Don’t Clutter Your Blogs – Think Beyond SEO

Update: Hardly within a week after this article was published, two important announcements have been made by Google. Show fewer ads by Google-Adsense and Google’s decision to penalize websites with intrusive interstitial advertisements.

Glad to see such decisions from Google – bringing clean, ads and distraction free web design closer to SEO.


Over the years, blogs and websites have become so cluttered with advertisements, that you literally have to search for content within the ads. And as far as Google’s SEO is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be a defined maximum number of ad units per page which … Continue Reading..

Learn How To Start A Fashion Blog From MissMinusSized!

If you think fashion blogging is enjoyable – then you are right…
If you think fashion blogging is overcrowded – then also you are right…
But if you think it’s easy to conquer – then take a break…it’s not a piece of cake!

Fashion + Blogging is definitely something more than just showcasing your wardrobe to the world. While you definitely have to be creative with your wardrobe and all your fashion accessories, at the same time the blogging aspect of it demands your command on design, technology, photography, writing, marketing and SEO skills. Of course you don’t Continue Reading..