FeedBurner Showing 0 (Zero) Subscribers Count

A hot topic being discussed in the Blogosphere is the about the recent issue at Google's FeedBurner. As reported by the FeedBurner Blog it is a temporary issue and they are working to fix it. So don't worry if your feed-count is being shown as '0' for the last 2-3 days. The professionals have already got their thinking hats on!

UPDATE [25th Sep, 2012]: The problem has been fixed. The stats are back and the subscribers count is showing up too.

How To (And Why You Should) Disable Infolinks Search Ads

Years back, websites like Infolinks and Kontera gained popularity due to their innovative non-obstructive in-text ads, which do not shift the focus of your readers from the main content to adverts. As every innovative idea cannot win, depending on the difference in the commission and payout rate while some websites retained and added more publishers & advertisers, some others lost too. By my first hand experience, I found Infolinks as the best In-Text advertiser.
But recently, Infolinks introduced another (well not so innovative product) (a Search based Widget) and enabled it automatically for all the publishers. The idea is good (although reminds me of Chitika). But unlike Chitika, the placement of this new widget is highly obstructive for most screen resolutions, especially if you are viewing the site on laptops.