Friday Blogger BackUp #4 - Protect Your Blog!

Another reminder to all the readers of, to protect and save all their content.

Friday Blogger Back UpsIt is important to take regular back-ups of your template and blog-content, to avoid circumstances like these:
Example 1 - Template lost
Example 2 - Comments deleted
Example 3 - Blog banned and marked as spam

Official word from Blogger: Mistakes do happen.

So, precaution is aLwAyS BeTTer than Cure !!!

BEST Method To Truncate Posts In Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

This post is important for all the bloggers, blogging on Googles Blogger platform. Whether you are presently using any post-truncating method or not, you should read this post at least once.

Best Read More hack for Blogger blogsTruncating posts on homepage/archives/label-pages is a must for every blog. If you care for your readers and search engines, then you should know that truncating the posts will make both of them happy.
By showing only a small part instead of the complete post, you will save some bandwidth and time of your readers. And similarly search engines will load your pages quickly too. Moreover your readers will not miss the posts present at the bottom and when they click on the "read more" links to read the posts in detail, it will increase your pageviews too.

"Be Unique" Says Mohammad !

Blogger Of The Week: Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (author at MyBloggerTricks)

About the Author:
I am Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, a Computer System Engineering Student and the author of the blog
I am an addicted blogger,designer, web enthusiast and a certified SEO. I write first heard tutorials on Blogger tools, resources and their uses with main focus on CSS and HTML.

Static Pages Are Now Available On Blogger Blogs

Back in September 2009, along with introducing a new feature in the official Blogger hacks list - i.e. Read More/post-truncating feature, the Blogger team also gave an indication that BlogSpot blogs will soon have static pages too.

So today Blogger has announced that now, we can add some static pages to our blogs like About-Us/Contact-Us/Privacy-Policy/Advertise etc. - one of the most awaited features on Blogger blogs to stand against WordPress.

16 Inspirational Blog Footers

A few years back, website/blog footers were dull and boring with a copyright message and a link to the theme designer. But now webmasters and bloggers have realized the potential of this important part of websites and blogs. As footer is the bottom-most part of a website, so it plays a crucial role in holding your readers for a longer time (and even in monetizing their presence), once they finish reading your articles. So bloggers now have various widgets in their footers with links to their other blogs, popular/recent posts, authors bio, contact-form or some sponsored/affiliate banners. Footers must integrate properly with the overall blog/site design and it should stand out too. So, look at these impressive and inspiring footers and start building your own...

Blogging Made Me A Published Author - Says Michelle

Blogger Of The Week: Michelle Mitton (author at Scribbit)

Scribbit has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, The Denver Post and The Wall Street Journal - ranked fifth in the list of ten Top Motherhood Blogs in the Wall Street Journal, "The Blogger Mom in Your Face" by Sue Shellenbarger.

About The Author:
Michelle from ScribbitBlogging from Alaska since 2005 at Scribbit, I've worn off the lettering on two keyboards from my inability to keep quiet. Mother to four and wife of Andrew, I've won awards from the Anchorage Daily News for blogging and for creative writing (though I'd argue all writing is creative) and I do freelance writing or editing when I’m not sewing cub scout patches, picking Silly Putty out of carpet or looking for lost hamsters.
In 2009 I published an ebook, Blogging in Pink: A Woman's Guide to Blogging, and am currently working on a "real" book (a novel).

Add Mashable Like "Drag To Share" To Blogger Blogs

You would have observed a unique bookmarking tool being used at Mashable: "Drag To Share". In 'Drag To Share', when you hover your mouse on some links (usually images), a message is displayed is to drag and share the page.

Script in Action - LIVE DEMOS:
  • Check out "Drag and Share" on Mashable (drag the image in the post)
  • "Drag to Share" is a project by No Margin For Errors, check out the demo on their project-page.
  • Now see a working demo on a Blogger blog: Hot Orange Template [Drag the image of the orange to see the sharing options]

If you are impressed with the widget, then Add "Drag To Share" to your Blogger blog:

Show Label Specific Icons Below Post Titles

In this Blogger tutorial, you will learn to display icons or any text/image specific for any label/category under the post titles in your blog.

For example, if these are the four main topics/categories of your blog: Music, Dating tips, Finance and Books reviews/Literature then for posts on book reviews you can show this icon below their post-titles:
Books icon

Blog Angel Tells You The Key To Successful Blogging

Blogger Of The Week: Joella Molson (a.k.a. Blog Angel).

What She Says:
Joella Molson aka Blog AngelA friendly hello to all the readers at BloggerStop. I am honored at having been asked to do this interview. My name is Joella Molson, also known as Blog Angel. I am the author of Blogs With I created BWW because creating a blog is a leap of faith, a journey into the unknown and I wanted to help other bloggers to succeed. After all, every blog deserves a chance to fly.

Their Experience Is Now Your Inspiration - Blogger Interviews @ BloggerStop

Blogger InterviewsNo doubt, blog design and widgets will help your readers to easily find what they want. These will increase your pageviews and decrease the bounce rate. But something that brings the heavy traffic to your blog is your unique content and better blog-management. Whether you already have a couple of blogs or are planning to enter the blogosphere, learning from those bloggers who already have years of experience in this field will certainly help you to blog better and build more authority in the blogosphere. So at BloggerStop I am going to introduce a new series of Blogger-Interviews, one blog per week (BOTW - Blog Of The Week).

Dancing Links - That's Jquery Link Nudging

If you are a regular reader of BloggerStop, then you might have noticed some of the links in the sidebar (bottom) start dancing as soon as you hover your mouse cursor on them. This is done using Jquery - Link Nudging.

Here's the live demo (hover your mouse cursor on these links):

Numbering Comments In Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

Here comes the first Blogger tutorial in year 2010 on BloggerStop. This Blogger hack will add numbers against all the comments in your blog. And each number will be linked to that unique comment. You/your readers can use these numbers and corresponding links to mention or point a particular comment on any of your posts.
Numbering Comments In Blogger

Working Demo - Hot Orange Blogger Template.

Instructions To Follow:

Check Google PageRank Of All Internal Pages Of a Website

Post Updated: Tool used in the hack is changed from SeoBook to SEOQuake.
Although there are some tools available, which claim to find out and show you the PageRank of all the individual internal indexed pages of a blog or website like, and, but I found them quite inefficient (rather completely inefficient).

So here's a simple method to check the individual PageRank of web pages yourself within minutes.