Error : (GIF Image, 1×1 pixels) – Solved

How to correct improper display of some websites :
From the last few days I was not able to open many websites (specially web-traffic analysis websites) including on any of my browsers. The pages were completely blank and displaying “(GIF Image, 1×1 pixels)“. In case of Statcounter the home page was although displayed but everything was a complete mess, you can see the screen-shot:

So I tried to open the same websites on my laptop, which displayed all the websites properly. 

Finally when I searched for the main differences between the systems, I noticed that I recently upgraded my desktop’s antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security to version 8 (2009 ).

Now it was very easy to solve this problem. I immediatley opened the application (KIS ver.8), and disabled ‘Web Traffic‘ option under ‘Anti-Malware‘ protection, and phew……finally I could easily access all those important websites 🙂

*Update: To avoid this problem in Kaspersky Internet Security (or Anti Virus) 2010 (ver. 9), disable “Anti-Banner” under “My Protection

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  1. I had this problem trying to display a cafe rouge voucher. It was fine on my laptop but my pc page was blank with gif image 1 x 1 pixel. Frustrating as I wished to print this page. Using Mozilla firefox so loaded the latest version but still the same. Loaded a java upgrade no change. Turned off the firewall without success. Eventually went into ntl netguard security and found under pop-up blocker there is an ad blocker which was preventing from opening as it contained ‘ads’. Removed that from the ad blocker list and the gif appeared. Printed off ok and looking forward to cafe rouge tonight!

  2. with version 2009 its a little different as I recently discovered myself…

    you need to find and switch off anti-banner in the settings, just un-tick the box

  3. Thank you so much for this information!!!  I've spent all morning looking for a "tech support" number for any computer/tech related company I could think of, only to find that there are no phone contact numbers to answer this question!  I thought I was going crazy!  My husband's computer would pull up pages just fine, but mine would just go blank.  I am going to pull up Kaspersky right now and switch my ad blocker setting…

    one question though…. will the decrease my security in any way?  I'm a bit paranoid about that sort of stuff!!  Thanks guys!  You've been a huge help!!

  4. Don't worry mam, I have been using KIS for more than a year with "web traffic" disabled, and I haven't faced any security problem till now. Make sure you do not disable "file antivirus" and also I would suggest you to use KIS firewall instead of windows firewall (for online security).


  5. Rather than disabling what I did is under the Anti-Banner I added the website I was having issues with in the White list. So now I can view the website and not compromise with my Anti virus.

  6. Guys, you dont need to disable anything in KIS 2010

    Follow the instructions, you will be able to browse the page you want by solving the blank displaying and "(GIF Image, 1×1 pixels) error

    1. Settings
    2. Click Web Anti-Virus
    3. Click Settings tab
    4. Tick on – Do not scan HTTP traffic from trusted web addresses, click the select tab
    5. Add the web address you wanted to access.

    Thats all….

  7. Also if does not work for you in KIS 2010 then follow this instruction

    1. click the Online Activity
    2. Anti Banner
    3. Click settings on white list and add the url that gives you 1×1 error.

    It should work. Chill guys.
    Pls,do not disable the protections provided by you Internet Security to you.

  8. Could be a problem with adblocking extensions (software) or a firewall with content blocking features.

    Try to delete the cache and the cookies from site(s) that cause problems:
    Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Cache: "Clear Cache Now"

  9. dear my friends i had such a problem like you, but i resolve it easily. please do it like me:
    please open the page that your Mozilla can't load it then go to:
    toolsoptionadvancednetworksettings and choose "No proxy" then click OK.
    now you refresh the page, what you see?!
    of course it occurs to me when i used the anti-proxy and that program changed my settings.
    i hope it helps you

  10. this happen to my laptop i know why because i deleted some
    xp file from registry to restore the PC to older point can

  11. Thank you very very much….Can't really thanks enough…so I'm going to say thank you again… 🙂

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