Check How Fast Your Blog / Website Loads – Speed Up Your Blog

Check How Fast Your Blog / Website Loads - Speed Up Your BlogMost of the web surfers, do not waste their time on slow loading web sites and blogs. And as “First impression is the last impression”, so if a visitor finds your blog is taking too much of time to load, then he may never return to it, he/she will not subscribe to your blog and will never mention about your blog to anyone else. So that means loading time of a blog is very important. As different visitors have different internet speed connections, so you should try to optimize your blog / web site, at least for those with 128/256 Kbps connection speeds.

Loading time of the pages should be between 2-10 seconds, of course, lower means better. There are some web sites / tools which can help you in calculating the loading time of your web page, try these:

PingDom [MOST accurate]

Net Mechanic [No need to enter your email id]

Link Vendor


Although they are self-explanatory, AND you must try out each of them, but if you want to have an absolute quick look, then the last option is enough (RobertJsteiner).
And if you want to see in detail and optimize the content of your web page, then see the results from Link vendor and Net mechanic carefully.

Loading Time Optimization
Mainly you should try to add as LESS as possible javascript files, in your pages (they are the files with .js extensions). And try to place these JavaScript files in the widgets present at the bottom of the blog & not at the top.
And of course images can also be very heavy too, so try to change most of the images to .jpg or .gif before uploading and it is much BETTER to re-size the images first and upload, than to decrease the width of the picture through HTML codes [You can use this tool to convert the images].

In blogger, you have the option to change the number of posts to be displayed in the main page, so try to keep them in 5-8 range.
And of course, you MUST show expandable posts with a “Read More” link, instead of showing complete posts in the Home page (so by this method, you may show more than 8 posts too)

Even after trying all these tricks, if your blog still takes a lot of time to load, then you should change the template and see the difference (do not forget to take a back up of your present template and widgets before doing this)

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good online load checker toolls… good lucks..

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Hi Sai,

Is there a way to make a widget load before another? I'm having an issue on my site where one widget is preventing another one from loading.

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Blogger Helper

Yeah…drag and position the widget above, which you want to load first. For ex:, in my sidebar "Liked This Post" load first and then "Recommended" widget…

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thanks a lot, Total loading time:2.4 seconds

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nice post duddy
thank u ……

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All Unique Things

I like your tutor, I will improve it to my blog :X

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finally…. thx for your post

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