BloggerStop's 2nd Birthday - 3 Domains Giveaway :)

BloggerStop's 2nd Birthday - 3 Domains Giveaway :)
Two weeks back BloggerStop turned 2 (on 23rd Sep) and today I am 22 :) [we both are Librans... yay :)]
So, to celebrate our birthdays, I am giving away 3 free domains :)

In these two years this blog has already met some of its objectives and is yet to meet many more. These are some of the milestones that BloggerStop has set, with strong & continuous support from its readers:
As of now, BloggerStop has over 1 million pageviews, 400 posts, and around 10,000 comments, & all this has bolstered BloggerStop to build good reputation in the Blogosphere. Thanks to the 2000+ subscribers, over 600 Blog followers and 400+ Facebook fans for constantly encouraging me to publish posts with better quality. Although I have been trying my best to reply all the comments and mails I receive, but of course I do have to balance this with other priorities of my life. So, sorry to all those readers, whose comments/mails were left unanswered by me.
And I am happy that BloggerStop has made its presence in all the 192 countries around the world (which are part of the United Nations). In fact as of now, BloggerStop has visitors from over 210 countries.