because it is not attractive in search result. So I have modified it like this and i had implemented it in my blog but I dont get any result yet.......can u enlighten me please........

Please Let me know........
thanx in advance......

Soufiane LeBlogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RexDixon said...

I thought this might be a helpful resource for people reading this article. If you do not have much time and are on a tight budget a great resource for free logo design is They have some pretty good designs that are not just basic clipart.  You can design a free logo and if you like your logo you pay for the source files.  The service has also been used by over 100,000 people to design their logos.  

cinta said...

thanks for the info...hope i can make it

Shine said...

Joining logo design contest is also a good way to enhance you graphic arts skills.

angel estrellada said...

wow! Great blog! Its true, Logo Designing Contests - Art of Making Money Online, when one of my friends earning much $$$, thats why I am thinking way how to learn on that..i go to you tube and successfully know that way of designing..Now i earn a lot to and by helping for this site also make money online which earn too.

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