Read More is Official Now and “Static Pages” Are In The Pipeline !!!

Some errors have been reported by many bloggers, while using this hack, so read this post to fix the 3 most common errors/glitches of this Blogger official read-more hack.
The latest gift from Blogger now allows you to truncate your long blog posts with a simple html comment…

The “Read more” hack was already there for Blogger, and infact recently a post on “Automatic Read More Hack” was also published here.
But this method is more simple and does not involve any javascripting too. So try this trick on any of your latest posts now…

To truncate the posts, as already explained at Blogger, you simply have to type a small comment-code, like this:

Part of the post displayed on homepage
<!– more –>
Part of the post HIDDEN on the homepage

Remember that there are two spaces (before and after) the word “more”,
So this is wrong:
and this is correct:
<!– more –>

But wait a second, the title says, that Blogger is going to announce a new feature of adding “Static Pages” to Blogger blogs too…So where is it mentioned in the Blogger post?

Static Pages For Blogger (BlogSpot) Blogs

It’s not written in the post, but in one of the screenshot-images used, the incomplete post clearly indicates that Blogger will soon allow you to add static pages like “About” and “Contact Me” to your blogger (blogspot) blog.
Check out this image (from Blogger Buzz)

21 thoughts on “Read More is Official Now and “Static Pages” Are In The Pipeline !!!

  1. Thank you for this very informative post! I have been trying to figure out how to do this with my posts, as they are always long and I would like to showcase more posts in one view. I am going to add this to all of my posts now that I have the instructions that you have presented. Thanks again so much!!!

  2. @Divya Sai, ye, this trick not works…. you fake this one…. and @The Spammer, your trick of clicking icon of "Insert jump break" also not work properly…. there is repetition of sumary on hidden portion….

  3. Great news! If Blogger allows static pages then it would be icing on the cake…

    But as far as 'Read more' is concerned i would still go with the hack for the following:
    1. In every post i can ensure the exact no. of words i required (it is possible with bloggers <– more –>, but i am bit lazy u know)
    2. I don't have to add it every post.
    3. I think this is the most important, the image is not resized and it looks bad if the image height is more than the summary.

    (mean while take a look my blog: http://money-tipper.com, where the hack works great, also do not forget to give feedback about my blog)

  4. Sidebar now appearing below main blog body on Home page only.
    When i select-click an article from my blog body, then the sidebar appears in the right side correctly.
    When i click the blog title to go back in home page the sidebar goes bellow the last topic and is squeezed.

    My blog is http://exomatiakaivlepo.blogspot.com/

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance

  5. I've been having trouble with this for a while now. Can someone please help me.

    I just used the "hack" that you put and it doesnt show the readmore link on my blog. i have the post seperated to what i want to show on my page and the entire post all together when people click the link. but the link doesnt appear.

    it might also be because i've been to so many websites about this that my html might be conjumbled with different codes of "read more hacks"

    please email me at alex.grillo@gmail.com or rey.norusca@gmail.com if anyone knows how to solve my error.

    Thank you,

  6. Hello Got a question, what if i put a read more on my post and when they click the read post, the summary would not show up but the whole content only? example…


    hello hello hello

    Full content:

    hello hello hello
    hi hi hi hi

    What's the way if i just want to show the
    "hi hi hi"
    since the "hello hello hello" is already on the summary or the preview

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