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There used to be a thought that all, or most, bloggers are men. In fact, that is not true. There are literally millions of bloggers out there who are not only women, but moms. Mothers are some of the most prolific bloggers because a lot of them either work from home, have taken maternity leave, or are stay at home moms. They have the time and energy necessary to blog every day, like successful bloggers should. Sometimes, though, even mommies run out of things to write about. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few ideas for blog post topics. Whether you are for moms or you are a mommy blogger, these tips and topics can equally apply.

Blogging for MomsChildren
Well, duh, kids are going to be the first thing that moms blog about and want to read about. But what about kids? What do they want to know? What do you want to write about? Here are some ideas:

1. Real Life Stories – A lot of mommy bloggers start out by writing their own life stories. Their birth experiences, their children’s habits, their day to day lives full of adventure, boredom, and cleaning. Real life stories are so popular because everyone is unique. We can all learn from each other and grow together as we experience the same big issues in our own individual ways. There is just something compelling about true stories that make them excellent for blog posts.

2. Health Issues – Health is always a big thing with moms. From colds and allergies to autism and Down Syndrome, moms love to talk and read about health issues, how they can be treated, what to expect, and what they can do to help their children. Even things like immunizations and check-ups make for great blog posts.

3. Sleep –One thing that moms everywhere do not get enough of is sleep! Kids universally seem to have issues with going to sleep on time, getting up on time, and getting enough sleep. New parents especially seem to have trouble with adjusting to a baby’s sleep schedule.

4. Food –Feeding your child is just as important to their heath as getting them to the doctor. Moms want to make sure their children have the proper nutrition and balanced meals to help them grow into string, healthy adults. From lunch and snack ideas to dinner recipes and ways to cut sugar from dessert, food is a huge blog post market.

5. Childcare – Taking care of children is the number one priority for moms. Some stay at home, some have partners who do, some choose daycare or preschool, some have kids already in school, and some have nannies. Talking about what childcare is safest, most cost efficient and best for their child can be a touchy subject, but makes for great blog posts.

6. Learning –Teaching kids their ABCs and 123s is something that all parents want to hear about. The basic learning that children do before they get in school or during summer break makes for great blog post fodder. Even money skills, listening skills and reading can be covered in this extensive arena.

7. School – Education is a big part of children’s lives, and moms want to know they are getting the best schooling they can. From teachers to homework recess to math class, blog topics about education can cover a wide array of subjects. Some moms are even homeschool teachers themselves and need resources and ideas for their classes.

8. Fun –It is all fun and games here, with crafts, art projects, learning fun, building and much more. You can tell moms how to create mess free crafts, how to build their own tree houses, how to make a fort out of blankets, twenty five uses for cardboard boxes, and more. Whatever you did as a child or you do with your children for fun is open to write about.

9. Sports –Kid’s sports can get a little competitive, but they do provide a great learning experience. From volleyball and soccer to lacrosse and basketball, kids are in a wide variety of sports and competitions. Help moms to know what is best, what is safest, what teaches kids lessons in teamwork, and where to get supplies on the cheap.

10. Stages – From infant to toddler, kid to teen, moms need to know what to expect. Chores and learning, coordination and health all depend on the child’s level or growth and development. The stages of childhood are very important to moms and make for a great time-line based blog post or post series.

Speaking of time, we all know that there is never enough of it. This is especially true for moms. Helping a mom to use her time better and get more done is a great idea for blog posts. Here are some things you could write about:

1. Organization – Staying or getting organized is the number one time saver for anyone. In an office or at home, you can waste a lot of time searching for things if you do not stay organized. Help moms out by offering tips on how to separate items, how to decorate for maximum organizational space, what to organize first, and more. Even children can be taught to keep their toys, games, and books picked up and put away if the organizational system is easy for them to understand, saving mom a lot of time.

2. Strategy – There always needs to be thinking going on when you are trying to keep a lot of things going at the same time. Saving time, for instance, driving kids to and from activities can be as simple as agreeing to carpool home with a neighbor or schedule events so that they take place at the same time and close to each other. A lot of a mom’s day is spent in the car, so make the drive count.

3. Saying No – Sometimes time management is as easy as telling someone no. Moms seem to have a hard time setting up firm boundaries, with their kids and with others. Help moms know it is okay to say no when you do not have time, when you feel overwhelmed, or even if you just do not want to do it. That does not make you bad or selfish, it makes you sane!

4. Personal Time – Setting aside me time is hard for moms. Their children always seem to need them, their spouses need attention, the house is dirty and the pets are hungry. Setting aside some personal time is often pushed away and forgotten, but it is very important that moms get some time for themselves or they will get burnt out. Five minute relaxation tips, short getaways, and mini vacation ideas make for great blog posts.

5. Preparation – Always be prepared might be the Boy Scout’s motto, but it works for moms too. The more you can get done ahead of time, the less stress you will be when the big event occurs. From making school lunches the night before to freezing meals for healthy weekend eating options, being prepared is a great time saver and a subject for many blog posts.

Some other things you can also talk about are saving money, diet, and recipes for feeding your family. Healthy, affordable meal ideas are always big and do well as blog posts. With the harsh economy and having to stretch everything, saving money is also a popular topic. Diet and fitness is also a big one, since moms want to stay healthy and able to take care of their families. Think about what you would want to read, what you use every day, and what tricks you have learned to come up with more great, creative blog posts that moms will love!
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