Really glad to know that buddy…you are always welcome here …

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Really glad to know that buddy…you are always welcome here 🙂

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V Divya Sai – Author @BloggerStop.Net
MGID are cybersquater criminals, their owners Russians OLEG SHKOT and STAS TELIATNIKOV, initially worked in Kiev, Ukraine, in various software development projects, financed by a Cyprus investor, to develop and design the These two programers signed non-disclosure contract with the owner, where ownership for software codes belonged to the investor, nonetheless, these two criminals stole the software codes, and illegaly sold the software duplicate of to the russian tycoon under the new name of language site, and now these two greedy russian criminals redesigned the same software under new name to dupe innocent Americans.Do not get involved with these Russian immigrants,-who knows how they can deceive?

V Divya Sai – Author @BloggerStop.Net
Hai Sai ..
Thanks for all the tips from your Awesome site helped me to design my blog 🙂
Glad to meet you


V Divya Sai – Author @BloggerStop.Net
Glad to know that buddy 🙂
Happy Blogging

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🙂 Thank you!

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making this page longer please don't delete it admin

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lol, took 2 maybe 3 hours. i am steaming mad!

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I made it in 10 seconds without milestones XD

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Hey there, I am using the one from Addthis currently.
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