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2008 – A Journey Started All Alone

This blog became a part of the Blogosphere on 23rd September, 2008. The blog was created with the intention of expanding the blogosphere and help newbie bloggers to create better blogs. The blog reached its epitome during 2010-2011 with thousands of RSS subscribers, Facbook, Twitter and Google+ followers and being one of the most famous blogs in India. On 18th June, 2010 I registered DivyaSai.com just to feed my ego search πŸ™‚
But priorities changed in 2011, when I started working in an MNC and my 9-to-5 routine started interfering with my blogging schedule.

2016 – Teaming Up For A Revamp
Finally after a long break of eight years, again in the month of September I decided to relaunch this blog from the other side of this beautiful World πŸ™‚ And this time I have teamed up with a few of my friends to cater even a larger audience and hopefully we will give a much more professional outlook to the blog this time.

The goal of this blog remains the same – to help bloggers and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams

Team BloggerStop

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  1. Oh.. Your university is in Noida.. lol that’s cool.. I’m currently pursuing BBA from Amity University 125 sector :p and this year I got my internship in Nucleus Software Company in Sector 62 (Near your university). Didn’t know our universities are in same area!

  2. Hi and thank you. I've been on this site for the last few hours. While here I've found so many different items to spice up my blog, the most amazing of which was the favicon installation. Who knew it could be that easy. Thank you and continue delivering good quality stuff!

  3. Hi Divya Sai, I was looking around at some of your posts, it was really helpful. I had a problem recently with someone copying my content literally from top to bottom without giving any credits to me. He even copy-paste the link that says "click here to join blabla..", it was really funny cause his link was not working.lol That's how lazy he was, but he did apologize to me and deleted it as soon as I asked him to. That's why I made a post about plagiarism on my blog. I didn't know that you could report that on google, I thought the only thing you could report are blogs that have adult content without notifications or something like that. I'm not really geeky with computer stuff, but I will try to learn how to protect my images there with your post about it. Anyway, thanks for such informative posts, I'll definitely come back here for more info since I'm really really new to blogging (less than a month as of now hehe..)and would love to be a follower of your blog.

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  4. Thanks for dropping by ma'm, you are always welcome here and I'll try my best to post more useful articles in this blog. Feel free to join me through the Friend connect widget or you can directly subscribe.

  5. Divya Sai, just wanted to say this is an amazing blog and I'm very exited and looking forward to learning many things from you here. – Jesus .Arizona, USA

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