Create An About Me Badge – Customize Your Profile Widget

If you want to improve your “About Me” profile widget, like the one shown in this post, then you should visit this website: Badge Maker

Upload a picture, write about yourself or your blog, and add a footer text. That’s it !
Your new profile widget picture will be ready.

Now upload it at TinyPic, get the direct link and use it in your Blog. To add this picture to your blogger blog, follow these steps:

Log in to Blogger, go to “Layout” , click on “Add a Gadget” -> HTML/JavaScript type.
Then in the widget content, paste this code:

<a href=”Your Blogger/Any other profile link”><img src=”Direct link of the Image” width=”250″ /></a>

Change the code in RED color before pasting it in to the widget !

4 thoughts on “Create An About Me Badge – Customize Your Profile Widget

  1. Thanks Venkata

    It is because of the loyal readers like you, that I am able to add more interesting stuff on this blog….thanks again for visiting and commenting


  2. Hello Again Sai,

    Just one question for you? Why use blogger software for blog with all the headache when you can use a better software and reduce all the work with codes?

    I ask because blogger is really driving me crazy now!

    I decided to create a badge as you suggested in your post for my about me page.

    I created it and saved it to gadget but it displays on every page.

    So I decided to use restrict the widget to the about me page like you explained in one of your articles. But what did I get? The picture didn't show up in any page!

    I mean not in the about me page not anywhere!

    So I went back and remove the codes, now you can view the picture showing everywhere on the page!

    My second Issue is after a static page for about me, I decided to edit my HTML/Javascript to include the link for the about me page. But this time it was showing an error, asking me to name the gadget. (I mean gadget for page URLs)

    So now when you view my pages nav bar, it's showing the name of the gadget above the page links!

    Just view it at

    I need your help

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