10 Things Every Blogging Office Needs

A guest post by James Adams, editor and contributor to the CreativeCloud blog.

Being a professional blogger isn’t as simple as waking up one morning and stating, “I am a blogger, look out world!” Like any other discipline or endeavour, being a successful blogger means that you have to take the job seriously. That means working with dedication, planning and forethought. Having the right tools is an essential part of being a blogger, as you need the right tools in order to get the job done.

1. Computer or Laptop: There is no doubt one of the key tools of the modern journalist and the pro blogger is the computer. After all, the computer has become the informational link to the world. Blogging is all about information and staying current with what is happening in the world around us. This means that your computer is an essential tool in your blogging toolkit. While it is not necessary to have a top of the line gaming computer, you should have one that can get the job done or you will lose hours and hours on productivity. Making sure that you have a quality anti-virus program and firewall might be savvy addition as well.

Add A TweetQuote To Your Blogger Blog

In HTML/CSS, when you quote a piece of text from other websites/web pages, then it is usually done through customized quote boxes, called as blockquotes. You can read, add and customize these blockquotes in your blog from this tutorial:
Customize Blockquote In Your BlogSpot Blog

Now, in this tutorial you will be able to add a sub-type of blockquotes: Tweetquote, to your blog.
Many tweets go viral on Twitter and many a times, we do find tweets worth sharing with our readers on our blogs. So, here is a creative & professional way to (re)publish tweets on your blogs:
@BillGates congratulating Warren Buffett, for being awarded with National Medal of Fredom:
Congratulations to my dear friend Warren Buffett on National Medal of Freedom - http://bit.ly/eN9rh1

There are just two steps to follow, in this tutorial: