Bandwidth Exceeded – Google Pages Annoying Me !

Although I admire Google Pages a lot, for providing free file hosting service, with hot linking facility, but recently I have been facing some problem of bandwidth limitations, as the number of readers on this blog is increasing so is the bandwidth requirement for the files. And actually I cannot blame it totally on them, as even BIG and secured companies like Google and Yahoo also face the problems of spam, so they must put some limitations on their services.
So, if you are planning to use any of the widget from this blog, then please replace the link to……. to any other hot linking provider website.

I would recommend you to use MyDataNest (registration required) to host your files online and get direct links / hotlinks to these files, that is where even I am hosting my CSS and JavaScript files, used in the tutorials and hacks.

10 thoughts on “Bandwidth Exceeded – Google Pages Annoying Me !

  1. If you or any other blogger cannot use any widgets from this blog, then it doesn’t make any sense of me adding newer widgets every now and then dude! 😉

    This post is just a suggestion and a request to all those readers who use widgets from this blog, that as in future the users will increase even more, then chances of bandwidth limit exceeding may also rise, so to avoid situations like those;
    while using any widget from this blog, just download any file linked to “” to any other free file hosting site, and link it from there, so that every body can use the same widget, while no one will face the problem of bandwidth limitations !

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  2. yes that’s quite easy and really very important,

    do this:
    If any of the widgets on this blog, you see a code link like this:******.****

    then download that file
    and create an account at and upload it there to get another direct link.

    Now replace the first link(dsai.588…..) with the new one (…..) in the code, and paste it in to your blog

    That’s it !


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