10 Tips to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

10 Tips to Take Your Writing to the Next Level
A guest post by Tom Walker, editor and contributor to the CreativeCloud blog.

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So you would like to give your writing a little more pizzazz huh? Taking your writing to the next level may sound simple in theory, but is often easier said than done. It is often easy to get set in your ways when it comes to counter productive writing habits, and breaking those habits can be difficult to say the least. But with some effort, and by making use of certain tips and techniques, you may be able to shed those habits that are keeping you from advancing your writing to the next level.

Here are some tips that might assist you in taking that next step in your writing, making your work clearer, easier to read, and more effective in conveying your thoughts, theories and ideas.

The Best SERP Tool Ever | SEO For Blogs

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then SERP or 'Search Engine Results Page' is simply the search-results page that is returned to a user when s/he searches something on the Internet (Google/Yahoo etc.), and that "something" is the "keyword" or the "key phrase".
A Typical SERP for 'San Francisco'

Official Google Buzz Buttons [With Share-Counter] For Your Blog

Yesterday Google officially released the Google Buzz Share and Follow buttons.
These buttons will directly post your articles to Google-Buzz, instead of Google-Reader as it was the case in the previous method. Moreover one set of these buttons has a counter too, to count the number of ReBuzzes your article gets.
You can see the working demos of these buttons in many popular websites and blogs including The Washington Post, Blogger, YouTube, The Huffington Post, GigaOM etc.

Add StumbleUpon Buttons [With Counter] To Blogger Blogs

Add StmbleUpon Buttons To Blogger BlogsNow you can add "Stumble It" buttons/badges to your blogs, along with a counter to show the number of stumblers stumbled on your site/post via StumbleUpon.com
The buttons are straight from StumbleUpon, with no modification required. Your readers will simply click these buttons to submit your pages to StumbleUpon and all the visitors coming to your page from SU will be counted by SU and the number of visitors will be shown in these buttons.
Of all the social bookmarking sites I have ever used, I prefer StumbleUpon for the massive traffic it provides. Two of my posts (Post #1 and Post #2) already received over 20,000 visits each, from StumbleUpon. BTW if you liked any of those posts, I would be happy to get a thumbs up from you :)


Design Your Own Blogger Templates!

This post will help you to design your own templates by using the newly launched feature by the Blogger Team - Template Designer.

There are several hundred, in fact thousands of Blogger templates available for free to download and use. But most of the bloggers usually do not find everything they want in these templates and to avoid the hectic tweaks and coding stuff, they finally settle for a template that covers the maximum number of their requirements and compromising on some other features.
But now you can yourself design a complete template for your blog;
To design a unique template for your blog, you have to focus mainly on four aspects of the template:

6 Tips to Get People to Join Your New Forum

A guest post by Tom Walker, editor and contributor to the CreativeCloud blog.

A Bloggers Community © Baratunde
Starting a new forum can be daunting, especially if you don't know where you're going to find the people you need to keep it active. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take that will go a long way toward turning your new posting ground into a vibrant and busy internet community. Read on for a few tips you can do that will encourage new people to join your forum.