PCNames - Instant Domain Availability Checking Tool

Purchasing domains these days is definitely more than just having an online presence. It is in fact, no less than the real estate business. Just as a piece of land or a house you can purchase and sell IP numbers (domain names) online. Be the first one to guess the value of a domain name, register it and you will be sitting on a gold mine a few months/years later.
But nowadays, to purchase a domain you have to check not only at the domain registrars but also at various domain sellers and re-sellers (in case the domain of your choice has already been registered by someone else) - making the whole work a lot more tedious for you. But luckily, now PCNames is there to make the process simple and easy.

Christmas Decoration Tools For Blogs - A Round Up

Christmas Decoration Tools For Blogs - A Round Up
It's Christmas time again and I am sure you want to decorate your blog just the way, you decorate your Christmas tree. So, here's a round up of all the Xmas special tutorials already published on BloggerStop that will help you to add different Xmas add-ons to your blog.

1. How to add Christmas stars, balls and snowflake icons to your blog;

Decorate Your Blog With These Awesome Xmas-Icons

2. How to add Christmas Carols to your blogspot/blogger blog

Traffic Exchange Widgets - Wahoha vs MGID vs 2Leep vs ZapArena...

Updated on 21st September, 2016: Although some sites mentioned here, like Zaparena, BlogExplosion and EntreCard no longer exist but rest of the advise given in this post is still valid. MGID still ranks much better than other traffic exchange websites.
The Good...

A few years back, there were only a few social networking sites (Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious etc.) which used to circulate the content across the Internet. But there are a number of limitations to these sites;
Firstly, none of these websites guarantee any minimum amount of traffic to you. Secondly, visitors coming from these sites are mostly the registered members of these sites (although the number of members in these sites is very large but definitely limited). And finally, in almost all these networks only a dozen or so popular websites get maximum benefits (read traffic). Nowadays you can expect significant traffic from these sites only if you have a breaking news or something really bizarre.

The Better...

So the next option to make your content viral is to use "manual" traffic exchange sites/widgets like LinkWithin, BlogExplosion and EntreCard etc. where you have to manually visit other blogs, and in exchange other members of those sites visit your blog.

Again, even this system cannot promise traffic forever;
First of all, you have to visit other blogs, whether you are interested in doing so or not - a complete waste of time and sooner or later you will lose interest in doing that regularly. Secondly, the traffic coming from these sites is mostly non-targeted and they usually leave the website from the landing page itself, raising the blog bounce rate. And of course, this type of traffic exchange is also completely limited to the number of registered members.

The Best...