African Safari

When you are in Cage and Lions are watching you
then it is definitely
African Safari

But of course those lions are better than these from South Africa…

And things can go worse if you don’t have these SUVs/Jeeps. Like, in Kaziranga National Park, India, a tiger can be seen attacking a visitor on an Elephant:

13 thoughts on “African Safari

  1. Well, if the silly asshole will stay put while a lion bites his tyres what can you expect? He almost got what he deserved.I guess it would be too much to hope for to ask him to get out and take a photo would nt it?

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  2. These beautiful animals will sooner or later have to be killed because they are becoming too used to humans & will end up hurting someone, through no fault of their own.They are not as tame as these stupid people think.They are LIONS.
    Humans should stay in their own territory & respect the space of wild creatures.It's disgusting the way we swarm all over the face of the earth as if it all belonged to us, & only to us.

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