Are You Planning To Make Your Blog “DoFollow” ?

This Sunday morning I was surprised to see over 100 unread comments on my blog with hardly 1 or 2 words per comment. Most of the comments were saying either “thank you for the post” or simply “ty” and of course linked to some blog/web address, now it was clear that all of these comments were SPAM.
It took almost one hour to delete all these comments. I am sure Google would already have detected all these new links leaving my blog, but luckily for me BloggerStop is not a DoFollow blog. Then why all these unecessary comments were here this morning?
Spam Comments
I checked my stats [track your visitors too] and found all these commentators were coming from a famous Turkish forum R10, and they were here due to an incorrect post mentioning BloggerStop as a dofollow blog.
So this is exactly what can happen with you too, if you have a dofollow blog and a single post about your blog is posted on a popular forum. And imagine the spam flood your blog will face when the same post is copied to other forums, blogs and directories. Within a few days Google and other search engines will penalise your blog for converting it in to a link farm.
But if you still want to enjoy the spammy, non-converting traffic and you think that you have ample time to moderate all the spam comments then you can easily convert your blogger blog in to a dofollow blog, by deleting a small code snippet:


from this line:

<a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’>

in your blogs template (the code will be displayed in the template only when you mark the “Expand Widget Templates” tickbox).

So, any plans to change your blog to a dofollow blog?

13 thoughts on “Are You Planning To Make Your Blog “DoFollow” ?

  1. It's not about pre or post moderation of comments. In any case there'll be a flood of spammy comments as soon as someone announces your blog as a dofollow blog. And also due to confusion over strict moderation you may have many false-positives and false-negative while marking spam-comments, and in either case you'll be at loss.

  2. I kinda enjoy Spammy comments 'cause after all, they are comments :p

    But one thing that angers me is that they post comments in oter language that isn't the blog's one (Except for people I know/trust). Or those viagra-spam-seller bad-written posts..

  3. Yeah you may enjoy some of the spam comnments, but don't you think it's unfair to our sponsors/ads who are paying to be mentioned in the site whereas spammers are doing it for free?

  4. There's indeed a widget available for Blogger Blogs to show top commentators. But it uses Yahoo pipes to get the required information and then displays the results using javascript. So although will not exactly give them backlinks, but on your blog, it will display exactly like a normal HTML widget. As this is ased on JS, so the advantage is if a spammer suddenly floods your blog with spam comments, even then although he will be listed in the widget but Google link juice will not pass to him. In the meanwhile you can delete all his comments.

  5. Thank you for this post. Lol

    this is what happened to my blog too =)) got lots of spam and so now i am moderating comments and then deleting those spam comments

  6. You got that right… In december I was in a forum as a main lead commentator as the forum was launched by one of my friend in the poker industry. Within a month, I got so many spammy comments on my blog, that I stopped talking in that forum. Till date I have not even signed into that forum, lol… RIght now I have enabled the email option so I check each and every comment manually and delete if feel spammy 🙂


  7. This is quite a good read on going dofollow. A snall suggestio, Always, always make sure that you hold back comments for review first though if you institute “dofollow”… unfortunately a lot of spamming idiots try to take advantage of “dofollow” blogs and the anti-spam features on blogger are quite limited

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