3 Blogger Business Card Templates – Your Online ID Cards

In the this highly competitive 21st century, you must have your unique online identity, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. By registering your own name as a domain name you get an edge over others during interviews and business deals. So make sure that you do have your unique domain where you can host your profile, achievements etc.

To make a business card like website, all you need is a domain with your name in it and a webhost where you can host your website. As it is highly possible that your name has been already registered, so try some different combinations of your name like these:
yourname.com or your-name.com (around $10 per year)
yourname.me or your-name.me (around $10 per year)
yourname.im or your-name.im (around $11 per year)
yourname.name or your-name.name (around $9 per year)

You can register these domain names from www.Name.com

You may add some other words too, like DrJade.com, PainterJohn.com, WriterAlen.com etc.

Once you register the domain, you need to host a website at that domain. For that, either you can buy web space from any web-host or simlpy redirect your domain to Blogger. Read these articles on how to use custom-domains with blogger:

1. Blogger Custom Domain, Unlimited Hosting And Bandwidth For Free
2. Blogger Custom Domain – Subdomain vs. Naked Domain (Use Both)

So, once you are ready with the domain and a blog, your next job is to give a it a professional business card look. For that, download and use any of these templates:

The Antagonist
The Antagonist Blogger Tempalte

DEMO | Instructions | Download

Visiting Card
Visiting Card Blogger Tempalte

DEMO | Instructions | Download

MiniCard Blogger Tempalte

DEMO | Instructions | Download

Read the correct way to change your Blogger Template.

Image Credits: WD-Depot

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