Add A Free Forum To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

I strongly recommend all the readers to bookmark this post. A forum is a must for every blog with increasing readership.

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Forums are entirely different from blogs. Forums let your readers interact with each other, create new topics/discussions and some of them even moderate the forums along with you.
1. Forum from Wikipedia.
2. The popular Digital Point Forums

A few weeks back, even I started a forum - BloggerStop-Community

[Please join and participate in the NEW BloggerStop Forums]

But in free Blogger/BlogSpot blogs, you are not allowed to create a sub-domain or even a new directory (an online folder). So hosting a forum seems impossible, but not anymore. Before you read any further, see these 2 examples:

1. A Blogger Blog completely changed in to a Forum.
2. A simple (static) page on a normal Blogger blog, converted to a Forum.

Instructions to Add a Forum To Your Blog

Add Google Buzz Buttons To Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

13th Feb.: Code updated to replace the word null with your blog's name.

14th Apr.: Now official Google Buzz buttons are available (with a share-counter).

Follow BloggerStop at G-Buzz

First it was Facebook, then Twitter and now it is Google-Buzz.
Being a blogger, you don't have to worry on who's copying whom! All these websites let their users interact more easily and for webmasters, it means free traffic with minimum efforts. So, keep all your options open as you never know which of them may bring a big wave of traffic to your blog!

Now talking about G-Buzz, although Google has not yet provided any official "Buzz It!" buttons, but it does allow you to synchronize your blog-feed with the Buzz, so that all your posts are directly sent to your Buzz account. Simply add your blog to the connected sites list...

Inspired by Mashable, now I too have created the Google Buzz It! buttons for the readers of BloggerStop. Here's how you can add these buttons to your blog:

Unable To Paste Text While Commenting In Blogger Blogs ? [Problem Fixed]

NOTE: If you haven't yet found any problem in pasting text, while commenting in a Blogger based blog, then you may ignore this post.

I used to face this problem in the previous version of my Internet browser and till date some of my readers do complain that they are unable to paste text/code in the comment-form while commenting on BloggerStop and some other blogs.
In Blogger blogs (Blog*Spot), comment-forms are separate frames (webpages) embedded in to the blogs. And if you are using Firefox v 3.5.x, then you might have experienced this problem too...

Image Zoom [JQZoom] For Blogger Blogs

Image Zoom [JQZoom] For Blogger Blogs
Here's a creative and innovative way to display large pictures in limited area:
that's JQzoom !

Purpose of this hack:
While the smaller thumbnail image is displayed in your post, the corresponding larger image is displayed inside a floating window only when the reader hovers his/her mouse cursor over the thumbnail-image. The image displaying-style inside the floating-window is exactly like that of a view through a magnifying lens or that of a microscopic view.

To get a clear idea of the hack,
check out the Live Demo... (in a Blogger blog).
And another standalone DEMO

Now follow these instructions to add this hack to your Blogger/BlogSpot blog: