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UPDATE (10th July, 2010):
JS-Kit (Echo) is now a completely paid service. Free trial is available only for 30 days and after that you have to pay $10 for every 30 days to use their service. As Echo is presently being many big corporate sites like Wshington Post, New York Times and Technorati so I would recommend this to only those who are really serious about blogging and for the rest – better go for the free services viz. Disqus and IntenseDebate…

In blogs comments are almost as important as the content itself. It is through comments that bloggers get additional content, new ideas, feedback and more inspiration to blog better. But getting comments on a blog is not as easy as bringing traffic to the blog. Along with interesting content, the blog’s interface also plays a key role in fetching more comments. In Blogger although you can easily add an embedded comment-form beneath the posts, but it doesn’t look attractive or professional.
So here are three new comment-form providers. Select any of these and make your blog completely professional. Presently in Blogger blogs, with custom domain and customized templates, comment-form is the only left element through which people can recognize yours as a free blog, so once you implement any of these new comment-forms you will have a complete pro-blog.

The three comment-form providers (in order of my preference) are:
1. JS-KIT (Features)
2. IntenseDebate (Features)
3. DISQUS (Features)

And here are the screen-shots of the comment-forms (in the same order as above):

JS-KIT (Demo Blog)

IntenseDebate (Demo Blog)

Disqus (Demo Blog)

The reason for selecting JS-Kit over Disqus or IntenseDebate is of course the more number of features and facilities you get at JS-Kit.

NOTE: By using any of the above comment-systems, your new comments will not be indexed by Google. So consider these points before you switch to any of these services.
If Google is NOT your primary (or important) traffic source, and even if it is the primary source of traffic, but you have sufficient keywords in your post-titles and content then you may add these forms.

BUT if Google is your primary source of traffic and most of the search queries that bring traffic to your blog is because of the keywords in your comments, then I would suggest you to carry on with your present comment system.

To check and track your visitors source/keywords read this post:
Track your blog’s visitors.

*UPDATE: According to JS-KIT, their comments are indexable by Search Engines, so consider the above “NOTE” only if you planning to use IntenseDebtate or Disqus.

IMPORTANT: Before you modify your template, make sure you back up the present the template by downloading it. And in case you ever want to switch back (from IntenseDebate or Disqus to Blogger Comment system, then make sure you reverse the settings back to “New Posts Have Coments” before you publish any new post).

51 thoughts on “Add New Comment Forms To Your Blogger Blogs

  1. I had a lot of problems with intense database..there are lots of bugs…. it has t be improved…. How about the other two..JS-kit and disqus…

  2. @ Shankar
    When exactly did you try IntenseDebate? I think this service this service has improved in the last few months…
    Anyways I think JS-Kit is a lot better than ID

    @Blogger Make Monye
    JS-Kit offers "Visual customization", so You can easily customize whatever you want.

    Yeah that's a really big problem in both ID and Disqus, as they require that modification in the settings, described in the post above.
    BUT in case of JS-KIT, the comment-form adds as a widget and it actually has the optoin to integrate your old comments with this new form.
    And when you want to return back to blogger, you will get those comments too, which were made when you were using JS-KIT.

    @ Anshul

    Yeah Comment-luv is a good add-on too, but again to install Comment-luv, you must already have JS-KIT installed in your blog.

    Here are some more tutorials to make the proicess easy:

    Add Comment-luv to Blogger Blogs

    Customize your JS-KIT comment form and comment-luv add-on


  3. @Dav7

    There's a glitch in JS-Kit too, when you revert back to Blogger from JS-Kit, then although you get back all the comments made on JS-Kit, but it shows that all the comments are made you(Blog owner) :-/

  4. @sai: I used it about a month back..the service is good..I mean they are replying to whatever queries we ask… but they still have bugs….they are yet to rectify some bugs… THen i changed my comment form back to normal…

  5. Good morning…I installed JS-Kit to my blog (hosted by blogger) , using the installation prompts. I saved it and then added Comment Luv. The Comment Luv icon isnt' present. Also, several readers informed me this morning they found it a pain in the butt to leave a comment. I'm afraid I'll lose readers when I really wanted to do this to drive traffic to their sites.

    Any advice you could offer a novice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also unhappy with the color in comparison to those prevalent on my site.

    Kind Regards, Sandy

  6. Well even I have seen a gradual decrease in the no. of comments in my blog, after adding the JS-kit, but as I like it's features, so I am planning to try it till the end of Aug. and then I'll make my final decision.

  7. I'm using Disqus on my blog since a month now and I'm very satisfied with it.
    First of all it has a trackback-function, which the others (Intense and JS-Kit) don't have. And second the surface to add your comment is nearly like in WordPress and so I get a higher comment rate on my posts.
    And third, if you haven't removed the "nofollow" tag from your template, the comments will also not be indexed with the original comment form from blogger.

    Hopefully blogger will change its commentform with 10th anniversary… 😐

  8. Yeah even I hope so…blogger should mainly change the drop-down menu, and hopefully make the form load faster.

    anyways here's an update: Even I was using JS_KIT for somedays, but finally removed it. I didn't see any decrease in comments, but there wasn't any increase too. And moreover JS-KIT changed their system from simple comment forms to a new system called echo, which really sucks !!

  9. I'm using Disqus. But am experiencing a small problem that can probably be fixed by a tiny modification in the code. But I don't know coding. Divya could you please help?
    This is one of my posts-
    As you can see, below the Disqus comment form there is too much place being left. You see I had my template patched on the disqus website itself (automatically, not manually).
    Afterwards, the comment form itself worked fine. But bellow the Disqus comment form the 'post a comment' message was still being displayed & there was also a lot of place being left. So I took matters into my own hands. I checked your post where one could modify the 'post a comment' text & deleted that line of coding. So the post a comment no longer shows. But still too much gap between the comment form & the bottom of the blog. What can I do to change that? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  10. @Magali,

    First of all…a great template to match your nice blog.
    Must be enjoying the reply button in disqus comments!!??
    I'm glad my posts are helping you 🙂

    To remove that white space, most probably there's some extra new lines code, i.e. just after your disqus code/backlinks code, you may see this type of code:
    <br />
    so, if it is there, then delete it. If no such code is present in your template, then send me your template through my contact page. I'll check the template for you.

    Kind Regards

  11. Thank You. The compliment means a lot especially when it comes from you! 🙂
    Yes the reply function & gravatar functionality were te main reasons I switched to disqus. I searched for the said codes but was not able to find them. So I mailed you the template. Thanks so much for your help! 😀

  12. @cadilacjax,

    Previously js-kit and comment-luv association was possible, but a few months back they changed their sevice to "echo" from js-kit and since then comment-luv is unable to connect to echo/js-kit 🙁

    You can read my reply to Anshul here

  13. Dude are you kidding me?
    THE Riley Smith was here? And wanted to try comment forms in a website? BTW just got to know that the domain has been registered by Aniket Warty ??

  14. currently im using intense debate for organizing my comment. but after looks several other blog, i think disqus maybe more reliable for use.

  15. thanks for this wonderful post..but i found it difficult to follow ( i am not a tech savvy)..I have a highly customized template so when i installed it via widget, the comment form did not appear below each post.. so i need to inject the code manually but i don't where to inject it..hope you help me further..

    thanks. 🙂

  16. Main advantages Disqus has is the adeptness for users to login with Facebook Connect area the comments as well arise in the commentators newsfeed. Disqus is Great! Currently there are some "comment plugins" which can let a page accept action of comment.

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