Blogger Help – Swap Title Position

Swap the position of Blog’s name w.r.t. the position of the post’s title, like in the two pictures below:



Follow these simple steps :

1. Log into your Blogger account.
2. Select the Layout option of the desired blog (from your dashboard).
3. Go to Edit HTML section.
4. Under the Edit Template Box, Find this code (in blue color) :


And replace it with this code :

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

And then save it !
Open the blog to see the magic !

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40 thoughts on “Blogger Help – Swap Title Position

  1. Yes it’ll improve your ranking in search egine search query results.

    In case you used a large title for any of your post, then in the search results, it can be showed like this:

    CASE 1:

    or likt this (after applying this hack):

    NOW as more chances are there, that the title will be having more important keywords than the blog name, therefore you cannot afford to hide any of the title’s part but can afford to hide a little of your blog’s name in some of the search results !


  2. Tnx for your reply

    Does it affect PAST indexed search engine?

    I mean the old one that has been published and indexed by google search engine? Is there a chance that it may take change or only the posts after i put this code in my blog

  3. And lastly

    What if I have Short title like this

    Blog Name:Short Title

    Which of this will work good at search engine?

    Your Hack
    or none of the above if the Title is short

    Tnx in advance

  4. Well ok,
    For your first query:
    Google re-indexes pages frequently, so it’ll also optimize your previous posts too.

    In case you have short titles, then although search engines may not miss any important keywords in the titles, BUT readers can….

    If a reader is in hurry, and quickly gives a view on the results, then he may see your blog name and miss the title name, as it is after your blog name, so even in case of short titles this hack is more helpful, and moreover you cannot be sure that you’ll never use any long titles….at least I do use many long titles

    And It would be nice, if you do not comment anonymously, let the conversation be more meaningful

  5. Tnx for your replies ^^ I learned a lot

    With this hack I will change my Blog name for more characters

    and I have 60-70 char for Blog title

    and lastly sorry for offtopic question

    What if I have a Short Blog Title

    Then I want like this


    Make love poems Make horror poems / Blog Name

    and somebody search make Poems

    is that a considered spamming the search engines? or simply a valid trick

    Tnx for this Hack I will embed in this blog

  6. Well yes, that is of course not ethical, although if you have a blog with lots of poems in it, then you can better do this without annoying the Search engines, what i mean is, if you have 20 posts on love poems, then, most probably you will have the word poem in all titles, and hence SEs will easily recognize your blog as a blog with lots of poem.

    Moreover, if you play tricks in titles, without concentrating more on your content, then SEs can enalize too.
    Remember that SEs are although simple algorithms, but are designed by humans, humans who can design the SEs, will of course be having the complete details of the loop holes in their algos and how to preven them too 🙂

    Anyways, with so many sites over there in Internet, as it is also a bit difficult for those great minds to scan every website/blog , so you may get a temporary benefit with these tricks but ultimately you may have to face some serious problems, so I suggest better concentrate on making readers happy, if readers are happy then SEs will be happy to !

  7. Tnx Divya for this hack

    It change my previous post that has been removed my original contentfrom the Search Engine because of some scrappers, plagiarist.

  8. hey divya…need help..after this hack situation is something like this:

    Post Title | Blog Title

    Can you help me to remove the blog title, i do not want to show it in the url feed

  9. hi, i can only get this to work if i remove the title tag from my html.

    i think i should include the title of my blog in my html … so confused on why this is and on how to proceed.

    please help. by the way, i discovered your site today and am really enjoying all your posts. nice layout too.

  10. Hey Elizabeth, glad to have you here 🙂
    I just checked your blog, and found the title tags already swapped. So presently you have both your blog title and page title for any post/page of your blog, so that's perfectly correct, no need to change anything.

    PS: You are not exactly deleting the title code in this hack, if you notice the code in step 4, then in both the codes (before and after you apply this hack), you can see that the title tag is always there:


  11. how come this is not working for my template. i just got a new one but when i implement it nothing is happening.

    my website is

  12. I am new to all of this and I can not even tell you how happy I am to have found you! I have been struggling with so many different aspects of my blog and trying to figure out what some others were talking about, in fact, and I am being totally serious, I have actually been sitting at this computer (non stop) since Tuesday night trying to figure my issues out and get them to work. (I promise I am not dumb or slow or anything)I don't usually think this way, but I was fixing to give up and be done with it all. Then I find you and I whipped out like four things in a matter of seconds, with no problems! You are amazing! Thank you very, very much! Take care and have a great night!

  13. Hey Laura…I'm so happy for you!
    Thanks for your wishes and encouragement…whatever doubts you have regarding anything, please feel free to ask through the comments or you can contact me through the contact page too. I hope you'll find more useful stuff here …


  14. Hey,

    Don't know why but it just doesn't change..Does it have to do something with the new blogger designer?

    I put the code in normally, nothing happens..

  15. Hey, I think you forgot about me heh, but alright.

    I have a bigger problem, my posts don't even have titles at the top of internet browser. Just the blog name, that's it. I've put in this code like 2 weeks ago, nothing happened.

  16. Sir I wanted to ask, if the blogs made on blogger with private domains indexed high on google rankings? I wanted to make a blog with private domain name n private space purchased from yahoo, but my friend said, use your private domain but make on blogger space, it will attract more google traffic. Is he right sir? Please reply, I have made on blogger with private domian, shall i shift to private space or persist with blogger?

  17. Theoretically speaking, as far as you are good with your blog's SEO Google will rank you good.
    But practically, of course getting a professional domain name will increase the chances of getting backlinks from good reputed websites, which will definitely benefit you. And, if your requirement is just of posting news/tips & getting comments etc. then there's no need to go for webspace, just buy a domain. And yes, Google does give more preference to blogs hosted on

  18. Thank you so much for this site and your Blogger SEO tips!
    I have one questions about the method here for swapping poet title and blog title:

    It works for posts, but doesn't seem to work for the pages on my blog, how can I do this for my pages too?

    Thank you Sir!

  19. Thanks for the tips! I'm very impressed with your knowledge 🙂
    I have a question though. Most of my post titles start with the same three keywords. Is this a bad idea in general? or….will swaping the title position in my case be considered 'spam' to google considering all my posts have a similar title?

    Hope you can help with this , thanks!

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