3 Blogger Business Card Templates - Your Online ID Cards

In the this highly competitive 21st century, you must have your unique online identity, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. By registering your own name as a domain name you get an edge over others during interviews and business deals. So make sure that you do have your unique domain where you can host your profile, achievements etc.

To make a business card like website, all you need is a domain with your name in it and a webhost where you can host your website. As it is highly possible that your name has been already registered, so try some different combinations of your name like these:
yourname.com or your-name.com (around $10 per year)
yourname.me or your-name.me (around $10 per year)
yourname.im or your-name.im (around $11 per year)
yourname.name or your-name.name (around $9 per year)

Compare And Find The Best Affordable Web Host

Compare And Find The Best Affordable Web Host
Best Web Hosts
Blogger.com, no doubt provides all the features and benefits to bloggers for completely free, and thus till date, it stands as the most famous Blogging platform on the Internet.
But nowadays, most of the bloggers don't want to limit their blogs to just some posts and widgets. To add additional blogs/websites (based on other blogging platforms like, WordPress and Joomla) and CMS (content management systems) to your current blogs, it is necessay to have your own domain and hosting on the Internet.
Although you don't have to search a lot to find a good domain-seller, but it does take a lot of time and intense search to find a host that offers great features at an affordable price.
While searching a web-host, you must focus on 5 main criteria, viz.:

10 YouTube Videos About Writing That Are Worth a Look

10 YouTube Videos About Writing That Are Worth a Look
A guest post by James Adams, editor and contributor to the CreativeCloud blog.

There are two primary aspects of good writing: technical and content. Technical factors include the proper use of punctuation, spelling, grammar and form. Content speaks to the purpose, reader interest and composition of a written piece. Here are ten YouTube videos which address the different factors of good writing.

1. Writing Lessons: How to Write a Feature Story

John Graden discusses how to write a feature story for a magazine or newspaper. He relates the importance of having a good headline and talks about the 'So What?' factor. This three minute video is packed with useful information.

2. How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

This short series of five videos discusses the steps to writing a five paragraph essay. The author talks about pre-writing, preparing your word document, writing your essay, proofreading and formatting. This video stands out because of the cogent examples that it provides.

How To Track Visitors And Optimize Your Website

Post Updated (9th July, 2010): Now "Stats" is an integral part of Blogger.
If you haven't used Blogger in Draft (Beta-Blogger) till now, then do it right away. It is where, Blogger releases all its new features before officially adding the services to Blogger blogs. To access Blogger in Draft, instead of logging in to www.Blogger.com log in at draft.Blogger.com

The latest Beta add-on from Blogger is a "Stats" section in the Dashboard - to monitor and analyze your visitor traffic in near-real-time.

Tracking your visitors' activity on your blog is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, if you haven't yet accessed the "Stats" section of your Blogger-account - then do it right now. And as of now "Blogger Stats" is relatively new and limited in terms of the information these tools provide, so even now I advise everyone to sign up at the below mentioned websites/services, start tracking to give your visitors what they want (that's what SEO is all about)...

You would have seen many fancy and flashy visitor counters in hundreds or rather thousands of blogs, but simply counting the number of visitors or page views is totally of no use to any blogger or webmaster. Visitor-Tracking is a much more advanced and useful method as compared to those simple counters.

So here's a list of important tracking websites, providing free and fabulous features to all the bloggers...

Blogger Custom Domain - Subdomain vs. Naked Domain (Use Both)

NOTE: This post will be easier to understand for those who have registered their domains at 1and1.com and for the rest, this post will surely give you a hint to redirect your custom-domain to Blogger blogs in the best possible way.

After publishing the recent post on BloggerStop about a free domain offer from 1and1, I received a number of mails and queries from fellow bloggers with similar doubts on how to redirect their newly registered domains to their already existing Blogger blogs.

Although I have already posted a tutorial explaining the procedure to redirect a custom domain to a Blogger blog, but due to recent changes at Blogger some new issues have cropped up in this process.

An important and major issue of concern to many bloggers is the restriction imposed by Blogger on using naked-domain-names (domain names without WWW or any other sub-domain) with their blogs as a custom-domain.

As for many newbie bloggers, even this problem is difficult to understand, so let me first explain it in simple terms, what exactly the problem is: