Can Blogging Help You In Taking A Career Decision?

Short answer is “Yes, Of course
And the long answer is “Yes, but it needs your efforts“.

Can Blogging Help You In Taking A Career Decision?

But don’t worry it’s something you would love to do and invest your time.
Whenever you try to take an advise from someone about your career their first question or suggestion would be “what are your interests” or “follow your passion”. But it’s easier said than done, especially for people like me who proudly call themselves “Jack of all trades and Master of none”. And that’s normal. People like Warren Buffet or Tiger Woods are rare, who knew what they were supposed to do even before their teenage. Rest of us, are still trying to figure out what are our areas of interest that can pay for our bread and butter as well.

So, to make a career decision – you need to answer two questions:
1. What’s your single area of interest
2. Would you be able to earn a living, if you follow that passion of yours

And yes, we are trying to figure out these two things simply by .

The process may take some time but believe me it’s not difficult. And the time it will take, simply depends on the size of your confusion (more your areas of interest – the more longer it will take). On an average mostly people start with two or three areas of interest.
And here’s the drill: Do not take short cuts, that means no multi-tasking, at any one point of time give all your inputs & focus on any one of your many interests.

Let’s say you are interested in cooking food and you love photography as well. Or let’s say you love to code in Java and you love data analytics as well. Now our task is to narrow down to just one of these two interests for your career.

Steps to follow:
1. Start a blog on one of these topics first, you need to write 10 articles within a month. If possible write articles explaining new things to your audience – “How To” and “Do It Yourself” articles.
2. After writing every article, spend immediate next two days sharing it with your friends and people with similar interests through forums and social media.
3. Involve with a larger group of people across sites like LinkedIn and take their feedback on the career prospects in this field.
4. Do this for a month or a couple of months and then take a break of 2 days.

5. Note down how you felt after first 2 days, 1st week, 2nd week, 3rd week, 1 month and during the last 2 days (of break) (you need to point out how passionate you felt while working on this subject, how comfortable were you while discussing the subject with others, what career advise you got from experienced people from this field and lastly – did you miss your other area of interest during this time)

Can Blogging Help You In Taking A Career Decision?

6. Now, repeat this entire procedure with your second interest.
7. Again note down how you felt after the first 2 days, 1st week, 2nd week, 3rd week, 1 month and during the last 2 days of this activity.

8. Finally compare the points with your previous activity. And here you are, with a more clear picture towards your next career move.

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