Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

There are many tutorials on Internet that can help you add a floating widget with multiple share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. But most of them require much of your effort for such an easy task, specially if you want to show the “Total Shares Count“, unlike this one on BloggerStop.

In this article you will be given with two options (both are equally easy) through which you can add a floating sharing widget with all the possible variations for both desktop and mobile devices.

First have a look at the working demo…
Well, the final product is right next to this article (floating at the left extreme of this blog – please hit your favorite button in the widget and share this article with your friends and followers 🙂

Now add a similar widget to your desktop or mobile website within the next 10 minutes.

Two famous websites that provide these widgets are: Shareaholic or Addthis. Both of them have their Pros and Cons, which are listed below.

Shareaholic floating sharing widget for Bloggeraddthis floating sharing widget for Blogger
Easy to add – just one line of codeEasy to add – just one line of code
Gives “Total Shares” countGives “Total Shares” count
Can be shown only on Mobile/Desktop (default is both)Can be shown only on Mobile/Desktop (default is both)
Analytics – can be clubbed with Google AnalyticsAnalytics on it’s own platform
Can show individual countsIndividual counts not available
Multiple color options (other than brand colors)Only White, Gray, Black (other than brand colors)
Available in 3 different sizesAvailable in only one size
You can select different set of share buttons for desktop and mobile (so you can restrict Whatsapp for Mobile only)If you select the buttons yourself, then the set of buttons will be same for both Desktop and Mobile (so, you need a new code/widget if you want to show different buttons on mobile)
Monetization options are also availableNo monetization options
The design is old and you cannot change itModern design with rounded edges
No additional tools like exit popups to get email subscribersAdditional tools like pop ups to acquire new subscribers along with A/B testing
No email subscribers/marketingCan acquire and maintain email subscribers and marketing list

Now, considering the pros and cons and depending on your main source of traffic (either mobile or desktop) select the appropriate one for your blog. The instructions to add the widgets are easy to understand. In AddThis, you can copy the code from “Get The Code” section and in Shareaholic click on “Get Setup Code” once you have setup the widget. You can login to these accounts and make changes anytime and they will automatically reflect in your blog.

To Display Whatsapp Share Button on Blogs for Mobile Browsers

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

This is how Whatsapp icon will be shown on mobile displays. If a major component of your incoming traffic is from Mobile devices (you can find this out using site analytics tools like Google Analytics), then go for Shareaholic, as it allows to you specify different combinations of share buttons for desktop and mobile views.

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Thanks….. Really relieving…. I wanna add share button below page like this blog… Any advice

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Hey there, I am using the one from Addthis currently.
If you want something similar to the one below all the posts, then you can try the widget from SumoMe as well, as it allows to place the widget at various different positions like below the header, below the post etc.

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