11 Best eCommerce Themes For Blogger

If you think it's not possible to host an eCommerce website in XML based Blogger, then we have dozens of such templates to prove you wrong, or rather to make you happy :)
As they say "Where there is a will, there is a way" - so now we have many web designers and coders who have made it possible to successfully host an eCommerce website on Blogger platform.
There are many such lists of templates available online but this one is a list of hand picked responsive templates, which are good not only in terms of latest SEO standards but also aesthetically crafted. Check them out on both desktop and mobile phones, take reviews from your friends - then finalize the perfect one for your blog.

An advise: While selecting an eCommerce template, four pages must be checked:
1. Home page
2. Shop/Search results page (check the options to filter and sort the products)
3. Any product page (how clear the product, image gallery and description is)
4. Any product page with variable options to buy (Like a T shirt in Red, Yellow, Blue colors for sizes S, M and L - although varying price option is difficult in Blogger)

Editor's Choice:

1. MNMLIS 2.0

(You will have to share this theme on FB or Twitter to download for free otherwise it costs $20)

2. Butik v2.0

Other Good Resources:

3. Closet v2.0

4. BlogrCart PLUS v2.0

(You will have to share this theme on FB or Twitter to download for free otherwise it costs $20)

5. BlogrCart WHITE v2.0

6. BetaCommerce






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