A Simple Dark Wooden Style Blogger Template

Recently Blogger is not allowing the use of customized ‘xml templates’ in Blogger blogs, and that is why a number of bx-errors are being displayed while bloggers are trying to upload a customized template.
According to Gatsby (Blogger employee) :

We did this because we had seen a lot of data corruption due to ‘bad
templates,’ and we are trying to stave off some of these issues pre-emptively.
Now we realize that this has caused some inconvenience to folks, so we
are re-thinking our decision and will post an update on that shortly.
In the meantime, I thought I’d pass along a workaround that should
work for most people.

And, as I only create blogger templates based on the simplest blogger theme – Minima, so these templates have simple and correct coding and upload without any errors.

Here’s a new Blogger Template – Dark Wooden Texture

Instructions: How to change Blogger Templates

If you want to improve it further, and make it more search engine friendly, then see these blogger tips and tricks

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