Bring Them Back – Republish Your Lost Posts !

Blogs are dynamic, when you publish new posts, your older posts are lost forever in the archives. While posts on the front page get maximum attention and pageviews but other posts on your blog receive only direct traffic from search engines and social networking sites. With ten or twenty posts in a blog, finding a particular post is not difficult. But when you have 100’s of posts published on your blog, then your visitors may easily miss out any post of their interest, while going through your blog archives.
But if you are using Blogger, then you have got an option to bring back your older posts to the hompage whenever you want.
This is especially useful in seasonal events, when a post written in the past must be present on the homepage. But publishing a new post with the same content will cause content-duplication problems, so you can simply edit your previous post to change the publishing date and bring it back to the top.
So to do this, open the post-editor and click on Post Options link present in the bottom of the page. Now Set date and time to present or any future date.

Finally save the post and your work is done (You can of course undo the changes, to send the post back to its original place).

This technique is SEO friendly too, as you are not going to change the permalink of your post. In Blogger, when you publish a new post it gets a unique url in this format (
which should and will remain the same, even after doing this hack.

9 thoughts on “Bring Them Back – Republish Your Lost Posts !

  1. Cool. I already kinda "arknoledged (Or however that *pii* is written)" that trick when reading your tuto about making stickies 😀

    Greetings, and Happy X-Mas from now on, before I forget =))

  2. Yeah even I was going to mention it's simlarity with sticky post tut, but slipped out of my mind when publishing this one. Thanks for mentioning that point.
    And a very very Happy Xmas and a New Year to you too Daniel 🙂

  3. Wow, this was really fantastic idea, I must say. I am happy that I got your profile on blogcatalog and came to your blog. I myself have done a lot changes on my blog, right from your creating forums post (the latest one) 🙂

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