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Your blog must be having more than one labels or categories, and when a visitor visits your blog from search engines like Google or Yahoo, then most probably he/she will land on a specific page/post of your blog. And if the reader likes the post, he/she will definitely search for similar topics on the blog, and this is exactly where, labels and categories will help the visitor. But again, the number and names of the labels are very important.
May be, initially you would not have given enough importance to these labels. And now when you realized the importance, you may find tens and hundreds of posts in your blog with improper labels, which need to be edited, or you may even want to delete some of the labels you have already added, or you may want to add some new labels to your previous posts.

Blogger does help you to do this quite easily, but I still think that they should make it even more better !
Anyways here’s how you can edit, add or delete labels in Blogger.
Log in to Blogger, in the Posting section, click on Edit Posts.

See the highlighted regions in the image above.
As soon as you click on Edit posts, you will see all posts written by you (select posts per page as 300 in the right corner of the page).

1. Now to delete any label, click on “Select All“. Then in the drop down menu “Labels action“, under “Remove label” option you will see the list of all labels, click on the one, you want to remove for ever.

2. To add a label, select all the posts, you want to add the label. Then in the drop down menu “Labels action“, under “Apply label” option click on New label…. Finally enter the name of the new label.

3. And in case you want to edit a label, unfortunately there’s no direct option given by Blogger.
So do this, firstly in the list of labels column, present at the left side of the page, click on the label you want to edit. Now only those posts are displayed which have this label. Now add a temporary label to these posts. Then delete the label, you want to edit. Now click on the temporary label in the labels list. Now add the new label. Then finally delete the temporary label.

And finally display important labels as a link list in a widget, or display all the labels as a flash widget in your blog.

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86 thoughts on “Add, Edit or Delete Labels In Blogger / BlogSpot Blogs

  1. Nice info, I agree that Blogger should include some sort of direct label editing tool, maybe if enough people request it they might include it in blogger in draft.

  2. Hi, thanks for the tip.

    About #3, I think you can save one step by selecting articles with the label you want to change, add a new (“modified”) label to them, do the same selection and than erase the old label.

  3. Yes that can be done, but I have written this additional step, because in case some one wants to modify the word with (say) a capital letter, like modify “gadgets” to “Gadgets”, then you cannot add the tag Gadgets, without deleting the tag gadgets first, because Blogger considers both the words as same.

    In that case, you must add something like gadgets1 or gadgets2 etc. as a temporary tag, then you have to delete the first tag (gadgets), and then add the new tag Gadgets, and finally delete the temporary tag too !

  4. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for MONTHS! My workaround was to individually edit each post–not at all efficient and goodness knows what it did to my RSS feed. Thanks for the info.

  5. hye i need some help regarding this post. im having tough times to complete this task anyway.

    my question is how do you do things like this:

    Haunted Room Stories:
    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

    this is basically to post series of stories from the same title. so you only need to click on the number which link to the entry you want to read. can you please help me? im a real noob in this blog world

  6. They are all simple hyperlinks.
    Create 10 (or whatever number of) posts, and divide your story in to these 10 parts.
    Now you will have ten urls to these 10 posts:

    Now create hyperlinks to those 10 brackets, like this:

    [<a href="">1<>%5D%5B<a href="">2</a>%5D…[<a href="">10</a>%5D

    That's it, place these hyperlinked brackets in a HTML/JavaScript widget and drag it to your sidebar.

  7. Thank you! This was very helpful to me when I realized that I had capitalized some labels and not others. I like uniformity.

    I had no idea how to go about changing them, though. So this was very useful.

  8. hey sombdy said this

    To add Label Links in the sidebar click on your label below your posts. This will open the label page in the browser. Copy down the link rom the address bar. Then login to Dashboard of Blogger and click on Template. In the Edit Html tab paste the following code in the sidebar section :

    buutt i still can not understand how can i have that
    Label Link!!from where>??:-/

  9. Wow, this was such a huge help. I have been trying for a month to delete 2 labels that were connected somehow. As you know with the limited number of labels allowed on Blogger, it was a problem to have an extra long label. Your instructions were perfect!

  10. Hi all. Look, i think i desperately need help!!! I have tried in all possible ways, but labels from posts won't go away, no way. I erase the indicated piece of html code, but no way. i looked everywhere in search of an explanations, and i could not find another way to get ride of the labels for each posts, lokks like there is only this methos? Weird enough, my "show labels" option is NOT checked! so it should not even appear labels from the begininng…
    Please, help me out…
    Thanks so much in advance. A photography (good resolution) for free for the one that can help me out!!

  11. I don't have REMOVE LABEL in my label list. Has blogger removed this option since 2009? I really need to clean up my labels on both my blogs so any direction would be most appreciated. You're welcome to send me a message though the email link on my blog. Thanks!

  12. I only want labels to be presented in a gadget – in the sidebar. I don't want to have them visible under my posts. Is this possible? Regards / Jones

  13. That's what I needed! Although I'm not very computer savy and I had to look up how to label posts and delete labels I didn't know I had. If you wanted to be more user friendly you could explain that part or insert a link to it. Otherwise very helpful!

  14. How to Move from many posts at once from one label to another???
    First Select all the posts you want to move to a particular label and then click on the label you want to… from the drop down menu (label Actions) and then remove the previous label from the same drop down menu.

  15. Thanks. How can I even select a label and doesnot allow to make it visible in the side bar of my blog. When i do editing in my label gadget in the side bar and opt to show selected labels not a single label is displayed in the side bar . Instead it is displayed at the bottom of every post. Please help How can I show only selected labels in the side bar of my blog i.e, If u see here u can 5 labels in my side bar. I want to select more labels but doesnot want to show them in the side bar. Plz help? : (

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