November 23, 2010

10 Tips For Optimizing Your Blog For Printing

A guest post by James Adams, editor and contributor to the CreativeCloud blog.

With a few simple steps you can optimize your blog for printing, add printable vouchers, and save your blog viewers a lot of ink and paper. In less than 10 minutes, you can improve the professional look and functionality of your blog and convince visitors to comeback, whether it is to buy from you or to simply visit again seeking more information. You can make your blog look great on the screen and on the printed page. Blog plugins allow you to increase readability by choosing which elements from your blog are included on the printed page.

Plugins to Optimize Your Blog for Printing

Quick Online Tips and HP suggest using plugins designed to make your blog printer-friendly. A few popular plugins that omit unnecessary information from the printout are: PrintWhatYouLike, PrintFriendly, Cleanprint and HP Smart Web Printing. VoucherPress adds functionality to your blog to print custom business content for your consumer.
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November 12, 2010

3 Unconventional Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Blog

A guest post by Alvina Lopez, who writes on the topics of accredited online schools.

We've read all that we can, about how to drive more traffic to our blogs. We know everything there is, to know about SEO and writing guest blogs and 'dofollow' links and so on. After a while, though, some of that stuff, as helpful as it is, can get a little old and we find ourselves wanting to have a little fun with how we market our blogs.

That's where unconventional offline marketing comes in. While you'll still want to devote a vast majority of your resources to the standard methods of attracting traffic to your blog, you should also consider having fun with some different approaches to offline promotion. Of course, be sure that these methods won't turn people off to your brand. It's all about balancing the marketing with how it affects your readers.

Here are a few ideas to consider as you try to attract new readers to your blog. Feel free to take these and adjust them however you can to suit your content and niche. And remember: have fun!
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