June 22, 2012

Creating fresh content and SEO best practices for Bloggers

Creativity and uniqueness in ideas is required in many industries and businesses including SEO. But the ideas are not there for always. Those SEO's and small business owners which create and optimize content for a website will find that getting quality and unique perspective of the content is getting tougher by the day. Google rewards high quality and unique content and therefore the blogger should focus more on creating quality content and not on creating a back link profile which is full of article submissions and directory links.

Many companies have limited creative resources and those companies which operate in the niche markets are particularly more prone to this scarcity. We can take the example of a company making desk calendars. A blogger can write a limited number of articles about the product and can target a limited number of blogs for that important link. A blogger therefore needs to search for new ways for making his/her content more effective.

A blogger can incorporate new ideas and angles to the content and get extensive link building. Websites like link bait generator are useful for those small businesses that do not employ in-house staff for creating content. You can enter the keyword and the website will give you generic title.

Use of numbers
You can get more traffic for your article and make it more effective by using numbers in the headline. The content marketing institute says that the posts with numbers generate more traffic and click-through. The numbers of click throughs are increased by about 20% if the list is an odd-number list.

Obscure topics
Writing on obscure topics can be difficult but these are topics which generate the maximum traffic and attention and are also more linked to.
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