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The content on this blog is all written in simple English, which attracts many people who stay longer on this blog due to easy and better navigation system of this blog.
Now see the technical or statistical reports of this blog, which will make sure that you are making a perfect decision by advertising on this blog:

Alexa ranking [Link Here]:
At the time of writing this page, Alexa Rank of is around 25,000, which means – this blog is very famous in the blogosphere, with thousands of page views every month.

Advertise On BloggerStop.Net

And another important criteria for checking web site/blog popularity is of course Google PageRank, which is currently 4 for the home-page, and many of the internal pages of this blog have got anywhere between PR1 to PR4. [Contact me for exact details]

And last but not the least, being a blog, the next rank to be considered is Technorati rank, which is similar to Google ranking system, and presently BloggerStop.Net has a ranking of 25,000.

Don’t Compete — Command The Page Yourself

Many web surfers block adsense ads, but these ads will be in simpe html so everyone will watch your ads.

Placement of ads:
Choose the ad placement that works best for you – horizontal or vertical.

Horizontal top: [Ad slot 1a] Right at the top (the perfect one), one ad [1000×100 or 728×90 pixels], or four ads broken up equally. This will appear even above the header image.
[This slot is not available now]

Upper left hand corner : [Ad slot 1b] The very first thing people see when they open a page. Above all the posts, and below the Logo. [500×60 or 468×60]

Top Side Bar Squares (Left side): [Ad slot 2 – 8 ads of 125×125 pixels each] An attractive location in the side bar, get the attention of many visitors, most of clicks can be expected from other webmasters.

Side bar – Sky scrapper: Get the whole length along the article, while the visitor is reading the post.

Bottom of posts: [Ad Slot 4 – 468×60 or 500×60] When visitors reach the end of the page and wonder what to do next, let them click to you! Size is reasonably flexible here. Maximum of 500 pixels wide.

Bottom of page: [Ad slot 5 – 1000×100 or 728×90 pixels] For some Scrolling doesn’t stop at the posts end, and when they reach the page, bottom….next target will be your website.

Advertise On BloggerStop.Net

NOTE: For paid reviews, $200 will be charged per review. The review will contain a number of important keywords, and the traffic coming from the review will be all highly targeted and specific from search engines like Google.

Payment for the Ads

Ads are payable monthly/quarterly in advance. You may buy up to four quarters (one year) at a time, but we cannot commit to longer than that at these rates. The site is growing rapidly, and we expect that rates next year will be somewhat higher to reflect the higher traffic.
Billing is via PayPal, online account transfer or snail mail, as you prefer.

The Legal Stuff:

We reserve the right to approve all ads.
We reserve the right to cancel any ad for any reason (and will return pro-rated amount within 15 days of cancellation).
Ads must be submitted complete, in .gif or .jpg format.
Ads may be changed monthly at no cost, or upon payment of a $10 modification fee.
All advertising links will be coded as “NOINDEX, NO FOLLOW”.

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I love your blog. It looks awesome. I got here from another website that has recommended this one as their top 100 and you did a wonderful job with the design.


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Nice Blog

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